Tom Welling’s Superman Fights The Joker, Shazam, And Brainiac In Smallville Art


  • Smallville fan art envisions Tom Welling’s Superman battling iconic DC characters like the Joker, Brainiac, Shazam, and The Flash.
  • Welling’s Clark Kent has the upper hand as the strongest member of Smallville’s Justice League in all depicted fights.
  • A Smallville animated revival with Welling as Superman could expand the world and allow for interactions with other major DC heroes.



Stunning Smallville fan art imagines Tom Welling’s Superman fighting major DC characters. Smallville featured several impressive displays of power from Welling’s Clark Kent, which included the hero going up against some considerable threats. One of the most exciting aspects of the series was seeing how a young Clark measured up to DC heroes like Aquaman and Impulse, as well as villains such as Doomsday and General Zod.

On Instagram, @buffy2ville shared what Welling as a fully realized Superman fighting classic DC characters could look like.

The Smallville fan art sees Superman go up against the Joker, a different version of Brainiac from the one of the series, Zachary Levi’s Shazam, and The Flash. As the strongest member of Smallville‘s Justice League, Welling’s Clark Kent has the upper hand in all the fights depicted in the fan art.


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Who Tom Welling’s Superman Should Interact With In A Possible Smallville Revival?

Tom Welling opening his shirt to reveal the Superman suit in the Smallville Series Finale

While a live-action Smallville revival is unlikely, Tom Welling and Lex Luthor actor Michael Rosenbaum have spoken about their efforts to get a Smallville sequel animated series off the ground. According to the duo, the animated show would pick up from Smallville‘s series finale, with creators Al Gough and Miles Millar returning. They also hope to bring back as many cast members as possible.

If the Smallville animated revival ever ends up making it to series, then there are quite a few characters that Welling’s Clark Kent should interact with now that he is Superman. At the top of that list are the other members of DC Comics’ Trinity — Batman and Wonder Woman. While many fans theorize that Ian Somerhalder’s Adam Knight was meant to be a version of Bruce Wayne and Erica Durance’s Lois Lane wore a Wonder Woman costume in the series, Smallville never featured Bruce or Diana Prince. Getting DC’s Trinity together in the Smallville universe would be a must.

By expanding Smallville‘s world, Clark could interact with several other major DC heroes, such as Barry Allen/ The Flash, Hal Jordan/ Green Lantern, Billy Batson/Shazam, and more. Welling’s Clark Kent could also develop a mentor relationship with a young Dick Grayson, providing him with the inspiration to become Nightwing like he does in the comics. The animated medium allows characters from all over the DC universe to appear in the planned Smallville revival, with the series being the perfect project to have Welling unleashed as Superman in world-saving adventures.

Source: @buffy2ville/Instagram

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