Why Can’t Clare And Cameron Find A Romantic Connection? (Is Clare Too Critical?)


  • Married at First Sight couple Clare and Cameron’s romantic connection has been hindered by miscommunications and mixed signals. Clare needs to be more receptive to Cameron’s affection and show a willingness to be physically intimate.
  • Clare’s critical and analytical nature is causing tension in the marriage. She needs to communicate her wants and needs effectively instead of being cold and direct, and learn to embrace differences in opinions.
  • Clare’s rigidity and need for control are stifling the progress of their relationship. If she can loosen up, focus on the positive aspects of their match, and embrace lightheartedness, there is hope for their marriage to succeed.



Married at First Sight season 17 couple Clare Kerr and Cameron Frazer have been struggling to connect romantically, and it may be because Clare is too critical. Viewers watched Clare and Cameron marry as strangers and meet each other’s inner circles at the wedding. They hit it off well at the wedding and were attracted to one another. Now, Clare and Cameron are on their honeymoon in Mexico with three other Married at First Sight couples. They have been trying to get to know one another and form a connection.

However, the pair’s connection was off from the night of their honeymoon, and they have been awkward when trying to find their spark ever since. Clare and Cameron got into their first argument after Clare thought Cameron was being inconsiderate while they were in transit to Mexico. Cameron didn’t help Clare with her big bag because he thought she was independent, and Clare didn’t like that Cameron ran ahead in the airport. These kinds of miscommunications are what have been causing friction in their marriage.

Clare Doesn’t Return Cameron’s AffectionClare Kerr from Married At First Sight Season 17 in green jacket and white top for interview

Cameron has been vocal about being someone who shows affection through touch but has complained about getting mixed signals from Clare. Clare said she was open to touch and liked physical affection, but Cameron was apprehensive about touching her because she wasn’t putting out vibes like she wanted to be touched. Clare’s fellow cast mates Becca, Lauren, and Emily pointed out that Clare was not returning Cameron’s affection, which could play into their disconnect. After that, Clare made an effort to return Cameron’s touch, but she does not seem lovey-dovey or smitten by Cameron in a romantic way yet.

If Clare can take Cameron’s lead and lean into his love language more, the duo have a better chance of success. Cameron must also learn the kind of physical affection Clare wants to receive and when she is most receptive to connecting. If Clare continues to remain on the colder side, it could spell continued trouble for her marriage since Cameron feels apprehensive about his physical expressions. Clare and Cameron have not kissed or cuddled since the wedding, and that is going to need to change if they are going to move forward romantically.

Clare Doesn’t Communicate What She Wants

Clare is a 28-year-old therapist who appears to have brought her critical therapy demeanor and behavior into her marriage. Clare often delivers cold and direct questions to Cameron and digs into his responses. She comes off as very analytical and wary of answers and thoughts dissimilar to her own. Clare did not like that Cameron was not open to going to therapy and pressed his views negatively when he tried to explain that opportunity comes to him versus having to work for it with the help of a therapist. This situation showcased Clare’s critical lens and her view that having differing standpoints was bad.

In the suitcase situation, Cameron didn’t know Clare wanted help and for him to wait up because she never said so. It’s becoming apparent that Clare and Cameron don’t communicate the right way and that Clare’s serious nature isn’t meshing with Cameron’s playful personality. When talking with the other guys, Orion, Austin, and Brennan, Cameron made the point that Clare was good at communicating her feelings but bad at telling him what she wanted. Cameron’s observation rings true based on his and Clare’s difficulty with becoming romantic.

Cameron Thinks Clare Is Not Willing To Be Uncomfortable

Clare Kerr and Cameron Frazer from Married at FIrst SIght season 17 looking in same direction

During the group boat cruise, Cameron and Clare seemed like they were growing closer until Cameron pointed out that he didn’t think Clare was willing to be uncomfortable. Clare’s body language toward Cameron grew colder, and she again reverted to asking him direct questions about why he felt that way because she felt the opposite. She won’t look at what she is doing to damper her romantic connection with Cameron and only sees him as the cause for not having that spark.

Clare seems to want control in the marriage, and in doing so, she has become overly critical of Cameron. Cameron keeps trying to advance with Clare, but her rigidity is not conducive to them making progress. Clare will need to be willing to make changes and stop being so analytical if she wants to understand Cameron better.

Clare And Cameron Have Potential If Clare Loosens Up

Cameron and Clare were matched by the experts for several good reasons. Clare asked for someone “goofy,” and Cameron is definitely goofy. Moreover, they both wanted someone independent but could come together as a couple. They wanted stability and maturity in their future partner. Those qualities are there between them, but they are getting tripped up by Clare being unable to loosen up. Clare seems to be focusing too much on what she sees as incompatibilities with Cameron when she should be striving to see everything positive.

Cameron is all-in on the marriage and reiterated to the other guys how much he was attracted to Clare during their hangout. Married at First Sight viewers also saw a glimmer of hope in Clare and Cameron’s connection when they did neon painting, and things got spirited after they started throwing paint at each other. The jovial activity brought out the best in both of them, and they had a progressive talk afterward about how they needed more lightheartedness. This signals that there is hope for Clare to loosen up and for them both to have fun with each other.

In the preview for the next episode of Married at First Sight, Cameron will have to go to the hospital in Cancun for some unknown reason, and Clare will question whether he’s coming back. After the honeymoon, Clare and Cameron are meant to move into a neutral apartment and settle into what life could look like for them in their marriage. They will be introduced further into each other’s lives and try to grow together. The entire Married at First Sight experiment lasts eight weeks, leading up to a final Decision Day, where Cameron and Clare will decide if they want to stay married or get a divorce.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST.

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