Star Ocean: Second Story R

In Star Ocean: The Second Story R, there are a lot of NPCs around with temptingly full wallets just asking to be Pickpocketed. Players who want to take full advantage of this will want to get that ability as early as possible. Those hoping to do so will be happy to hear it is fairly easy to achieve this goal as soon as the party leaves Krosse City for the first time.



Another remake in the Star Ocean Series, The Second Story R features a new way to experience the same events from the original game. With all the new mechanics, this JRPG features a lot of diversity in the way that players can approach the game, and it is quite fun to Pickpocket your way through the many cities sprawled across the map. However, players will need to make this a priority as soon as they start the game to take full advantage of it.

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Getting the Pickpocket Ability Early In Star Ocean: The Second Story R

The party stealing items, such as a Goodie Box, in Star Ocean: The Second Story R

There are multiple ways to get the Pickpocketing trait, but this one is the easiest and fastest and was explained by YouTuber Gamer Guru in this video. Before you do anything else make sure the main character has the Nimble Fingers Trait, which is a random chance. Check this as soon as you can first control your character and if the trait is not present in the main character, restart the game until it is. This trait is a must to be able to gain the Pickpocketing skill early in the game.

Once the Improve Menu is unlocked, which should be around the time you meet your third-party member, go to the Improve menu and put 1 point into Poker Face and 1 point into Courage. The Thieves’ Glove is the last item you need which you can get in the next stage of your journey at the General Goods Store. When you leave Krosse City, walk directly east to the city of Harley where you may encounter combat in Star Ocean: The Second Story R.

To get the 40,000 FOL you need to buy the glove and level up the Determination Skill as much as possible under the Improve menu, ideally to Level 10. This makes all the other skills a lot cheaper to improve. At that point, go down to the Purity Skill and start leveling it up. Determination has just made that skill a lot cheaper to improve, and it gives you pure cold, hard cash for doing so. You can spread this out between characters or keep it all on the same character.

Then, just buy the Thieves’ Glove as you should have plenty of money, and turn the trait on to start using the Pickpocketing ability. You can then attempt to pickpocket any NPC three times to get extra items in Star Ocean: The Second Story R. This can affect things like friendship levels with your party members, and it is also wise to save before doing so if you’re attempting to pickpocket anyone particularly important.

Source: YouTube|Gamer Guru

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