The First Descendant All Characters, How to Unlock All Characters in the First Descendant?

The First Descendant All Characters

“The First Descendant” is an action-packed third-person perspective game where you team up with other players to battle strong enemies. In the game, you can choose from various characters, each with their own unique abilities and roles. Here’s a simplified summary of the characters and their roles:


  • Role: AoE (Area of Effect) Dealer
  • Abilities:
    • Close call (Passive) – Survives fatal damage and recovers some HP.
    • Grenade – Throws a damaging grenade in a small area.
    • Overclock – Boosts skill power and sets enemies on fire.
    • Traction Grenade – Draws enemies towards it.
    • Overkill – Fires a powerful rocket launcher.


  • Role: Debuffer (Debuffs enemies)
  • Abilities:
    • Ice Sphere (Passive) – Creates ice spheres to attack and slow down enemies.
    • Frost Shards – Fires ice projectiles that damage and slow enemies.
    • Frost Road – Creates an ice fog to increase speed and defense.
    • Cold Snap – Shoots an ice fog, damaging and slowing enemies.
    • Blizzard – Deals continuous damage and slows enemies.


  • Role: Tank Dealer (High defense)
  • Abilities:
    • Event Horizon (Passive) – Accumulates Void Energy for cooldown reduction.
    • Orbit Barrier – Creates a protective shield.
    • Void Walk – Jumps and stuns enemies upon landing.
    • Expulsion – Attacks and knocks back enemies.
    • Hypercube – Creates a shield for allies and boosts firearm ATK.


  • Role: Utility Dealer (Versatile and high damage)
  • Abilities:
    • Thirst (Passive) – Recovers HP in Frenzied mode or reduces incoming damage in normal mode.
    • Frenzied – Enters Berserk mode, boosting damage and penetration.
    • Life Siphon – Damages enemies and restores HP.
    • Increased Sensory – Regenerates life or stops ammo consumption.
    • Massacre – Stuns enemies in normal mode or deals extra damage in Berserk mode.


  • Role: DoT (Damage over Time) Dealer
  • Abilities:
    • Pitmaster (Passive) – Increases critical damage against burning enemies.
    • Blaze up – Creates fiery explosions with continuous damage.
    • Extinguish – Removes Flame Zones and boosts defense.
    • Burn Taste – Emits a fire beam that damages and burns enemies.
    • Deadly Cuisine – Creates fireballs and burns enemies.


  • Role: Nuker (High mobility and damage)
  • Abilities:
    • Rabbit Foot (Passive) – Charges power while moving and damages nearby enemies on landing.
    • Thrill Bomb – Summons a damaging bomb.
    • Light Speeding – Increases sprint speed and recharges power while sprinting.
    • Lightning Emission – Deals damage based on distance covered.
    • Maximum Power – Attacks with an electric beam.


  • Role: Close-Range Dealer
  • Abilities:
    • Assassinator (Passive) – Resets camouflage cooldown when killing an enemy.
    • Cutoff Beam – Strikes with an electric blade.
    • Active Camouflage – Hides the character and enhances damage after it wears off.
    • Impact Rounds – Launches a projectile and stuns enemies.
    • Flash Shortsword – Attacks multiple opponents with shortswords.


  • Role: Utility Dealer (Support with turrets)
  • Abilities:
    • Turret Sync (Passive) – Increases damage when Assault Turret and Medical Turret are active.
    • Assault Turret – Summons a damaging turret.
    • Medical Turret – Summons a healing turret.
    • Multi-purpose Gun – Changes weapon to enhance turrets or deal damage.
    • Reactivate – Removes active turrets and damages enemies.


  • Role: DoT Dealer (Poison damage)
  • Abilities:
    • Unauthorized Bullet (Passive) – Increases damage against poisoned enemies.
    • Toxic Trauma – Launches a projectile that poisons enemies.
    • Defense Mechanism – Creates a defensive armor.
    • Decomposed Poison – Creates a poisonous swamp.
    • Venom Baptism – Transforms weapon to deal poison damage.


  • Role: AoE Dealer (Water-based attacks)
  • Abilities:
    • Water Intake (Passive) – Reduces MP cost when using skills on water.
    • Water Play – Creates damaging puddles.
    • Fondant Fondant – Creates puddles for mobility and damage.
    • Laundry – Enters Liquified state and creates a Waterway.
    • Laundry Bomb – Launches a damaging projectile.


  • Role: Tanker (Absorbs projectiles)
  • Abilities:
    • Experienced Technician (Passive) – Increases Magnetic Force and recovers it.
    • Repulsion Dash – Rushes forward, damages, and knocks back enemies.
    • Magnetic Bulwark – Creates a barrier to block projectiles.
    • Magnetism Spurt – Uses Magnetic Force to deal damage when depleted.
    • Superconductivity Thrusters – Allows flying and damages enemies on collision.

How to Unlock All Characters in the First Descendant?

To unlock all characters in “The First Descendant,” you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Start with Three Descendants: When you begin the game, you can choose one character from three options for free. These initial options are Ajax, Lepic, and Viessa.
  • Complete “Bunny Crafting Training Stage” Mission: After completing this mission, you’ll unlock the Bunny character as an additional class.
  • Speak to Anais NPC in Albion: To unlock more characters, you should interact with the Anais NPC in the Albion area. Anais will provide you with a list of all available classes and weapons that you can research and unlock.
  • Reach Milestones and Invest Resources: Unlocking characters or classes will require you to meet specific in-game milestones and invest various resources. These resources include materials and real-time hours.
  • Research Costs: Typically, you will need around 300,000 Gold and approximately 12 hours of waiting time to unlock a character in “The First Descendant.” However, during the Open Beta period, research costs are reduced to 100,000 Gold.
  • Materials Needed: You will need specific materials to unlock different characters. These materials include Descendant-specific Enhanced Cells, Descendant-specific Stabilizer, Descendant-specific Spiral Catalyst, and Descendant-specific Code.
  • Crafting Materials: You can create these character unlock materials using raw materials obtained by completing quests.
  • Example: For instance, to craft Ajax’s Spiral Catalyst, you’ll need materials like Monad Shard, Semiconstant Plasma, Optical Catalyst, and the Ajax Spiral Catalyst Blueprint. Each character has their specific materials.
  • Descendant’s Core: You’ll also need a Descendant’s Core, which can be purchased from the Descendant Material Shop, accessible through Anais. Unlike other resources, you’ll need Credits to buy items in this shop, and Credits can be harder to obtain than Gold.
  • Grind and Farm: To unlock characters, you’ll need to complete quests, gather materials, and earn Credits. This might require some grinding and farming, as is common in looter shooter games.


The First Descendant

“The First Descendant” is an upcoming cooperative action RPG shooter game where players become Descendants, unique characters with special abilities, fighting to protect humanity and the ‘Ingris continent.’ You can team up with friends or other players in thrilling battles against massive boss monsters, using various skills and colorful firearms.

The game offers a range of customizable characters and equipment, allowing you to personalize your gameplay. Just remember that while the game involves shooting and explosions, the violence is not overly realistic, making it suitable for a wide range of players. So, gear up and get ready for an exciting adventure as “The First Descendant” is set to be released soon. Fresherslive brings you the pulse of the games world, where you can stay updated and elevate your gameplay.  Our platform empowers you to become the best gamer you can be.

The First Descendant Gameplay

“The First Descendant Gameplay” is a cooperative action RPG shooter game set in a third-person perspective. Here’s a simplified description of what you can expect when playing the game:

Game Concept:

  • The game is set in a world where you become a “Descendant” and fight to save humanity from invaders.
  • You’ll face various challenges in both solo and cooperative missions with up to four players.

Unique Features:

  • Each Descendant has special abilities that help you in your missions.
  • You’ll engage in epic battles against massive bosses, requiring teamwork and strategy.
  • The game combines exciting gunplay with a looting system, where you collect equipment to grow stronger.

Characters and Battles:

  • You can choose from a variety of characters, each with its own style and abilities.
  • Engage in dynamic battles using various skills and firearms, including things like Grappling Hooks and colorful weapons.

Cooperative Play:

  • Team up with friends to take on huge boss monsters.
  • Different difficulty levels offer challenging experiences, and you can target specific parts of the bosses for strategic advantages.

Character Growth:

  • Customize your character with guns, accessories, and sub-weapons.
  • Acquire and combine equipment to enhance your character’s abilities.
  • The game motivates you to continually improve and tackle more difficult tasks.

Mature Content Warning:

  • The game includes violence involving guns and explosives against monsters.
  • Blood effects are present but not realistic, accompanied by visual and sound effects.

The First Descendant Plot

In ‘The First Descendant,’ you enter a world where humans are fighting to survive against invaders. You become a Descendant, a person with special powers, and your job is to protect the Ingris continent from these invaders. Along with up to three friends, you go on missions, fight big bosses, and collect strong gear to get stronger.

The game looks amazing, has different characters, and has exciting battles that make it a real adventure. As you learn more about the Descendants’ secrets, you’ll experience an exciting story about heroes and teamwork in a world filled with action and danger.

Your journey in ‘The First Descendant’ is all about working together and getting better. You and your friends will take on huge boss monsters and tough missions. By giving your character strong weapons and accessories, you’ll become more skilled and ready for even harder challenges. With its mix of science fiction and fantasy, this game offers an immersive and exciting experience as you fight to save humanity and find out more about the Descendants.

The First Descendant Trailer

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