10 Best Farms To Make In Minecraft

The constant attention to resource management in Minecraft can be made far easier when you build the best farms to automate the collection of certain materials. The sheer amount of items you have to keep track of can be overwhelming, especially as you discover new biomes throughout your sandbox world. A farm could take away the stress of material hunting while you focus on other important tasks.

Farms can range from traditional mob enclosures to places where you collect the best crops in Minecraft to keep your character’s energy up. Food and potions crafted for upcoming expeditions are just as important as a rare material harvested from dangerous creatures. Some seeds you could use to generate your world may have unique biomes that cause you to prioritize a certain type of farm over another.

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10 Chicken Farm

Early Feathers Source

Minecraft Chickens Passive Mobs

Chicken farms are one of the most common additions to a base in Minecraft, providing food, feathers, and eggs for various crafting recipes. Food helps regain health in a tight spot, but the other materials provided by chickens can also be excellent for trade. The simple breeding mechanics in the game make this an easy farm to build, using basic items that even beginners may be able to understand.

A basic build by JC Playz on Youtube teaches players how to use a Hopper and Lava Block to cook chickens automatically.

9 Honey or Bee Farm

Excellent Sugar Source

The Honey or Bee Farm provides two major resources you want to harvest: Honey and Honeycombs. Honey can be refined into Sugar, which is used in various food recipes, while Honeycomb makes unique Honeycomb blocks, Wax, and Candles. Bottles filled with Honey in Minecraft also allow you to create an Anti-Poison Potion, which disables the negative effects of concoctions thrown by hostile Witch mobs.

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An automated Honey farm in Minecraft can be a bit difficult to make since it demands that you be close to an area with Bee mobs nearby. If you desperately wish to have the materials provided by these creatures, you may want to load a world seed that has the Cherry Blossom biome.

8 Magma Farm

Craft Fire-Resistance Potions

Items produced by a Magma Farm in Minecraft

Another hard farm to create is a Magma Farm, but having Magma Blocks can be incredibly useful to defend your base from hostile mobs. You will have to build this farm in the Nether, and then you can craft various items for decoration, light production, and even potion making. A byproduct of Magma Block destruction is Magma Cream, which can make Fire Resistance Potions to help fan the Nether’s flames in Minecraft.

Shulkercraft on YouTube shows how to make an efficient Magma Farm that produces around 3700 units of Magma Cream and 920 Magma Blocks per hour.

7 Fish Farm

Easy XP Farm

Easy Automatic Fish Farm in Minecraft

An unlimited food source can come from a Fish Farm, which also gives you a ton of experience quickly in Minecraft. Planting enchantments on fishing rods will help you lure tons of different fish types, including Salmon, Pufferfish, Cod, and Tropical Fish. There are special items tied to each type of fish that you will obtain on top of the food and XP when you catch these creatures in limited pools of water.

6 Creeper Farm

The Best Gunpowder Source

Three creepers from Minecraft grouped together

Gunpowder is a particular tool you may want to get through a Creeper Farm rather than wait for these creatures to sneak toward you and blow up. Manipulating a mob spawner that sends these green bombs into a kill chamber is the best way to harvest the TNT material in Minecraft without getting hurt. As one may expect, making a machine designed to eliminate Creepers may take far more time and effort than other farms.

5 Enderman Farm

Teleportation Made Easy

The tall, mysterious mobs of Minecraft are hard to pin down in an Enderman Farm due to their teleporting nature. However, those who have traveled to the End may be able to make a farm that lures these mobs into a trap in the mid to late-game stages of their adventure. Killing Endermen grants you a ton of XP and is one of the few ways to harvest Ender Pearls, extremely rare items that let you teleport when thrown.

Ender Pearls are also items used to craft Eyes of Ender, which help transport you to The End dimension. YouTube creator Shulkercraft compares five different Enderman Farm designs, which players should research before building their own.

4 Wool Farm

Colorful Decorations

Easy Sheep Farms provide Wool for a Minecraft player

A Wool Farm provides the fluffy cotton from Sheep mobs to give you a reliable material that you can use to craft furniture and fuel fires in Minecraft. Enclosing individual Sheep into a small space blocked by grass and glass blocks lets them eat the grass below while preventing them from getting lost. You can set up a machine to automatically shear the sheep as their coat grows back, giving you an unlimited supply of Wool.

You can take the initial Wool provided by a Sheep mob and use color dye to create various decorative items that boast different hues and shades.

3 Slime Farm

Slime Blocks Has Many Uses

A Slime Farm is only limited by your ability to actually find Slime mobs in Minecraft, which are typically elusive creatures to discover. Scavenging Swamp biomes is an excellent way to track these green cubes down, but you should also have some luck underground, according to YouTube creator Eyecraftmc. Slimes can create Slime Blocks, Fire Resistance Potions, Sticky Pistons, and Magma Creams from their harvested materials.

2 Goat Horn Farm

Their Milk Alo Cures Afflictions

One of the most interesting structures to make in Minecraft is the Goat Horn Farm, which can be similar to the Wool Farm with Sheep. Taking advantage of the Goat Horns dropped by goat mobs, you can craft eight different types of instruments that play unique music from parts collected from the shaggy creatures. In the same way that cow mobs’ milk can cure status effects, Goat Milk can also cure afflictions.

Be careful when building a Goat Horn Farm since goat mobs can ram into you and deal a considerable amount of damage.

1 Tree or Wood Farm

Genuine Time Saver

Simple Tree Farm in Minecraft

By far, the most valuable automated material collector you could build is a Tree or Wood Farm, which provides a basic resource for construction. Harvesting individual trees for their Wood provides an abundant, renewable resource that is demanded in nearly every important crafting recipe in Minecraft. A fantastic Wood Farm design from YouTube creator OinkOink can even produce up to 7000+ Wood Blocks per hour.

The best farms in Minecraft give you a dependable source of an important item and are built in a way that requires minimal effort to operate during the rest of your experience.

Source: YouTube/JC_Playz, YouTube/Eyecraftmc, YouTube/OinkOink, YouTube/Shulkercraft

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