The Best Partisan Build In Lords Of The Fallen

The Partisan class in The Lords of The Fallen has the best builds for those looking to make their character a balanced mix of physical Attributes in the game. Playing as a dutiful Mournstead fighter allows you to wield almost any skill through well-rounded stats. Strong, dependable, and consistent, the Partisan offers a wide variety of paths for you to choose when making a build.



You can pick the Partisan from the start of the game, unlike other locked classes such as the Putrid Child in Lords of The Fallen. Your starting equipment includes the Partisan Armor Set, medium-strength defensive gear that offers decent protection against most enemies. The Partisan also begins with an extensive range of weapons, from the Partisan Flail and Shield to the Partisan Crossbow with Rived Bolts for ranged attacks.

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Starting Attributes For Partisan Builds

Lords of The Fallen Partisan Class from Character Select with Starting Attributes Displayed

When selecting the Partisan, your character’s Attributes are designed for physical combat, both ranged and melee. This leaves little room for magic beyond very basic Inferno or Radiant spells in Lords of The Fallen, so do not pick this class if you want to take advantage of either arcana. The stats you’ll get when choosing the Partisan class are:

  • Strength – 13
  • Agility – 12
  • Endurance – 12
  • Vitality – 12
  • Radiance – 8
  • Inferno – 8

Besides the scores on magic-based Attributes, this class has no bad starting stats, giving you many ways to build out your character as you level up. You might want to farm Vigor to increase your level fast in Lords of The Fallen to improve these Attributes even more. Since you start at Level 12 with the Partisan, you can improve in almost whatever focus you desire.

General Strategies for Any Partisan Build

Lords of The Fallen Joining a Multiplayer Session Before Leaving at Any Time Through Lantern

The even distribution between Strength and Agility lets you wield any weapon you want in Lords of The Fallen as long as you evenly enhance both stats. Ensure you level up both stats equally when you gain enough Vigor by defeating enemies and bosses. Some tools scale off Strength while others are attached to Agility, often limiting other class builds to using one or another.

Don’t forget that you can Respec in Lords of The Fallen by talking to Pieta at Skyrest Bridge if your character stats prevent you from using a certain item.

The Rived Bolts you start with for the Partisan Crossbow should be used sparingly toward the start of Lords of The Fallen since you have a limited amount. While this quickly changes once you have vendors to buy ammunition from, preserving these items at first can be tricky. Ammunition for the Crossbow does not reset when you Rest at a Vestige, so watch how many you have as you continue exploring.

While you may not want to dedicate any more levels to Radiance or Inferno, that does not mean you can’t use magic. Simple holy spells or fire magic could be useful as backup tools if you run out of Bolts or are dealing with an enemy with a lot of physical resistance. Utilize consumable items and basic spells to balance your character for various situations in Lords of The Fallen.

The Battle Master Partisan Build

Lords of The Fallen Battle Master Partisan Class Using Ranged Weapon with Melee Weapon for Versatile Build

The best Partisan build you could have relies on upgrading your Endurance and Vitality stats to create a jack-of-all-trades physical fighter in Lords of The Fallen that dominates every fight with various approaches. Investing most of your Vigor into leveling up these two stats creates a highly defensive character supported by the base Attributes of the Partisan. It is recommended that each score be at least 20 at some point in the build.

Increasing Vitality will give you more Health to survive enemy attacks while improving Endurance will boost your Stamina and Weight Encumbrance. While the Stamina enhancement will let you dodge more attacks, the Weight Encumbrance allows you to wear heavier armor or wield larger weapons. Having a low Endurance would cause heavier tools to give you less invincibility with a slower roll in Lords of The Fallen.

You can check your Encumbrance using a small white bar showing your current roll speed from your character’s equipment menu. Check this often as you put on new weapons and armor to see the relationship between your stats and gear.

This build shines because a higher Endurance stat lets you have a faster roll and longer invulnerability frames while dodging, even if you use heavy weapons and armor. The Partisan’s even balance between Strength and Agility lets this build apply to almost any weapon you could find in Lords of The Fallen. Remember that you should still upgrade your character’s Strength or Agility depending on what tools you want to use.

Lords of The Fallen Recommended Equipment from Partisan Build Featuring Starting Partisan Shield

The best equipment for this Partisan build ties into Strength more than Agility, using the Sin Piercer’s Sword and Barrier of Purity Shield as the best tools for battle with this class in Lords of The Fallen. The Vargr Spearman Armor Set works well with your Endurance improvements mentioned before. According to, the Token of Diligence Amulet works with the Fortitude Ring and Ring of Spite to close out a full set of tools for this build.

While the weapons here are not as specialized for raw damage as other classes in Lords of The Fallen, the Partisan makes up for this by having decent defenses and above-average mobility. Following the build’s priorities with Endurance and Vitality gives you more chances to survive in combat. This adds excellent versatility that may not have overwhelming strengths, but you must remember there are also no glaring weaknesses.

Anyone who decides to create the best Partisan class build in The Lords of The Fallen should be open to changing their equipment if uncomfortable due to this design embracing many different paths through balance.


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