10 Funniest Peanuts Comics Starring Sally

Debuting in 1959, Sally is the little sister of Peanuts protagonist Charlie Brown. She first appeared in the strip as a baby, limiting her presence to be from the perspective of other characters like, Charlie Brown or Snoopy. However, Sally eventually aged in the comic strip, becoming her own fully formed character just like the rest of the Peanuts brood.



After Sally became older, she gained some famous running gags and appeared in popular strips of her own. For instance, her show-and-tells and reports in front of her school were a fan-favorite recurring gag, with readers looking forward to whatever topic Sally hilariously misunderstood this time. Likewise, Sally’s die-hard crush on Linus became one of the hallmark strips of the comic. Whatever the case, Sally’s strips guaranteed some laughs.

10 “Who Cares?”

Sally's philosophy from Peanuts;

Sally is far removed from Charlie Brown’s neurotic personality. She is laid back and uninhibited, enjoying her childhood freedom even if being a kid can be frustrating sometimes. Given Sally’s lackadaisical demeanor, it is not all that surprising that she adopts the mantra of “who cares?” to her big brother’s annoyance. The philosophy of “who cares?” is not at all that of Charlie Brown’s. Consequently, he has dug himself deeper into the bean bag chair after Sally’s “who cares?” tirade. “Who cares?” would not be Sally’s only attempt at philosophy, as she would also take on the sayings of “Why me?”, and “How should I know?”

9 “Rank Of The Household”

Sally ranks Snoopy last in their household

Snoopy and Sally have had their squabbles, such as when Snoopy stole Sally’s eye patch, for her lazy eye, so he could play pirate. Sally doesn’t like Snoopy all that much, having a love-hate relationship with the pup, similar Lucy and Snoopy’s relationship. In this strip, she is annoyed with the beagle, not hesitating to proclaim to Snoopy his low position in her ranking of their household’s members. Comparing the family ranking to the military, Snoopy sarcastically thinks to himself that his lowly position explains why he doesn’t “reenlist”. The pair aren’t always arguing, though, with Sally often asking Snoopy for assistance on many things, from protection from bullies to help with a report on animals.

8 “The Answer”

Sally sitting at a desk in Peanuts.

Much like fellow Peanuts member Peppermint Patty, Sally is not academically inclined. She struggles with her school subjects, even when she receives help from her older brother Charlie Brown. Math is especially hard for her, always seeming daunting or incomprehensible when she is in class.. As seen in this strip, Sally plays the guessing game for her answer to a math question when her first response is wrong. After her second guess is wrong, Sally struggles and just starts saying random numbers. That strategy is never advisable, guaranteed to not provide whatever the question is asking. Sally learned this the hard way.

7 “Drop By My Desk”

Sally Peanuts

Sally’s reports and show and tells at the front of the class are a running joke in Peanuts and one of Sally’s most well known gags unique to her character. While Sally may not be a top-notch student, she does make her best attempts at Show and Tell. Bringing a maple leaf in, Sally offers the other kids to stop by her desk since she’ll be stuck there all day anyway. Due to Sally’s lack of enthusiasm for school, people constantly coming by her desk to look at her show and tell item would be a dream for her. Anything to get out of the humdrum monotony of school is a dream for her.

6 “Dungeon Or School?”

Linus and Sally Peanuts

Sally adores Linus Van Pelt, being her lifelong crush. Therefore, it is only fitting that Sally be given the hard truth about school by Linus, even if he doesn’t give her completely truthful or accurate information. When posed with the decision of school for twelve years or being trapped in a dungeon for ten years, Sally is torn between what to choose. The struggle to make a decision between the abysmal options is pretty expected for those who are familiar with Sally’s past with school. For instance, when the strip shows her going to kindergarten for the first time, she is seen sprinting away from the building, screaming. Consequently, Sally will be under that tree thinking of what to do for some time.

5 “Sweet Babboo”

Peanuts Sally Sweet Babboo

Sally has had a crush on her big brother’s best friend, Linus since she was a toddler. Funnily enough, it was actually Linus who had a crush on Sally first, seen in a strip where Linus is trying to calculate their age differences. The tables obviously turned at some point, with Sally expressing her devotion to Linus any chance she can get. Making a Valentine for Linus, Sally refers to him as her pet name for him, Sweet Babboo. Charlie tries to correct her, telling her Linus has said that he is not her Sweet Babboo, only for Sally to dismiss what Charlie is saying. Sally really should listen to her big brother given Linus’s frustration at being called her Sweet Babboo.

4 “People”

Sally peanuts

A common scenario in Sally’s Peanuts strips is her giving reports at the front of the class. Her reports are frequently riddled with inaccuracies and malapropisms as well as Sally’s own unique personal opinions. Sally likes to make her own life philosophies and share them to whoever will listen. In her report in this strip, she paints her own view of human nature. Simplified, Sally believes there are good and bad people with people in between as well. Sally could pontificate on it more, but why bother since she’s so young? She recognizes that some worries are beyond her age, and she leaves those anxieties to others or the future.

3 “Dogs”

Sally and Snoopy

Calling Snoopy a “stupid beagle” is no doubt a terrible way to foster a friendship. It’s even worse to be rude when someone is helping with homework. Yet, that never stopped Sally. In this strip, Sally, unintentionally, tells Snoopy how lucky he is, because he doesn’t have to do anything. Snoopy, offended, sarcastically thinks about how dogs have to listen to criticism. Snoopy is one spunky canine, prone to shoot right back whatever he is given. However, with Sally, he tends to hold his sardonic comments until he is alone. This shows how much Snoopy loves Sally, as he refuses to treat her the way he would any other Peanuts character, even when Sally is being rude to him.

2 “My Pet Rock”

Sally and her pet rock for show and tell Peanuts.

In contrast to her big brother, Sally is lighthearted, and likes to have fun. She is also not afraid to crack a joke, as seen in this strip. Shown presenting for Show and Tell once again, this time Sally has brought her pet rock to school. With her pet rock, she makes the joke that its favorite golf course is Pebble Beach, which is both a famous golf course and a clever nod to her pet rock’s geological nature. Unfortunately for Sally, her classmates don’t get the joke. For those who are not aware, pet rocks were a popular toy among kids in the ’70s. They were basically just rocks with googly eyes glued to them and Sally, apparently, was one very happy customer of the product.

1 “Criminal Tendencies”

Charlie Brown and Sally Peanuts

One word that no one would use to describe Charlie Brown is “rebel”, but Lucy would not agree with that statement, as evidenced by this strip. When Sally sees that Charlie has gotten in trouble at school, and must write that he won’t be a disturbance to the class again, she laments how his criminal activities could be in his genes, and could be passed down to her future children. Sally is nothing but overdramatic, drawing parallels between Charlie Brown’s occasional disturbance of the class to criminal tendencies. Regardless, maybe Sally’s scolding will keep Charlie from getting into trouble in future Peanuts strips.


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