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90 Day: The Last Resort – Kalani’s Wrong To Spend The Night With New BF Dallas (She’s Moving Too Fast)


  • Kalani’s decision to spend the night with her new boyfriend contradicts her goal of saving her marriage, making her appear hypocritical.
  • Kalani’s choice to hide her actions from Asuelu and seek comfort from a third party instead of discussing the issue with him shows a lack of communication and trust in their relationship.
  • By involving Dallas and not sorting out her feelings on her own, Kalani risks turning what could have been a friendly breakup into an ugly one if she decides to divorce Asuelu.



Kalani Faagata from 90 Day: The Last Resort spent the night with her new boyfriend, Dallas, which shows she was hypocritical about saving her marriage with Asuelu Pulaa. The new spin-off featured some of the most toxic franchise pairs, but none compared to Kalani and Asuelu. The 35-year-old Orange County woman and her 28-year-old Samoan husband appeared on the show to fix their relationship. They had mutually cheated on each other and sought a way to resolve their differences and stay together. Unfortunately, no therapy or counseling could bring them closer, leading the two to fall apart slowly.

Kalani and Asuleu’s problems started when they first began dating. At the time, Asuelu continued messing around with other women, thinking it was normal. Kalani recently revealed how many men in Samoa are alike and don’t consider infidelity wrong. The 90 Day Fiancé franchise star claimed that some married men flirted with her when she visited Samoa. Over the years, Kalani accepted Asuelu’s behavior, hoping he would change for her and their kids. However, he continued on the destructive path, which led Kalani to seek emotional and physical comfort from another man named Dallas.

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When Kalani joined the show, she claimed her goal was to resolve her marital issues with Asuelu. The Samoan reality star also felt the same and apologized to his wife for his behavior. The 90 Day Fiancé couple mutually blocked Dallas on Kalani’s phone and apps, pledging they would try their best to fix their relationship. However, Kalani recently unblocked her boyfriend’s number and spent the night with him outside the therapy resort. The single mom suspected Asuelu was purposely deleting messages from his social media. Therefore, she thought the best way to deal with the issue was to go out with Dallas.

Kalani Could’ve Asked For Help From Therapists

Kalani smiling while Asuelu looks distraught in 90 Day: The Last Resort

Most people in a similar situation would probably discuss the issue with their significant other. However, Kalani made the wrong choice by hiding it from Asuelu. The mom of two came to the show to find a solution to save her marriage. However, she made herself look like a fraud by fleeing to meet with Dallas. Kalani had the opportunity to seek guidance from therapists as well or to find out the truth from Asuelu. However, she chose the worst possible strategy, which shows she isn’t innocent. Kalani also could have confronted Asuelu about her suspicions regarding his message deletions.

Kalani Needed To Sort Out Her Feelings Without External Influence

90 Day Fiance's Kalani Faagata, with blurred shots of Big Ed Brown & Liz Woods

Kalani did wrong because she didn’t keep her word. She was the one who instilled trust in Asuelu by letting him block Dallas on her phone. Therefore, she should have known better than to meet Dallas secretly. Kalani acted immaturely by going to her love interest. She shared that her goal was to clear her mind and sort out her feelings, but she could have easily done that herself. It was unnecessary to involve a third party. Moreover, if Kalani wants to divorce Asuelu, she should have done that instead of making a terrible choice. The 90 Day: The Last Resort star’s meetup could turn her potentially friendly breakup into an ugly one.

90 Day: The Last Resort airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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