Winter Everett’s Not In Chantel Everett’s Shadow Anymore (Winter’s Modeling In The New Season)


  • Winter Everett, the younger sister of Chantel, has become a popular cast member on The Family Chantel and is now exploring modeling opportunities after her significant weight loss.
  • Winter’s confidence has grown over the years, and she now stands by her sister in both personal and professional endeavors.
  • Winter underwent weight-loss surgery and has experienced a positive transformation in her health and happiness, allowing her to pursue modeling and other career prospects.

The Family Chantel season 5 might be dealing with the split between Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno, but Winter Everett also has her chance to shine. The younger sister of Chantel had always been a popular cast member on the 90 Day Fiancé spin-off show. Now, Winter is exploring her exciting new modeling opportunities on The Family Chantel season 5 after her triple-digit weight loss.

Winter has evolved a lot during her older sister’s seven years in the spotlight. She was once Chantel’s shy younger sister who was in a controlling relationship. Now, Winter and Chantel are confident women who stand by each other no matter what. Winter initially moved in with her older sister after Chantel’s messy divorce. However, the sisters then moved in with their parents, Karen and Thomas Everett, after Chantel and Pedro decided to sell their home.

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Winter Everett Models In New York

The Family Chantel Star Winter Everett's Different Hairstyles Amid Hair Loss

Chantel accompanied her younger sister, Winter, to New York City with their mother, Karen, during The Family Chantel season 5 to explore Winter’s plus-sized modeling career options. While Winter used to be in Chantel’s shadow, she now took center stage during the trip as Chantel and Karen helped her prepare for her modeling shoot. Winter seemed to be a natural in front of the camera as she required very little assistance from her mother and sister, who were both occupied with their own dramas during the trip.

Winter Everett’s Life Changed After Weight-Loss Surgery

She now has opportunities to work as a plus-sized model thanks to the weight-loss surgery Winter got during The Family Chantel season 4. Winter went to Tijuana, Mexico, to have a gastric bypass. She shared that she wanted this procedure after her split from her controlling older ex, Jah, who had banned her from pursuing the surgery. Having the weight loss surgery allowed Winter to gain newfound confidence. Since losing so much weight, Winter has enthusiastically shared her results on social media and picked up a number of sponsorships for clothing brands.

Overall, having weight-loss surgery seems to have been an amazing choice for Winter. Not only is she healthier, but she is happier, as Winter is glowing with confidence. While she’s pursuing modeling on The Family Chantel season 5, she also has other career prospects. Like her older sister Chantel, who is a nurse, Winter is also involved in healthcare. She works as an ophthalmic technician outside of reality TV. However, she shares the more glamorous side to herself on The Family Chantel.

The Family Chantel airs Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on TLC.

Source: Winter Everett/Instagram


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