Tom Macdonald & Adam Calhoun Rubber Boots Lyrics The Mesmerizing Lines and Meaning

Tom Macdonald & Adam Calhoun Rubber Boots Lyrics

Can’t you see these rubber boots?
Got it out the mud and that’s the truth
Everybody pray that I would lose
Now it’s me laughing at you

Mom, I made it
Everybody who was hating was praying that I wouldn’t be this but I’m undefeated
They’re biggest mistake was forgetting that they gave out freedom of speech to a genius
Grabbin’ my penis, swinging my balls, don’t give a fuck, never at all
I’m the biggest independent artist and they look retarded hopin’ that I’ll fall
One time for those haters in the back, where they at? (Fuck ’em)
One time for those pussies talkin’ trash, where they at? (Fuck ’em)
Straight or gay, they/them, there’s white or black, where they at? (Fuck ’em)
Everyone who prayed I wouldn’t last, where they at?
I’m a wanted man, got a lot of fans
If you want a problem you don’t got a chance
That’s a lot of blood on a lot of hands
That’s a lot of graves on a lot of land
I got it out the mud and now I count the blessings
If you don’t get it then I guess I got a question

Can’t you see these rubber boots?
Got it out the mud and that’s the truth
Everybody pray that I would lose
Now it’s me laughing at you

I can’t understand it like he speakin’ Spanish, Hispanic
He got so stuck in mud he gon’ need mechanics and hammers
My hands dirty like they planted, I been there, got the advantage
I been stranded, left for dead and damaged, this is how I managed
Look, fuck ’em, they ain’t got the nerve, swerve, flip ’em off the bird
Why he talkin’ shit, I bet he swingin’ with a purse
Swear to god I ain’t forgot days I was broke until the first
Yeah, I made it out the mud but I’m still playin’ in the dirt like
Blast off, got their comments runnin’, it gon’ tear through mud like asphalt
Speakers bumpin’, rumblin, got they heater on the dashboard
Just in case you run up like a dummy, tear yo’ ass off
Boy, you got it comin’, you gon’ get just what you asked for

Can’t you see these rubber boots?
Got it out the mud and that’s the truth
Everybody pray that I would lose
Now it’s me laughing at you

I laughed off, good for the soul, gotta let it out of
Or they use you, judge your roll, gotta sweat it out of
This your life on the table, man, get it out of
Bein’ selfish, thinkin’ about Babe, ready to hit it out of
If you ain’t first you’re last, that’s what Ricky Bobby said
Pull that pistol, let it blast, then you left somebody dead
Now you scared but on the street was a full gangster
Like 50 Cent said “Boy, you a wanksta”
Money in the saver, gettin’ to the paper
Smile off the glacier, ballin’ like a Pacer
You was in my face, uh
Flossin’ all that blood money
Now I’m free and I’m on top and you in there, ain’t nothin’ funny

Can’t you see these rubber boots?
Got it out the mud and that’s the truth
Everybody pray that I would lose
Now it’s me laughing at you

Tom Macdonald & Adam Calhoun Rubber Boots Lyrics Meaning

The lyrics in “Rubber Boots” by Tom MacDonald, Adam Calhoun, and Project Pat convey a message of resilience, overcoming obstacles, and rising above adversity. Here’s a breakdown of the meaning:

Verse 1 (Tom MacDonald):

Tom starts by expressing his success and how he proved his doubters wrong. He mentions that people prayed for his failure, but now he’s the one laughing at them.
He emphasizes his freedom of speech and independence as an artist.
Tom defiantly states that he doesn’t care about criticism and that he’s the biggest independent artist despite others hoping for his downfall.
Verse 2 (Adam Calhoun):

Adam also reflects on his journey from adversity. He talks about getting through tough times and not forgetting his struggles.
He dismisses critics and those who doubted him, asserting that he’s still working hard and grinding like he did when he was in the “mud.”
Adam warns that he’s not to be underestimated and that he’s ready to face anyone who challenges him.
Verse 3 (Project Pat):

Project Pat continues the theme of overcoming challenges. He mentions the importance of expressing oneself and not holding back.
He describes a past where he faced danger and adversity, but he’s now in a better place.
Project Pat refers to those who used to flaunt their wealth and status but emphasizes that things have changed, and he’s now on top.


Tom Macdonald & Adam Calhoun Rubber Boots Lyrics Details


Tom Macdonald & Adam Calhoun

Featured Artist

Project Pat

Release Date



The Brave II

Available on

YouTube Music

Who is Tom Macdonald?

Tom MacDonald is a Canadian rapper and songwriter known for his music with deep thoughts and topics that can be controversial. He was born on September 21, 1988, in Vancouver, Canada. MacDonald has become well-known in the hip-hop world because of his unique style and outspoken opinions.

One big thing about MacDonald’s music is that he’s not afraid to talk about tough and divisive subjects. He often raps about things like race, politics, mental health, and fairness, which can make some people like his music a lot and others not so much. Some of his songs, like “Whiteboy,” “Fake Woke,” and “Politically Incorrect,” have gotten millions of views on YouTube and made people argue a lot.

MacDonald’s success can be partly explained by how he makes and shares his music. He and his partner, Nova Rockafeller, do everything themselves, from writing and recording to promoting and selling their music. They don’t rely on big record labels. This do-it-yourself approach has resonated with many aspiring musicians and helped him build a strong group of fans.

His music career started to really take off in the early 2010s, but it was his album called “Deathreats” in 2018 that got him noticed by a lot of people. Since then, he’s put out several successful albums, like “Gravestones” in 2019 and “As Far as the Stars” in 2020. People like his music because he can mix catchy tunes with meaningful lyrics, which has earned him a loyal group of followers.


Tom Macdonald Career

  • Tom MacDonald is a Canadian rapper, singer, and songwriter.
  • He initially pursued a career as a professional wrestler in Canada before transitioning to rap in the late 2000s.
  • His music career began in 2014, and he gained widespread recognition in 2018 with the release of his single “Whiteboy.”
  • In 2021, several of his songs, including “Fake Woke,” “Snowflakes,” and “Brainwashed,” made it onto the Billboard Hot 100 chart.
  • MacDonald has received multiple awards and nominations for his music.
  • His music often delves into controversial social and political topics in the United States, sparking debates and discussions among both supporters and critics.
  • Tom MacDonald was born on September 21, 1988, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
  • He wrestled for various Canadian promotions, including PWA and MPW, and appeared at events alongside WCW and WWE Superstars, actively competing between 2003 and 2009.

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Who is Adam Calhoun?

Adam Calhoun is an American rapper and musician who’s known for his unique style. He was born on November 8, 1980, in Moline, Illinois. People like him because he talks about tough and controversial topics in his music, like life in rural areas, politics, and the challenges faced by working-class Americans. Some of his songs, such as “Racism” and “Huck Fosiers,” are famous for their straightforward and unapologetic lyrics.

He became well-known by doing things his own way in the music business. Like many other artists in a genre called “hick-hop,” he takes charge of everything, from making his songs to creating music videos. This makes him more real and relatable to his fans.

Even though he’s not as famous as some big-name rappers, Adam Calhoun has a loyal group of followers who appreciate his honest and no-nonsense approach. He’s also active on social media, where he talks about current events and issues that matter to him and his fans.


Adam Calhoun Career

  • Adam Calhoun is an American artist known for his roles as a rapper, singer, songwriter, and comedian.
  • He has released several albums, including “The Brave,” a collaborative work with Tom MacDonald, which became the best-selling album in the U.S. during its release week in March 2022.
  • In addition to his music career, Calhoun is also a prominent figure on social media.
  • He operates a YouTube channel where he shares videos expressing his conservative views on current events.
  • On average, he uploads fewer than two to three videos per week, using this platform to engage with his audience and discuss various topics.

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