Sweet Home Season 2’s Cast & Character Guide

WARNING: This article contains minor spoilers for Sweet Home season 2.




  • Sweet Home season 2 introduces a lot of new characters, ranging from comic reliefs to important figures for the future of the show.
  • The time jump in season 2 allows the story to explore different chapters in the characters’ lives.
  • Returning actors include Song Kang, Lee Jin-wook, Go Min-si, and others.
  • The cast also includes talented newcomers like Jinyoung and Kim Shin-rok.

Sweet Home season 2’s cast sees both returning and new characters in an ambitious story that even includes a time jump. Considering many Sweet Home characters died in season 1, it was easy to predict that season 2 would introduce a couple of new faces. However, the new season surprisingly features a lot of new characters, ranging from comic reliefs to names that will be extremely important in what comes next based on Sweet Home season 2’s ending.

Although Sweet Home season 2 picks up from where season 1 left off, the hit Netflix K-drama series takes an interesting turn at the beginning of episode 4. The one-year time jump allowed Sweet Home to reinvent its set of characters and follow the original ones in a different chapter of their lives. Most of Sweet Home season 1’s lead actors return for season 2, although some had more screen time than others.


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Song Kang as Cha Hyun-su

Song Kang returns as Hyun-su in Sweet Home season 2 after playing the lead character in the show’s successful first season. Following the death of his entire family in a car accident, Hyun-su moved to the Green Home building, where he would meet new people just before the monster outbreak began. Sweet Home season 1 ends with Hyun-su seemly captured by the military, only for the show to reveal that he had been kidnapped by Ui-myeong. In addition to Sweet Home, Song Kang is best known for his roles in shows such as Love Alarm, Nevertheless, Forecasting Love, and My Demon, the last of which sees him playing a demon.

Lee Jin-wook as Pyeon Sang-wook

Ui-myeong as Sang-wook in Sweet Home season 2, episode 8

Lee Jin-wook returns as Pyeong Sang-wook in Sweet Home season 2, sort of. While Lee Jin-wook is still part of Sweet Home’s cast, he is playing a different character who is currently inhabiting Sang-wook’s body. Sang-wook died in Sweet Home season 1’s finale, yet he mysteriously reappeared at the end of the episode. Sweet Home season 2’s premiere confirmed the old fan theory that Ui-myeong, one of the first season’s main villains, is now using Sang-wook’s body. Lee Jin-wook, who got to play essentially a new character in season 2, was previously best known for The Tree Musketeers and Nine: Nine Time Travels.

Go Min-si as Lee Eun-yu

Eun-yu in Sweet Home season 2, episode 4

The sister of Eun-hyuk, Eun-yu is one of the first characters introduced in Sweet Home season 1. The aspiring ballerina could no longer follow her dream due to an injury, and her brief interaction with Hyun-su at the beginning of the series would forever change the trajectory of his life. Eun-yu survives the destruction of the Green Home at the end of season 1 but has to say goodbye to her brother, who stays behind and never returns. While Eun-yu appears to have moved on after the time jump, she still hopes her brother is alive. Go Min-si has appeared in shows such as Love Alarm and Youth of May.

Lee Si-young as Seo Yi-kyung

Yi-kyung in Sweet Home season 2

A firefighter whose fiancé disappears right as the outbreak begins, Yi-kyung is one of Sweet Home season 1’s most important characters. While Yi-kyung cared about her friends and colleagues, she was willing to sacrifice everything if meant finding the truth about what happened to her fiancé. Yi-kyung’s story became even more interesting after she learned she was pregnant, with the birth of her child being a key storyline in Sweet Home season 2. Yi-kyung is played by Lee Si-young, who previously appeared in Bujaui Tansaeng and Eonni.

Park Gyu-young as Yoon Ji-su

Ji-su in Sweet Home season 2, episode 1

Yoon Ji-su had just moved to the Green Home when the monster outbreak began. Despite her being a new addition to the building’s community, Ji-su connected with all the characters and became a fan-favorite during season 1. She was particularly close to Jae-heon, who died midway through the first season. Like Eun-yu, Ji-su is one of the surviving residents of the building who had to run away once the military’s attack began. Ji-su, Eun-yu, and the kids from season 1 are trying to find a new home at the beginning of season 2. Park Gyu-young is most known for her roles in It’s Okay to Not To Be Okay and Celebrity.

Yu Oh-seong as Sergeant Tak In-hwan

One of the new additions to the cast of Sweet Home season 2, Yu Oh-seong plays Sergeant Tak In-hwan. Sergeant Tak’s introduction makes it seem like the character will be a stereotypical military leader whose only role in the show will be to chase down the monsters, Sweet Home soon reveals that there is a lot more about the character than audiences can infer. Sergeant Tak has a particular set of rules when it comes to killing monsters, and his main goal is to keep the survivors calm to avoid panic. Yu Oh-seong is best known for his roles in The Spy and Attack the Gas Station.

Jinyoung as Park Chan-young

Jinyoung joins the cast of Sweet Home season 2 as Park Chan-young, one of the Special Forces Guards living at the stadium. Chan-young is introduced right at the beginning of Sweet Home season 2 when the surviving characters from season 1 are trying to pass through a blockade. After the time jump, Sweet Home season 2 explores Chan-young’s connection to Eun-yu, whom he met in episode 1. Jinyoung has appeared in shows such as Love in the Moonlight, but he also has an impressive music career as part of the B1A4 group.


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Kim Shin-rok as Chief Ji

Chief Ji in Sweet Home season 2, episode 8

Introduced at the end of Sweet Home season 2, episode 3, Chief Ji has a more prominent role in the show after the time skip. While not much is revealed about the character’s history up until that point, it is known that Chief Ji was taking care of the stadium and preparing it to welcome survivors. She reaches a deal with Sergeant Tak, with the two serving as the leaders of the community that was about to be formed. Chief Ji is played by Kim Shin-rok, who previously appeared in Beyond Evil and Hellbound.

Oh Jung-se as Dr. Lim

Dr Lim in Sweet Home season 2

One of the most important new Sweet Home season 2 characters, Dr. Lim has been tasked by the government with finding a cure for the monster curse. However, Dr. Lim seems to be more interested in understanding the curse than necessarily curing it. He is willing to do whatever it takes to unveil the mysteries of the curse, including but not limited to killing people after using them as test subjects. Dr. Lim is played by On Jung-se, best known for Hot Stove League and It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.

Sweet Home Season 2 Supporting Cast & Characters

Yi-kyung's daughter and Hani in Sweet Home season 2

Jung Suk-wo (Kingdom) as Min Seo-jin: One of the soldiers in Sweet Home season 2. Seo-jin presents himself as strong and tough but is also sincere about his fears and his desire to protect his brothers.

Kim Mu-yeol (Space Sweepers) as Kim Young-hoo: One of the main soldiers in Sweet Home season 2. He only answers to Sergeant Tak, although they often disagree.

Kim Dong-young (Train) as Oh Jun-il: One of the residents of the stadium, Jun-il becomes a key character after he encounters a mysterious who causes him to have visions.

Kim Si-a (Kingdom: Ashin of the North) as Seo Yi-kyung’s child: Yi-kyung’s daughter goes from an infant to a small child in less than a year thanks to her monster powers. The true extent of her abilities is unknown, and her relationship with her mother is very complicated.

Hyun Bong-sik (Mouse) as Wang Ho-sang: A survivor who lives inside a trailer and does not trust anyone. Ho-sang interacts with some of the show’s main characters, but he has no interest in joining a group

Chae Won-bin (Snowdrop) as Hani: She is always by Ho-sang’s side, but it is unclear what their connection is. Some characters have speculated that she is his daughter, while others think she is his employee.

Yang Hye-ji (Nevertheless) as Jung Ye-seul: Chief Ji’s daughter, Sweet Home‘s Ye-seul, serves mainly as a comic relief. However, she has a personal history with Eun-yu and a crush on Chan-young.

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