1 Justice League Hero Is Immune to Superman’s Senses (& He Doesn’t Know How)


  • Batman’s most impressive skill is his mastery over stealth, with his movements being so secure and precise that Superman and Martian Manhunter can’t detect him with precision.
  • Batman’s ability to disappear mid-conversation and sneak around is consistently impressive, even to Superman and other super-powered individuals.
  • Batman’s stealth abilities stand out among the talented and powerful members of the Justice League, with even Superman being fascinated by his abilities.



Batman has one vital skill that Superman is continually impressed by. Batman is a man of many skills, but according to Superman, his most impressive ability is his mastery over stealth. Batman is such a master of sneaking around that not even Superman and Martian Manhunter can detect precisely where Batman is, even if they know he’s in the area.

Justice League: A Midsummers Nightmare #3 – by Fabian Nicieza, Jeff Johnson, Darrick Robertson, Jon Holdredge, Hannibal Rodriguez, Ken Lopez, and John Kalisz – contains a sterling example of Batman’s impressive mastery over stealth. This story saw everyone on Earth gaining superpowers, while iconic heroes like Superman and Green Lantern seemed to be completely without power.

The Justice League determines that Dr. Destiny is behind their current predicament

Eventually, the Justice League tracked down the source of this strange turn: the characters Know Man and Dr. Destiny. With Dr. Destiny chained up in a military base, Batman decided to infiltrate it alone, and despite Superman and Martian Manhunter knowing he’s doing this, they were completely unable to keep track of him.

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Batman Is So Sneaky Even Superman Can’t Keep Track Of Him

Superman says,

There are few people on the planet that are as well-trained at stealth as Batman. Batman is one of the greatest hand-to-hand combatants in DC and is also one of the best ninjas around. Batman trained with several of the greatest on Earth in their respective fields, and because of it, he’s become incredibly adept at sneaking around. One of the most iconic things that Batman does is simply disappear mid-conversation with people. Batman most often vanishes on James Gordon, a trained and seasoned detective, as well as doing it on Superman and other super-powered individuals, who have such finely tuned senses they can track the slightest movements.

Justice League: A Midsummer’s Nightmare was a three-issue miniseries released in 1996.

One of the likely explanations for how Batman can avoid detection from even the likes of Superman and Martian Manhunter is the gear he uses. With specialized boots that don’t leave sound and a lightly lead-coated cape, Superman wouldn’t be able to detect Batman, through either sight or sound. For Martian Manhunter, that gets a bit trickier, but potentially emptying his mind of all thoughts and purely acting on instinct would render Bruce invisible to the Martian’s telepathy. Either way, how Batman does it isn’t nearly as impressive as the fact that he can do it, which even Superman remarks is one of the most consistently impressive things about Bruce.

Batman Is A Stand-Out Among The Justice League’s All-Star Roster

Batman vanishes in front of James Gordon

The roster of the Justice League is comprised of some of the most talented, most powerful, and most dangerous heroes on Earth. The team includes characters who can literally out-think computers, or move mountains with their creativity, in addition to unparalleled levels of pure physical strength. Still, despite Superman seeing these fantastical things every time he is working with his team, he is still impressed and fascinated by the secret of Batman’s stealth abilities. This is just one good way of determining precisely how good Batman really is, that even with all of Superman’s extra sensory abilities, he still can’t figure out how Batman sneaks around.


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