The Best Legion Arms in Lies of P, How to Upgrade Legion Arms in Lies of P?

The Best Legion Arms in Lies of P

In Lies of P, Legion Arms are special tools that help you fight enemies in different ways. There are eight of them, each with its own strengths. The best Legion Arm for you depends on your style of playing and the levels and bosses you’ll face.

The basic Legion Arm (Left Arm of Steel) is not the best choice, so you should switch to a different one as soon as you can. Some Legion Arms work better when combined with specific weapons to maximize their effects. For example, using the Flamberge with the Fire Axe and the matching Grindstone can cause significant Burning damage.

Certain Legion Arms are more helpful for regular enemies in levels, while others may not be as effective against bosses. For instance, the Puppet String lets you grab enemies, but it doesn’t work on major foes. Similarly, Falcon Eyes is great against Armored enemies.

Here are two Legion Arms that we recommend equipping:


Aegis lets you block the next attack with a special guard, triggering an explosion when hit. This Legion Arm also gains a countercharge at the third level, which can be very useful in various situations. You’ll have to progress far into the game to unlock this upgrade.


Pandemonium is one of the strongest Legion Arms, especially for causing Status Afflictions. It throws an acidic substance at opponents or creates a damaging pool on the ground. It’s not meant for close combat like some other Legion Arms, giving you more room to maneuver. If your gear allows you to deal Fire or Shock damage, consider equipping the corresponding Legion Arm for stronger synergy.

Remember, the best Legion Arm for you depends on your playstyle and the situations you encounter in the game.

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How to Upgrade Legion Arms in Lies of P?

  • Save the Important NPC: After saving the first important NPC in the game, you’ll be directed to the Factory of Puppets, where you’ll meet Vegnini.
  • Rescue Vegnini: Save Vegnini and his butler. Once saved, Vegnini will join the Krat Hotel, and you’ll gain the ability to upgrade and modify your Legion Arms.
  • Access the Upgrade Menu: Use Vegnini’s tools at the Krat Hotel to access the upgrade menu for your Legion Arms.
  • Enhancement Levels: Each Legion Arm can be enhanced up to three levels. With each upgrade, you’ll either gain a new effect or a more powerful version of the current one.
  • Cost of Upgrades: Upgrading Legion Arms requires Legion Calibers. The cost increases with each level of enhancement. You can obtain Legion Calibers by progressing through the game, which includes defeating significant monsters, discovering chests, or opening Trinity Vaults.


Lies of P Game Info

“Lies of P” is a video game that’s similar in style and challenge to the Souls series. It was created by Neowiz Games and Round8 Studio, and released by Neowiz Games on September 19, 2023.

You can play it on platforms like PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, MacOS, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The game takes inspiration from an old Italian storybook called “The Adventures of Pinocchio,” written by Carlo Collodi back in 1883.

Lies of P Gameplay

In the game “Lies of P,” you play as Pinocchio, a humanoid character, and see things from a third-person view. You’ll explore the city of Krat on foot, facing off against biomechanical enemies.

Pinocchio fights with weapons like swords and axes, and can also dodge and block attacks. He’s got a special mechanical arm that can be equipped with different tools, like a grappling hook or flamethrower.

There are lots of weapon options, with 30 types and 100 combinations. The game also has a “Lying System” where choices you make can lead to three different endings. People have compared the gameplay style to popular games like Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Sekiro. It’s known for its challenging and strategic play.

Lies of P Plot

In the world of Lies of P, there’s a city called Krat where special puppets were made using a powerful energy source called Ergo. These puppets were created by a famous inventor named Geppetto, and one of them is Pinocchio, who’s unique because he can tell lies. But, there’s a rule that these puppets can’t lie or harm humans, set by the Grand Covenant.

One tragic day, the puppets break this rule and rebel against the humans, causing a lot of harm. Meanwhile, the city also faces a terrible disease called Petrification Disease. This illness makes people go blind, and then turn into monstrous creatures before it takes their lives. It’s a mysterious and deadly problem for the city of Krat.

Lies of P Overview


Neowiz Games, Round8 Studio


Neowiz Games


Choi Ji-Won


Unreal Engine 4


PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, MacOS, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S


September 19, 2023 (Standard Edition), September 15, 2023 (Deluxe Edition)


Action role-playing



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