The Predator Franchise Is Bringing Back Danny Glover’s Mike Harrigan


  • Marvel’s Predator series has made an impact on the franchise by exploring new aspects of Yautja lore.
  • The upcoming Predator: The Last Hunt comic continues the story of human hunter Theta, who is on a quest to liberate captive humans from the recently revealed “Predator Stasis Farms.”
  • While fans hope for the return of Danny Glover’s character, Detective Harrigan, in the comic, there may be other surprises in store for readers.

Marvel’s take on the Predator franchise – helmed by writer Ed Brisson – has been as innovative as it has been thrilling, bringing a contemporary storytelling sensibility to the classic series, and finding new, engaging aspects of Yautja lore to expand on and examine further. At the same time, along with the announcement of the latest installment, Predator: The Last Hunt, Brisson teased “a fun surprise in store” for the series. This has resulted in many fans speculating that a long overdue return may be imminent, suggesting the series could see the return of Danny Glover’s character from Predator 2.

AIPT first reported on Predator: The Last Hunt, the upcoming four-issue series will pair Ed Brisson with artist Francesco Manna, continuing the story of Yautja-hunting human Theta from where the previous Predator limited series left things. Theta will be on a mission to free captured humans from the “Predator Stasis Farms,” where the Yautja store captive humans in suspended animation, for use in future hunts.

Poster for Predator 2, starring Danny Glover as Detective Mike Harrigan

Predator fans have long awaited the return of Mike Harrigan, the L.A. detective played by Danny Glover in 1990’s Predator 2, and many have already taken to the idea that Theta’s return to the Stasis Farms would be the best way for Harrigan to return.

Detective Harrigan Would Be A Natural Fit For Marvel’s Latest Predator Arc

Predator: The Last Hunt #1 Francesco Manna variant cover

In Predator (2023), the revelation that Yautja have taken humans off-world during their visits throughout history resulted in characters from different eras of human history being thrown together in the previous series, in the process opening the door to appearances from characters throughout the franchise’s history on screen, as well as on the page. Most notably, fans have not forgotten the declaration made by Danny Glover’s character at the end of Predator 2, that he would see the extraterrestrial hunters again. It seems inevitable Detective Mike Harrigan will return in comic book form at some point – having him be Yautja’s many captives would be a great way to bring him back.

Predator 2 was released in 1990, but took place in 1997 – with Marvel’s Predator story occurring over fifty years later, bringing back Mike Harrigan, and establishing he was abducted by the Yautja at some point following the events of the film, would take the character out of the context he was familiar with, and thrust him into a fraught new situation, leading him to take on a new role in an unfamiliar future. Harrigan could make a formidable supporting character for Theta in Last Hunt, a series which promises to bring “her 20 plus years of Predator hunting…to a head.” according to writer Ed Brisson.

Mike Harrigan Will Return – Even If Not In “The Last Hunt”

Cory Smith cover for Marvel's upcoming Predator: The Last Hunt miniseries

Readers should be cautious before getting too excited about Harrigan’s return in Predator: Last Hunt, however – or at least, before reading too much into Brisson’s tease of what’s to come. “We have a fun surprise in store for long-time fans of the Predator comics,” the writer said; while this prompted speculation about Harrigan’s possible appearance, the word “comics” opens up an entirely new dimension of possible meanings for Brisson’s comment. Based on what fans of the franchise want, Danny Glover’s Predator character could, and perhaps, should appear in Last Hunt – but either way, the series has more in store for the reader than that.

Source: AIPT

Predator: The Last Hunt #1 will be available on February 21, 2023 from Marvel Comics.


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