10 Fastest Speedsters in The Flash Family


  • The Flash Family consists of multiple speedsters, each with their own unique abilities and powers.
  • Age, experience, training, and power origins are factors that can help determine the speed of these heroes.
  • Wally West and Barry Allen are two standout members of the family who have achieved impressive feats and earned their place at the top.



It’s an undisputed fact that the The Flash is the Fastest Man Alive, but there’s more than one Scarlet Speedster running around the DC Universe. Over the years, there have been a lot of allies added to the Flash Family, raising the question of who stands out as the fastest in the crew.

It’s a hard thing to sort, admittedly, but by looking at their age, experience, training and power origins, it’s easy to create a rough ranking of the speedsters. Read on to discover the top ten fastest heroes in the Flash Family.

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10 Jai West

As the son of Wally West’s Flash, one may expect Jay to be the spitting image of his father, powers-wise. However, Jai and his twin sister Irey shared a connection to the Speed Force and unfortunately, he was forced to give up his powers as the split was causing them both pain.

Jai was powerless for years, but a trip to Gemworld resulted in Wally passing along his new ‘Surge’ ability to Jai, giving him a boost in his natural strength. He might be the slowest in the Flash Family, but his new abilities finally let him find a place in it.

9 Irey West

Irey got to hang onto the Speed Force connection while Jai was forced to give it up, and as a result she’s gotten pretty adept at using her powers. Irey loves her abilities and is ready to dive headfirst into any situation where she can use them.

However, she’s still very young, inexperienced and tends to get in over her head. While Irey is destined to take on the Flash mantle for herself one day, she has a lot to learn about the ins and outs of her powers (not to mention learning how to think ahead).

8 Max Mercury

When it comes to learning the ropes about speed, there’s no better teacher than Max Mercury. Max was given powers via a magical enchantment rather than a direct connection to the Speed Force. However, Max gained a mastery of his skills over the years and has even taken several other speedsters under his wing to help them reach even greater heights than him.

Wally West and Bart Allen would never have hit the speeds they’ve achieved without Max Mercury guiding them and helping them understand the true nature of their powers. He may not be the fastest, but his place in the family is invaluable.

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7 Jesse Quick

Jesse Quick is another interesting member of the Flash Family in that her connection to the Speed Force comes from a Speed Formula, pioneered by her father, the speedster hero Johnny Quick. Not only does Jesse have access to the Speed Force, she also has super strength passed down from her mother.

While Jesse has properly come into her powers and knows how to use them, her lack of an organic connection holds her back from being as fast as those with direct connection. That said, She’s undoubtedly one of the fastest people who are able to tap into the Speed Force.

6 Bart Allen

Hailing from the future, Barry Allen’s grandson Impulse made quick work of showing how fast he really was when he came back to the modern day. Training under Max Mercury and pushing himself to his limits, Bart Allen raised the bar on the speeds a young hero could achieve, moreso when he adopted the Kid Flash identity.

Upon his return from being lost in the Speed Force, Barry was amazed by Bart’s growth and admitted that the young hero had the potential to one day become the fastest Flash there ever was.

5 Wallace West

It took the new Kid Flash a bit of time to develop his own speed powers. But a future version of Wallace West sent his younger self powers back through time, giving the young man the powerful abilities of a highly-advanced speedster. Wallace was also struck by a bolt of lightning during a Speed Force storm, making his powers even greater than they were before.

Though he’s still learning how to properly hone his abilities, he’s able to bring the most out of his speed thanks to studies. If his future self is any indication, Wallace could one day become one of the fastest Flashes ever.

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4 Jay Garrick

One can’t discuss speedsters without talking about the man who started it all. The Golden Age Flash was the first person to develop a connection to the Speed Force in the DC Universe, and he’s had the most time to practice with it.

He pioneered some of the greatest tricks superspeed allows, such as vibrating his molecules to phase through walls or obscure his identity. He might not be a spring chicken anymore, but few people possess both as much knowledge and wisdom as Jay Garrick does, making him one of the best authorities when it comes to the Speed Force.

3 Avery Ho

Avery Ho may be one of the greener Flashes, but since gaining powers via the Speed Force storm in Central City, the Flash of China has focused solely on becoming faster. Not only did she receive a crash course from Barry Allen, but she had access to the best training technology the Ministry of Self-Reliance could get the Justice League of China.

Avery took her studies seriously and even found herself outpacing Super-Man before long. And considering Kenan Kong’s powers are on par with Clark, there’s little doubt that Avery is one of the closest to Barry in terms of power.

2 Barry Allen

This Flash knows the Speed Force like the back of his hand. Ever since Barry Allen was hit by a bolt of lightning, Barry has studied his powers and applied every scientific principle he could to making the most out of them.

He was the first Flash to discover (by accident, admittedly) that he could accelerate his molecules to the point that he could travel to other universes. Not to mention, he pushed his body to a breaking point during Crisis on Infinite Earths in order to destroy the Anti-Monitors antimatter canons. Barry’s achievements have more than earned him one of the top spots in the Flash Family.

1 Wally West

Nobody in the Flash Family has trained harder or longer at refining their speed as much as Wally West. In an attempt to live up to the legacy left behind by Barry, Wally threw himself into working on his powers, and boy did they pay off. With his determination to become a better Flash, he found new attacks like the Infinite Mass Punch and performed feats like evacuating a half a million people in a fraction of a second. Wally did everything he could to make sure he’d honor the Flash legacy, and by the things he’s done, there’s no question he has.

As time goes on, faster Flashes are inevitably going to pop up and change any sort of potential ranking. But for now, this is a good estimate of where the top 10 members of the Flash Family currently stand.


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