The Other Zoey Cast & Character Guide


  • “The Other Zoey” is a character-driven rom-com with a talented young cast that delivers a convincing love triangle.
  • Director Sara Zandieh infuses a modern perspective into the genre, while the actors bring refreshing energy to familiar roles.
  • Josephine Langford shines as Zoey Miller, and Archie Renaux and Drew Starkey bring depth to their characters, Miles and Zach, respectively.



The Other Zoe is a character-driven rom-com in which the central love triangle is convincingly served to audiences by its roster of young and talented cast members. Unlike most teenage romance movies on streaming platforms, The Other Zoey is not based on a novel. However, it does borrow several themes from existing romance films and even harps on many existing tropes of the rom-com genre to present a highly entertaining love triangle to audiences.

Despite being reminiscent of romantic comedies from the early aughts, director Sara Zandieh’s The Other Zoey creates an identity for itself by infusing a modern perspective into the genre. In addition, even though its characters and their respective arcs never rise above the well-worn tropes of the genre, the actors playing them do an incredible job at imbuing refreshing energy and charisma into their familiar roles. Owing to this, it is hard not to wonder who plays whom in The Other Zoey.

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Josephine Langford as Zoey Miller

Josephine Langford as Zoey Miller in The Other Zoey

In The Other Zoey, the titular character is an exceptional college student who is dead set on proving that not everyone has to take the conventional path toward romance and dating. However, with a sudden twist in her fate, an amnesiac named Zach mistakes her for his girlfriend, who happens to have the same name. With what follows, Zoey finds herself at a crossroads where she can either play along with Zach’s narrative or tell him the truth. Her love life gets even more complicated when she crosses paths with Zach’s cousin brother, Miles.

Josephine Langford plays Zoey Miller in The Other Zoey. Before taking on the titular role in the film and walking audiences through all the milestones in Zoey’s college life that make her reconsider her perception of romantic love, Langford rose to fame for her portrayal of Tessa Young in the After movie series. Audiences may also recognize her from her television roles in shows like Wolf Creek and Into The Dark.

Archie Renaux as Miles

Archie Renaux as Miles in The Other Zoey

Miles is portrayed as an MIT student in The Other Zoey who first catches Zoey’s attention when he quotes philosopher Alain de Botton, claiming that love would not have existed if people had not known about it. Zoey instantly realizes that Miles’ perception of relationships is not too different from hers, which instantly draws her to him. However, before she can even think about having a relationship with him, things take quite a turn when Zach gets a concussion and loses his memory.

Miles in The Other Zoey is played by Archie Renaux. Since his acting debut in 2017, Renaux has starred in several renowned television shows such as Hanna and Gold Digger. However, he is most recognizable for portraying Malyen Oretsev in sixteen episodes of Netflix’s Shadow and Bone. Apart from his appearances in TV shows and The Other Zoey, viewers may also know him for portraying Tom Collins in The Greatest Beer Run Ever, Bobby in Morbius, and Edward the Monk in Catherine Called Birdy. He is also set to star in the upcoming standalone installment of the Alien movie franchise, Alien: Romulus.

Drew Starkey as Zach Maclaren

the other zoey zach

Zach Maclaren, who gets a concussion and experiences amnesia after an accident in The Other Zoey, is played by Drew Starkey. After Zach starts mistaking Zoey as his girlfriend, Zoey has no choice but to agree with him because a doctor claims that stress could harm his brain and make him lose his memories forever. Drew Starkey, who convincingly plays Zach in the film, is best known for portraying Rafe Cameron in 30 Outer Banks episodes. When it comes to filmography, he starred in the 2022 Hellraiser reboot and was also a part of Just Mercy and The Devil All The Time‘s cast.

The Other Zoey Supporting Cast & Characters

Josephine Langford & Drew Starkey in 'The Other Zoey'

Heather Graham as Paula: Heather Graham, who plays Zoey’s mother, Paula, in The Other Zoey, is best known for her roles in movies like The Hangover, Twin Peaks, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, and Law & Order True Crime.

Andie MacDowell as Connie Maclaren: Zach’s mother Connie is portrayed by Andie MacDowell in The Other Zoey. The actress has over 80 roles under her belt and is recognizable for starring in renowned movies like Groundhog Day, Four Weddings and a Funeral, and Ready or Not.

Patrick Fabian as Matt Maclaren: Patrick Fabian of the Better Call Saul and Lucifer fame can be seen as Zach’s father in The Other Zoey.

Mallori Johnson as Elle: Elle is Zoey’s best friend in The Other Zoey. Unlike Zoey, who does believes romance is a social construct, Elle loves watching rom-coms and writing lovey-dovey poems. Mallori Johnson, who has previously appeared in Kindred and WeCrashed, plays Elle.

Maggie Thurmon as Zoey Wallace: Maggie Thurmon has acting credits in several shorts but is better known for her online presence on several social media platforms. In The Other Zoey, she makes her debut as Zach’s real girlfriend, Zoey Wallace.


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