11 Questions From The Mandalorian That Are Still Unanswered Even After Season 3


  • Many questions remain unanswered after the conclusion of The Mandalorian season 3 regarding Grogu’s protectors, the Empire’s access to Grogu’s chain code, and the Mandalorians’ rule on names.
  • The full history of Din Djarin’s involvement with Ranzar Malk’s gang and the origins of the Children of the Watch remain unknown.
  • Grogu and Din Djarin’s homeworlds, the significance of the Mythosaur, and the consequences of Din’s facial scan are all still shrouded in mystery.



11 questions remain unanswered after the conclusion of The Mandalorian season 3. The latest installment of the beloved Star Wars TV show brought Mandalore to live-action, which answered quite a few questions about the homeworld of the Mandalorians. Not only was Pedro Pascal’s Din Djarin able to earn his redemption in the Living Waters, but he also assisted Bo-Katan Kryze in liberating the planet from Moff Gideon’s Imperial Remnant, bringing both Din’s and Grogu’s stories back to their status quo of lying low and running jobs – this time, under the table for the New Republic.

For every question answered in The Mandalorian season 3, there were just as many left unanswered. The narrative scope of the story expanded tenfold in season 3 and went far beyond just Mando and Grogu, as it tackled both the liberation of an entire planet as well as Bo-Katan’s redemption arc. This left some viewers feeling unsatisfied at the lack of questions it seemed to answer about Din and Grogu, who have been the heart of The Mandalorian ever since the show’s beginning. Here are 11 of the questions the story of The Mandalorian still has yet to answer going into season 4.

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11 Who Was Protecting Grogu From The Empire?

The Niktos Protecting Grogu Still Haven’t Been Identified

A band of Niktos protects Grogu at the encampment on Arvala-7 in The Mandalorian season 1 episode 1

When Din found Grogu at the end of The Mandalorian season 1, episode 1, the child was sealed inside his pod being protected by a large group of Niktos on Arvala-7. It can be assumed they were mercenaries hired to protect Grogu, but even in that case, there’s no clear answer on who exactly hired them to take care of the child. The Jedi who saved Grogu from the temple during Order 66, Kelleran Beq, is nowhere to be found at this time in the galaxy, which means Grogu must have switched hands a few times before landing with the Niktos.

It’s possible, then, that someone knew Grogu was being hunted by the Empire, which would explain why they hired this band of Niktos to protect him. The identity of this person or group, however, remains unknown, and it could be the key to unlocking a massive reveal about Grogu’s backstory. Given the fact it was Niktos who were hired to protect Grogu, this group could be related to the same band who crashed Din’s speeder on Tatooine a year later, as there was also at least one Nikto involved in that conflict.

10 How Did The Empire Get Grogu’s Chain Code?

Grogu’s Chain Code Was Required To Make A Tracking Fob

Din Djarin asks the Client about Grogu's chain code in The Mandalorian season 1 episode 1

Mando accepted the commission for Grogu’s bounty face-to-face with the Client, the Imperial warlord who was overlooking Nevarro on Moff Gideon’s behalf. While the Client said he was only able to provide Din with Grogu’s age, or the last few digits of his chain code, he was able to give out a tracking fob to Mando and any other hunter who was hired for the job. Tracking fobs work off of chain codes, which means the Empire somehow had Grogu’s chain code. Grogu must have been given a chain code between his escape from the Jedi Temple and the events of The Mandalorian, as The Bad Batch showed that chain codes only went into place just after the Empire first came into power.

9 What’s The Mandalorians’ Rule On Names?

The Use Of Din Djarin’s Name Is Inconsistent

Din Djarin displays his chain code on Plazir-15 in The Mandalorian season 3 episode 6

The Children of the Watch, or those of Mando’s covert, created their infamous helmet rule in order to protect their identities after the Great Purge. They went even further by not using their family names, something Din mentioned in The Mandalorian season 1, episode 8, when he told Cara Dune and Greef Karga he hadn’t heard his name spoken since he was a child. Later on in that episode, the Armorer says his name to IG-11, and Din uses it to address himself in both The Book of Boba Fett and The Mandalorian season 3. This has since raised the question of whether using one’s name is a violation of the Creed or not, since it reveals an identity just as a face would – even though the Armorer seemed to encourage it at a certain point.

8 What Did Mando Do With The Gang – And What Was The Job On Alzoc III?

Din Djarin’s Full History With Ranzar Malk’s Gang Is Still Unknown

Din Djarin and the gang face a mouse droid in The Mandalorian season 1 episode 6

It was revealed in The Mandalorian season 1, episode 6 that Mando worked with Ranzar Malk’s gang of mercenaries for an extended period of time. The timeline as to when he did that and for how long is unknown, as is what kinds of jobs they did. The only job mentioned was one on the planet Alzoc III, which Xi’an brought up to insist that Din enjoyed doing something he clearly never wanted to do in the first place. The only hint as to what the gang might’ve been up to was provided when Mando brought up a “rival syndicate,” which hints that the gang itself might consider themselves to be a part of a crime syndicate of some sort.

7 Where Are Din Djarin And Grogu From?

Din Djarin’s And Grogu’s Homeworlds Haven’t Been Revealed

For being the leads of The Mandalorian and as beloved as they are, not much is known about Din’s or Grogu’s backstories. Grogu gets more about his Order 66 escape revealed with each season, but little is actually known about either of their lives before meeting one another. The name of Din’s home before he was taken to the Mandalorian moon of Concordia was revealed to be Aq Vetina in The Star Wars Book, but even that hasn’t been spoken in the actual series, and it’s unclear why Aq Vetina came under siege by the Separatists’ battle droids in the first place. Everything from the name of Grogu’s species to the homeworld of his people still has yet to be revealed, though it may be a long time until those mysteries unravel.

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6 When Did The Children Of The Watch Form?

The Origin Of Din Djarin’s Tribe Remains A Mystery

The Armorer confirmed in The Mandalorian season 3 that the Children of the Watch are not Death Watch, but are instead a broken-off faction of that very same group. The Mandalorians who saved Din, though, were seen in the blue armor of Death Watch, and bore their signet on their pauldrons. Din’s rescue from Aq Vetina happened near the end of the Clone Wars, if not just after, but it’s still unclear as to when exactly the Children of the Watch broke off from the rest of the group.

Din was unaware of any Mandalorians who didn’t follow the Way, which seems to imply that the Mandalorians who rescued him already considered themselves to be the Children of the Watch, despite their armor. It could also be that their faction’s rescue and retrieval of foundlings during the chaos of the Clone Wars’ ending led to them forming the Children of the Watch, during which they broke their uniform appearance of blue armor with the Death Watch shriekhawk. There’s still no confirmation as to whether this is the case or not, or if this occurred before or after the Siege of Mandalore seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 7.

5 What About The Mythosaur?

The Ancient Creature Was Barely Seen In Season 3

Mythosaur in Mandalorian Season 3 Finale

The Mythosaur was teased to play a big part in The Mandalorian season 3, but didn’t really end up doing so. After Bo-Katan spotted the Mythosaur beneath the Living Waters in season 3, episode 2, she told no one except the Armorer about it, and it was only seen one other time, when Grogu connected with it during his adoption ceremony. While the ancient creature has long since been a symbol of resilient strength to the Mandalorians, it was expected to have done more in season 3, and instead remained dormant even during the effort to liberate the planet. The question is whether the Mythosaur will remain below the Living Waters or emerge when the time is right, and if Grogu’s connection to the ancient creature will mean anything going forward.

4 Will Anything Happen With Din Djarin’s Facial Scan?

The Empire Now Has Din Djarin’s Facial Scan Saved

Din Djarin gets his face scanned on Morak in The Mandalorian season 2 episode 7

The Mandalorian season 2, episode 7 saw Din do the one thing he feared most for his son: removing his helmet and breaking the Mandalorian Creed. He had to scan his face to access the coordinates to Moff Gideon’s light cruiser within the Imperial terminal, and while the entire facility on Morak was destroyed by Migs Mayfeld, it’s likely that wherever Mando drew the coordinates from worked on a greater Imperial network – which would have remembered his facial scan. There could be a record somewhere, then, that it was Din’s facial scan used to access these coordinates, and it could get traced back to him. If the Empire made this discovery, they could use this scan against him, which would seemingly make his hard-sought redemption null.

3 Who Hired IG-11 To Kill Grogu?

The Bounty Droid Insisted On Terminating Grogu

IG-11 with two blasters in The Mandalorian

Mando wasn’t the only one who was hired to find Grogu, which he only discovered when he ran into IG-11 at the Niktos’ encampment. The two even worked together until they found Grogu and, upon realizing he was just a child, Din insisted that they bring him in alive. IG revealed that his commission specified Grogu had to be killed, which was much different than what Din was told by the Client. It’s possible that IG was commissioned directly by Moff Gideon, but even then, it would have benefited Gideon more to have Grogu alive for any future experiments he would have needed to conduct. There may have been someone else who wanted Grogu dead, either for the Empire’s benefit or as an extreme way of keeping him out of their hands.

2 When Exactly Did The Fall Of Mandalore Happen?

The Timeline Of The Great Purge Still Isn’t Clear

Mandalore was in a good place the last time Star Wars viewers saw it before The Mandalorian, when Sabine Wren led the effort to free the planet from the Empire with Bo-Katan at her side in Star Wars Rebels. Sabine had handed the Darksaber off to Bo-Katan in favor of the heiress ruling, which had all occurred just one year before the Battle of Yavin. The planet had already been destroyed by the Empire and all Mandalorians had been nearly wiped out just ten years later, though when exactly it all happened is unknown. The only hint at this time came from the Ahsoka TV show, when the droid Huyang revealed the Great Purge took place after the war – but all other details, including an exact date, still remain unknown.

1 Is Dr. Pershing Actually Dead Or Not?

Penn Pershing’s Fate Remains Unclear After Season 3

The Mandalorian's Doctor Pershing Being Mind-Flayed

The narrative of The Mandalorian season 3 took a turn from Din, Bo-Katan, and Mandalore in episode 3, “Chapter 19: The Convert,” which journeyed to Coruscant and explored Dr. Penn Pershing’s participation in the New Republic Amnesty Program. When Elia Kane was left alone with Pershing and the Mind Flayer, she turned up the intensity, which has since left Pershing’s true fate a mystery. Gideon told the Shadow Council his cloning secrets were lost “for now,” which seems to imply Pershing might still be alive and just needs to be coaxed back to both the Empire and his research.

These questions and more have plenty of opportunities to be answered in the near future, with both The Mandalorian season 4 and Dave Filoni’s upcoming The Mandalorian-era movie on the horizon. Din’s and Grogu’s private life in their home on Nevarro may allow for some discoveries about their pasts, while the threat of Grand Admiral Thrawn could speak to any Empire-related inquiries. Though Moff Gideon is now dead, the Shadow Council lives on, and thus any secrets Gideon might have shared with them could be revealed to Thrawn. Until then, Din and Grogu will be adjusting to their lives in The Mandalorian as secret rangers of the New Republic while Grogu trains under his adopted father’s Mandalorian teachings.

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