Flash’s New Power Is the Opposite of Speed – & Way More Powerful


  • The Flash’s new power allows him to step out of time and space, making him one of the most powerful characters in the DC Universe.
  • The new power is beyond the concept of speed and takes the Flash out of his own story, leaving its full implications ambiguous.
  • While the power is intriguing, it could backfire on the Flash if he cannot re-enter normal space whenever he wants, making it a dangerous new frontier for him to explore.



Warning: contains spoilers for The Flash #2!

The Flash’s new power is the opposite of speed, and it makes him way more powerful. The Scarlet Speedster has entered a bold new era, and with it comes new enemies and new powers. In The Flash #2, Wally pushes his powers to their limits, displaying a new and unique ability, one that could make him one of the most powerful characters in the DC Universe.

The Flash #2 is written by Si Spurrier and drawn by Mike Deodato. The Flash is fighting Gorilla Grodd in downtown Central City. As he pushes back against Grodd, he reflects on a new ability he has developed recently, one that allows him to step out “of everything. Physics and distance and vibration. Out of time. Out of the thread of my own story.” He acknowledges this power could be terrifying, but he has learned that he can “step back in whenever [he] likes.” As the Flash returns to normal space and time, he surprises Grodd, knocking the villain out.

Flash’s New Era Is Changing His Powers Forever

Flash New Power 1

The Flash, and all other speedsters in the DC Universe, draw their powers from the Speed Force. Introduced during Mark Waid’s seminal 1990s run on The Flash, the Speed Force is one of the fundamental forces at work in the universe, helping to keep the flow of time moving forward. Additional creators have fleshed the Speed Force out further, and the new creative team of Si Spurrier and Mike Deodato are doing just that, illuminating the Force’s dark corners and introducing new threats such as the Uncoiled. The duo is also pushing Wally’s power to new heights, as seen in this issue.

The Flash’s New Powers Are Still Mysterious

Flash New Power 2

Wally’s new power, however, is seemingly beyond the concept of speed, a fact he notes right before accessing the ability. The Flash’s new power allows him to not only step out of time and space, but also beyond the laws of physics. What makes this new ability interesting is when he acknowledges it takes him out of “his own story.” The issue leaves exactly what this means ambiguous, and it will no doubt be explored further down the line. The Flash seems to think this power is independent of the Speed Force, or at least different in some ways. Spurrier and Deodato have seeded some intriguing mysteries so far.

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This new power could also backfire on the Flash. Right before he re-enters normal space, he boasts he could jump back in at any time. This almost seems to be a set-up, guaranteeing that at some point, the Flash may not be able to pop back in whenever. What will happen to him then is anyone’s guess, as so much about this new power remains up in the air. The Flash may wish to tread lightly using his new power. If it is truly independent of the Speed Force, then it is a new frontier for the Flash to explore, but it is also dangerous.

The Flash #2 is on sale now from DC Comics!


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