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The ‘Big Brother’ Zombie Twist Should Resurrect Cameron, Not Jared


Come on — did we really expect Big Brother 25 to launch a Scary-verse week without a a BB Zombie twist? Imagine trying to explain that sentence to anyone who hasn’t been watching three hours, bare minimum, of CBS’ fan-favorite reality competition series. In fact, I don’t know why you’re even reading this if you don’t have the exact cadence and inflection of the announcer growling “Biiiiig Brotherrrrr.” For all of us BB viewers — SPOILERS ahead — we know that last night the house was rocked by a surprise double elimination. First, Jared’s plan to evict Cameron worked as he was voted out unanimously. Then, after rapid-fire back-to-back HoH and PoV competitions, new HoH Cory nominated Blue and Jared for eviction, with Jared ultimately getting ousted (only his mother, Cirie Fields, refused to vote for him).

But you know there’s a twist! Julie Chen Moonves teased this “BB Zombie” twist at the beginning of the episode during her one-on-one with Cameron. At the end of the hour, with Jared now by Cameron’s side, Julie explained the twist just a little bit — to which Jared of course yelled “let’s go,” a phrase so ubiquitous that may as well be considered Season 25’s perennial Head of Household.

So, what is the BB Zombie twist? Julie Chen Moonves remained pretty vague about it, but she explained it like this: Cameron and Jared will be “living in the house” and one of them will be “resurrecting your game.” If you check out the live feeds, you’ll see that the zombie twist also does not involve any quarantine, any costumes, or really any restrictions. Apparently, Jared and Cameron are just allowed to… live in the house like normal, talking to — and trying to persuade — everyone… and in Jared’s case, making sure that Blue knows that she “fucked up big time.”

As for the way the week will play out on TV, there will be no Head of Household, no eviction nominations, and no Power of Veto competition this week. Instead, it looks like this week will focus on the Zombie twist and determining which player will ultimately return to the game. That starts with Jared and Cameron’s return to the house on Sunday at 10 p.m. ET, followed by the live episode on Thursday night at 9 p.m. One player will return to the land of the living live on TV. The question now is… who should return to Big Brother 25?


Big Brother - Cameron
Photo: CBS

Okay, that answer probably deserves some explanation — although this whole “BB Zombie” twist feels more like an Alien vs. Predator twist: whoever wins, we lose. It seems widely accepted that Cameron and Jared are, by far, the two most controversial and/or polarizing and/or just plain annoying players this season. The fact that they’ve both been Head of Household twice, back-to-back even, means they’ve made most of the major decisions in the game. This time in the spotlight has only given them ample opportunity to annoy and/or anger viewers.

Jared really fell out of favor with viewers of the live feeds when he called America the R-word, something that the CBS episodes edited out entirely. Then he tried to use Matt’s deafness as a cover for some lies and poor strategy. Most recently, Blue — his #1 ally and supposed showmance — called Jared out on having another secret alliance. He became incredibly defensive and dismissive and then told her to calm down when she was being calm. Cut to Blue in her confessional, crying, saying that his response was “so ass.” Fans have been calling Jared’s treatment of Blue toxic for a while, and this last week has only made matters worse.

And then there’s Cameron who… uh… hmmm… whose biggest offense is, honestly, this hair.

Cameron with straight hair
Photo: Paramount+

He looks like southern Barry Gibb.

At some point early on, everyone in the Big Brother house decided that Cameron was the one to hate. He has won a lot of challenges, and he did scheme to get Izzy out of the house. He’s just been playing the game like someone who has been either Head of Household or up for eviction every single week since Week 2. I’d be irritable too! It seems like the most unpleasant thing about Cameron is his vibe. Unlike Jared, who is blatantly pissing people off, everyone kinda groans when they have to spend any amount of time with Cameron. I get that. I don’t know if I’d want to hang out with anyone who sincerely refers to themself as the “Space Cowboy.” And I can see why it would be very annoying to the other houseguests to watch Cameron revel in his power every time he gets HoH… but wouldn’t you revel if your only modes of existence in the house were “completely in charge” or “one foot out the door”?

Big Brother - Jared and Cory
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When it comes to a TV-watching experience, I would much rather see Cameron and his aggressive, good ol’ boy behavior (albeit with a kooky, self-aware twist) in the house than Jared. Yeah, both of them can be seen as examples of toxic masculinity. The way Izzy — the season’s heart and Miss Congeniality for sure, to borrow from Drag Race — spoke of Cameron is really sus, her saying that he didn’t want anything to do with her at first. As a queer person, I know exactly what Izzy’s talking about without her having to go into detail. But compared to Jared? I’m a big proponent of not letting edited and highly produced reality TV determine your opinion on a person, but Big Brother broadcasts everything. And the haphazard, argumentative, and at times just plain mean way Jared is playing the game is just… a bummer, to put it lightly.

Hopefully, the houseguests agree with this. And while Cameron has been despised from almost Day 1, Jared has given every single one of his alliances — aside from his own mother — reasons to turn on him. If the resurrected player comes down to a house vote, it could be a close one. Let’s see what kind of spell Cameron can weave this week…


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