Where To Use Strange Flower Key

To solve the Open Hand Temple murders in Act Three of Baldur’s Gate 3, players must figure out where and how to use the Strange Flower Key. When visiting the Open Hand Temple in Rivington, the party can volunteer to investigate a brutal murder. The trail leads to an underground cellar, where you will confront a group of bloodthirsty, shapeshifting assassins. One carries a Flowery Key, an essential item for continuing your investigation.

To use the Flowery Key, you need to head to Fraygo’s Flophouse, a bunkhouse and hostel on Wyrm’s Crossing. However, before leaving the Open Hand Temple, make sure to investigate the crime scene a bit more closely. If you’ve learned to Speak With the Dead, you can obtain extra information from the killers themselves. A successful Perception check at X:67, Y:-1018 will reveal a hole containing the murder weapon: the enchanted Stillmaker dagger.

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How To Use The Strange Flower Key In Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3)

Baldur's Gate 3 Player And Party Using Strange Flower Key To Unlock Fraygo's Flophouse Secret Attic Room

Fraygo’s Flophouse is located in the southwestern part of Wyrm’s Crossing, directly opposite Sharess’ Caress in Baldur’s Gate 3. To use the Strange Flower Key, head up to the second floor and interact with the ladder in one of the rooms to climb up to the attic. The Strange Flower Key will unlock the wardrobe in the attic, revealing a hidden room.

Make sure to include Astarion in your party when visiting Fraygo’s Flophouse. If he’s present, the party can interact with some vampire spawn to get additional context for Astarion’s companion quest to defeat the vampire lord Cazador.

Baldur's Gate 3 Party Crossing From Wyrm's Crossing Fast Travel Point To Fraygo's Flophouse Entrance

If you still have trouble finding the right building, use the South Span of Wyrm’s Crossing fast travel point. The building is directly opposite, across the street.

How To Investigate The Open Hand Temple Murders In Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 Player And Party Uncovering Open Hand Temple Murder Evidence In Fraygo's Flophouse Attic Room

Inside the hidden room is a lot of evidence for your investigation. The most important item to pick up is the Bloodstained Parchment on the table, which lists more potential victims for a murder spree in honor of Bhaal. Anyone who kills all the targets gains an audience with the Dread Tribunal and can enter the hidden Temple of Bhaal. You can stop the murderer by warning the victims throughout the Lower City or hunt and kill them yourself if you’re evil-aligned.

By passing a Perception check, you can also discover the body of the Stern Librarian Ffion, an employee of Sharess’ Caress, under the bed. You can report to her employer, Mamzell Amira, in Sharess’ Caress. She will reward you by letting you hire the Drow Twins, a couple of Baldur’s Gate 3’s one-time romance partners, for a discount.

To conclude this part of the investigation, head to Sharess’ Caress and speak to Investigator Valeria to present your evidence. Despite her skepticism, she will direct the party to speak with Gauntlet Devella, who can help with the investigation. To do this, she will provide a pass, allowing you to enter the Lower City and continue your adventures in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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