SEVENTEEN Mingyu to Go on a Temporary Hiatus; Here’s What Happened!

On October 26, 2023, PLEDIS Entertainment issued an official statement on Weverse declaring SEVENTEEN Mingyu’s temporary leave from the K-pop scene due to health reasons. The notice talks about “a sudden, crippling lower back pain” being experienced by the ’97 born idol that needed immediate medical attention.

He’ll be sitting out all music shows and fan-sign events scheduled for this week. The company is prioritising his health over everything else as more flexibility and discretion will be followed in his other activities and schedules to follow so as to comply with the doctor’s advice.

SEVENTEEN Mingyu and Dino for Zzanbros Episode 9
Dino and Mingyu for Zzanbros Episode 9

PLEDIS Entertainment has assured their artist’s safety and also issued a note of confirmation stating, “We will do our best to aid MINGYU in his recovery so that he may return in full health to his fans as soon as possible, and spare no effort to ensure his health and safety going forward”

SEVENTEEN recently came back with their 11th mini album SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN led by the single God of Music releasing on October 23, 2023. At present, the group’s leader Scoups is also on a hiatus following a ligament tear injury. He’s sat out all God of Music promotions and made a brief cameo in the latest music video released earlier this week.

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SEVENTEEN Comeback Promotions This Time

The group will soon be seen with Na PD aka Na Yeong-seok on his vacation variety series Youth Over Flowers. However, presently, the SEVENTEEN members are engaging in promotions for their latest comeback as Wonwoo and Jun were seen on a Suspicious Classmates episode on the ODG YouTube channel, while Joshua worked on the variety video “Drawing Skills of Ewha Womans University Art Student” and Hoshi was seen on an episode of Salon Drip2 with Jang Do-youn on the TEO YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, Joshua, Hoshi, DK and Mingyu came out to join Yo Jae-suk on Pinggyego, Dino’s made a solo appearance on Eunchae’s Star Diary, and Mingyu and Dino were also recently featured on the 9th episode of ZzanBros. All members (excluding Scoups) also came back with their new episode of Going SEVENTEEN, acting out a parody skit titled “God of Light Music”, to celebrate their latest title track.

Check Out the SEVENTEEN Mingyu Hiatus Notice

Here’s wishing Kim Mingyu a speedy recovery!

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