Who are Lauren Harries Parents? Meet Mark Harries and Kate Harries

Who are Lauren Harries’s Parents?

So who are Lauren Harries’s Parents? According to our research, Lauren Harries’s Parents are Mark Harries and Kate Harries. Lauren Harries is an English media personality born on 6 March 1978.

Real Name

Lauren Charlotte Harries

Nick Name

Lauren Harries 

Date of birth

6 March 1978


45 Years old

Birth place

Surrey, United Kingdom




English media personality



Zodiac Sign



Mark Harries And Kate Harries



Who is Lauren Harries?

Lauren Harries, born on March 6, 1978, in Cardiff, Wales, is a prominent English media personality known for her unique and colorful presence in the entertainment industry. She rose to fame at a young age, initially gaining attention for her appearance on the British talk show “Wogan” in 1988 when she was just 10 years old. At that time, she was known as James Charles Harries, but she later underwent gender transition, becoming Lauren Harries.

Lauren’s journey in the public eye has been characterized by her evolving identity, which has been both a personal and public transformation. Her transition from James to Lauren garnered significant media attention, and she has since been an advocate for transgender rights and visibility in the media. This transition process has been an essential part of her identity and her story.


Lauren Harries Age

As of now, Lauren Harries is 45 years old (born on March 6, 1978), in Surrey, United Kingdom. Her life journey, marked by continuous transformation and unwavering determination, has been an inspiring testament to the power of self-discovery and authenticity.

Over the years, Lauren has not only embraced her true self but has also become a symbol of courage and resilience for countless individuals around the world. Her journey from a child prodigy to a renowned media personality and advocate for transgender rights has been nothing short of remarkable.

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Lauren Harries Nationality

Lauren Harries, born on March 6, 1978, in Surrey, United Kingdom, is a British national. Her nationality is a direct result of her place of birth, which falls within the borders of the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom, often abbreviated as the UK, is a sovereign country consisting of four constituent nations: England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

As a British national, Lauren Harries is entitled to the rights and privileges afforded to citizens of the United Kingdom. This includes access to healthcare, education, and legal protections provided by the UK government. It’s worth noting that while the UK is a single sovereign state, it is also a diverse and culturally rich nation, with each of its four constituent nations contributing to its unique identity.

Lauren Harries Career

Lauren Harries has had a multifaceted career that spans various facets of the entertainment industry, making her a prominent and versatile figure in the British media landscape. Born on March 6, 1978, in Surrey, United Kingdom, her career has been marked by its evolution and her continuous pursuit of self-expression.

  1. Early Fame and Transition: Lauren initially gained recognition as a child prodigy when she appeared on the British talk show “Wogan” at the age of 10. At that time, she was known as James Charles Harries. However, her most significant career transformation came when she underwent a gender transition, becoming Lauren Harries. This transition garnered significant media attention and marked a turning point in her career and personal journey.

  2. Reality Television: Lauren Harries is perhaps best known for her appearances on reality television. Her participation in shows like “Celebrity Big Brother” in 2013 introduced her to a broader audience. Her vibrant personality, unapologetic attitude, and willingness to share her journey as a transgender woman resonated with viewers, earning her a substantial fanbase.

  3. Advocacy and Public Speaking: Beyond her television career, Lauren has been an advocate for transgender rights and visibility in the media. She has used her platform to raise awareness about the challenges faced by the transgender community and promote acceptance and inclusivity.

  4. Music, Fashion, and Writing: Lauren Harries has explored various creative outlets. She has dabbled in music, releasing singles, and has also delved into fashion and writing, showcasing her versatility and creativity as an entertainer.

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