Why Did Ethan and Olivia Divorced? Is Olivia And Ethan Still Together? Ethan and Olivia Married

Why Did Ethan and Olivia Divorced?

Ethan and Olivia got divorced because they had problems in their marriage. Olivia said, “I was trying hard to make the marriage work, but I realized that as long as I stayed and kept Ethan’s world together, he ignored our problems.” This means Olivia felt like she was doing a lot of work to hold their marriage together while Ethan didn’t pay enough attention to their issues.

They also disagreed on many things during their marriage, like Ethan’s love for buying cars and their family’s reality TV show. In 2021, they even took a break from each other to figure things out. They got back together, but it seems their problems continued and led to their divorce.

The exact reasons for their divorce aren’t clear from the information, but it seems like difficulties in communicating, different priorities, and personal growth played a part in their decision to split up.

Is Olivia And Ethan Still Together?

Currently, it’s unclear if Olivia and Ethan are still together. Their relationship has faced significant challenges, with Ethan’s family not fully accepting Olivia, and they have had a history of ups and downs. Recent clues from their social media activity, such as a lack of posts featuring each other, have raised questions about their relationship status.

Although there’s no official confirmation of a breakup, their recent behavior on social media and the influence of Ethan’s family have made it uncertain if they are still together. Olivia and Ethan’s relationship remains a topic of speculation and uncertainty for their fans and followers.


Ethan and Olivia Married

Yes, Olivia and Ethan are married. They tied the knot in an intimate ceremony in October 2018. Their marriage has been a focal point of the reality show “Welcome To Plathville,” where viewers have witnessed the challenges and difficulties they’ve faced as a couple due to the strained relationship between Olivia and Ethan’s family. Despite these challenges, they officially became a married couple in 2018 and have navigated the ups and downs of their relationship ever since.

While their marriage has faced turmoil, including tension with Ethan’s family and personal growth on Olivia’s part, they have remained legally married. Their relationship has been the subject of rumors and speculation, with some questioning whether they are still together based on their social media activity. However, there has been no official confirmation of a divorce or separation, indicating that they are still married, albeit with an uncertain and challenging relationship. Olivia and Ethan’s marital status remains intact despite the hurdles they’ve encountered.

Who is Ethan  Plath?

Ethan Plath is a person from the United States, born on May 14 under the Taurus zodiac sign. He became well-known due to his participation in a reality TV show called Welcome to Plathville. The show offered a glimpse into his family’s unique way of life, which involved living without modern conveniences such as movies and social media. Ethan Plath has gained a considerable following on his Instagram account, where he shares glimpses of his life.

Before becoming a public figure, Ethan lived with his family on a rural farm in Georgia, experiencing a way of life that was quite different from what many people are used to. His upbringing was characterized by a lack of access to modern technology and entertainment, which is a significant contrast to his life now. After getting married, he has embraced a more contemporary lifestyle, which includes active engagement on social media and even getting a tattoo.

Ethan Plath’s family includes his parents, Kim and Barry, along with his eight siblings. Their family dynamics and experiences have been a central focus of the reality TV show he was a part of. In terms of the show’s content, it can be likened to popular programs like “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” which revolve around the daily lives and activities of prominent families.

Full Name

Ethan Plath


Reality Star


May 14, 1998

Zodiac Sign



United States


25 years old

Notable Show

Welcome to Plathville


Parents: Kim and Barry


Siblings: Eight siblings

Social Media

Instagram: ethan.plath (over 310,000 followers)

Career Focus

Primarily known for his role on a reality TV show, sharing a unique family lifestyle with the world.

Ethan Plath Age

Ethan Plath’s age can be determined from the provided information, which states that he was born on May 14, 1998. As of now, he is 25 years old. His birthdate falls under the zodiac sign Taurus, and he was born in the United States.

This information gives us a clear understanding of Ethan Plath’s age, which is 25 years old.

Ethan Plath Career

Ethan Plath is best known for his career as a reality star. He gained fame by appearing on the television show “Welcome to Plathville.” This reality TV series provided a glimpse into his life, showcasing how he and his family lived without modern conveniences such as movies and social media. His participation in the show garnered him a substantial following on his Instagram account, where he shares aspects of his life and experiences with his audience.

Before becoming a well-known figure in the world of reality television, Ethan’s career centered around his life on a rural farm in Georgia. This upbringing was quite different from what many are accustomed to, as he had limited access to modern technology and entertainment. However, his life has since evolved, and he now leads a more contemporary lifestyle, actively engaging in social media and embracing modern changes, including getting a tattoo.

In summary, Ethan Plath’s career has predominantly revolved around his role as a reality star, sharing his unique family experiences with the world through “Welcome to Plathville.” This television exposure has allowed him to connect with a wide audience and gain a substantial following on social media platforms.

Who is Olivia Plath?

Olivia Plath is a prominent figure on the reality TV show “Welcome to Plathville.” Raised in a conservative Christian household similar to the Plath family, she is one of ten siblings. Olivia and Ethan Plath, the eldest son of the Plath family, met during a family camping trip in 2014, and their relationship began.

They maintained a long-distance relationship for the initial three years of their courtship. Their love story reached a significant milestone when Ethan proposed during an intimate dinner in 2017, and they officially tied the knot in 2018. Despite differences in their lifestyles portrayed on the show and some rumors about their relationship status, Olivia and Ethan remained married as of September 2023.

Olivia’s life has been under the spotlight due to her appearances on “Welcome to Plathville.” She is also known for her work as a wedding photographer. Her journey with Ethan and the Plath family has been a central theme of the show, exploring the dynamics of their relationships and the challenges they face due to their differing worldviews.


Not Known




TV Star

Date of Birth

April 25, 1998

Age (as of 2023)

25 years old


Rocky Mount, Virginia, USA




Rocky Mount, Virginia, USA


Graduated from a reputed university



Marital Status



Husband: Ethan Plath


Son: N/A, Daughter: N/A

Net Worth

2 Million US dollars

Olivia Plath  Age

Olivia Plath is currently 25 years old. She was born on April 25, 1998, in Rocky Mount, Virginia, USA. She’s a young and talented TV star, known for her work as a wedding photographer and her presence on social media.

Despite her relatively young age, Olivia has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry and has a significant online following

Olivia Plath Career

Olivia Plath is a talented wedding photographer who has made a name for herself in the industry. Her career involves capturing the special moments of couples on their wedding day, creating beautiful and lasting memories for them. As a wedding photographer, she uses her skills to document the joy, love, and emotions that couples experience during one of the most important days of their lives.

In addition to her work as a photographer, Olivia’s career also includes her role on the reality TV show “Welcome to Plathville.” Her involvement in the show has allowed viewers to get to know her personal life, including her experiences with the Plath family and her relationship with her husband, Ethan Plath. Through the show, Olivia has become a recognizable figure, and her career extends beyond photography to include her presence in the entertainment industry.

While Olivia Plath is primarily known for her work as a wedding photographer and her appearance on “Welcome to Plathville,” her career has encompassed both her artistic passion for photography and her role in the world of reality television. This combination of skills and experiences has shaped her career and public image.

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