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Will Park Bo-young’s Daily Dose of Sunshine Help Break Mental Health Stigma? More About the Netflix Kdrama Revealed!

Popularly known as Strong Woman Do Bong-soon, Park Bo-young recently reprised her super-powered role in Strong Girl Nam-soon. Yet again saving lives, though in a different way this time, the South Korean actor is set to lead Daily Dose of Sunshine (신병동에도 아침이 와요) on Netflix in November 2023. Looks like, regardless of which fictional universe she may be transferred to, she somehow finds her way to save people.

As a kind-hearted nurse, Bo-young is guaranteed to win our hearts once again. Her new Netflix K-drama is based on the Kakao webtoon written by Lee Ra-ha, and has been directed Lee Jae-kyoo (All of Us Are Dead). Lee Nam-gyu, Oh Bo-hyun and Kim Da-hee have written the screenplay for the show.

Daily Dose of Sunshine Kdrama on Netflix
Still from the trailer.

Webtoon adaptations have essentially taken over 2023 releases, especially in terms of them being brought on the screen as Korean drama series. Just a few days ago, the streamer had released Doona, a 9-part K-drama starring Bae Suzy and Yang Se-jong, and that too was based on The Girl Downstairs webtoon. Even though we’re standing on the edge of the year-end, still these Korean releases are pedalling hard to surprise us every month. If you’re an avid enthusiast of Park’s acting and projects, then you should definitely add this feel-good series to your watchlist before new year brings in a flood of new content.

Daily Dose of Sunshine Netflix Plot / Synopsis

Jung Da-eun, a skilled third-year nurse is transferred to the Psychiatric Department. Much like how the title of the series suggests, she then steps in as the “daily dose of sunshine” for those under her care. Despite all the challenges that come her way, she does her best to look out for these people dealing with mental health problems that often get swept under the rug since these apparent illnesses don’t necessarily always points towards physically visible symptoms unlike other ailments of the body.

Daily Dose of Sunshine Kdrama Trailer Still
Still from the trailer.

The series’ trailer itself raises some significant queries worth asking. People often reduce severe mental problems to being rectified by staying happy, but the show will go on to prove that even despite resources and other material possessions being at your foot in abundance, there’s no way of knowing when and why a mental problem could strike you.

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In other critical cases, when the issues are visibly “too much to deal with”, families of those individuals having to face these troubles even go over and beyond to push them away owing to the stigma attached to talking about mental health in the open. This is where these fictional healthcare workers will step in to rectify our understanding of the case and prove that “it’s a sickness, not a sin” – “an unpredictable disorder that can strike anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Park Bo-young in Daily Dose of Sunshine Kdrama Trailer
Still from the trailer.

The show is based on Lee Ra-ha’s webtoon, who too is a former nurse, so the storyline has been inspired by her real-life experiences. It will illustrate both sides of the coin by showing us how people dealing with these issues face them, in addition to how other can support them at such a time.

Daily Dose of Sunshine Kdrama Cast

Park Bo-young takes the lead as the titular cast member of the show as Jung Da-eun, a third-year nurse. The South Korean actress recently also starred in the film Concrete Utopia and as of October 2023, she’s been honoured with the Best Actor Award for her performance at the 8th London Asian Film Festival.

The main cast of the series also includes Yeon Woo-jin as Dong Go-geun, Jang Dong-yoon as Song Yoo-chan, and Lee Jung-eun as Song Hyo-shin. Park Ji-yeon, Lee Sang-hee, Yoo In-soo, Gong Sung-ha, Im Jae-hyuk and others also play pivotal roles as supporting cast members.

Daily Dose of Sunshine Release Date and Trailer

Netflix is expected to drop all 12 episodes of the K-drama on November 3, 2023. Check out its trailer below.

Watch the Daily Dose of Sunshine Trailer

YouTube video

Based on the Kakao Daily Dose of Sunshine webtoon, the new Netflix series will be released in the first week of November. Will you be tuning in for this show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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