The Avengers Just Recruited the Most Unqualified Avenger

Warning: Spoilers for The Avengers #6!



Most fans can agree that some Marvel heroes are less qualified to join the Avengers than others. However, that doesn’t always factor into who gets to join the roster of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes; in the latest issue of Avengers, the team welcomed a new recruit, who might be their least qualified member.

The Avengers #6 – by Jed MacKay, Ivan Fiorelli, Federico Blee, and VC’s Cory Petit – finds the team putting a stop to the nefarious schemes of their latest enemies, the Ashen Combine.

Cover for Avengers (2023) #6

In the process, the Avengers get acquainted with someone who was something of a prisoner of the Combine: The Impossible City, who offers their services to the Avengers at issue’s end.

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The Impossible City Is An Avenger Now…For Better Or Worse

panel from the Avengers #6, the Impossible City asks to join the Avengers

It’s always up for debate who the best and worst of the Avengers are – with some even making the case that Iron Man is the worst – but it is generally easier for readers to agree upon whether a character seems qualified to be on the team or not. Lack of a strong resume doesn’t always hinder the Avengers themselves though, as they are always on the lookout for undervalued talent. The Impossible City is a city that is inexplicably sentient. While much remains to be learned about the City’s history, it mentions it was built to do good things, that its original creators “were heroes.”

The Impossible City also mentions that it had another name, before the Combine forced their ownership onto it. The Impossible City is finally free of its shackles when the Ashen Combine is defeated, leaving it free to do whatever it wants – and it promptly declares it wants to join the Avengers. Proving once more why they are Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and the Marvel Universe’s greatest superteam, without batting an eyelash, the Avengers welcome it to join them with open arms. While the team’s welcoming nature is commendable, on a practical level however, there are not many reasons out there to justify the Impossible City’s inclusion.

The Impossible City’s Role As An Avenger Will Be Hard To Define

panels from Avengers #6, the Impossible City joins the Avengers;

True, the City’s interior is vast, not to mention it has been shown to have strong defenses. It certainly would be an impressive home base, if the Avengers make the City their own. However, that’s about all there is that is impressive about the City, aside from its sentience. Or anyway, those are the only impressive things that the Avengers know about the Impossible City. Neither the Avengers nor the readers themselves know much about the City, beyond what is learned in Avengers #6. More will be revealed in time, and the City could earn its spot on the team, but until further notice, the City has yet to prove itself worthy of being on the Avengers.

Avengers #6 is available now from Marvel Comics.


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