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Married At First Sight Season 4: Who Is Still Together (And Who’s Not)?


  • Despite being matched by experts, most couples from MAFS season 4 didn’t stay together, facing issues and incompatibilities.
  • Sonia and Nick broke up after filming, with rumors of Nick being unfaithful and Sonia focusing on philanthropic work.
  • Heather and Derek had one of the shortest marriages in MAFS history, divorcing after just ten days, while Lillian and Tom lasted 14 months before ending their marriage due to lifestyle differences.



With 16 seasons having already aired, Married At First Sight has a long list of couples who met on their show, but where are the MAFS season 4 alums today? MAFS season 17 is set to begin in November, and the prospective brides and grooms will have a tall task ahead of them. Making it work romantically with a stranger is not easy, and new cast members embark on the journey every season.

Some MAFS couples are still together, but most marriages didn’t work out. Despite being matched by expert matchmakers and relationship experts, many couples aren’t compatible. MAFS season 4 aired in summer 2016, and a lot can happen in seven years. With the show having the precedent of quick divorces after the cameras finish rolling, seven years is more than enough time to truly see if the pairs from season 4 were the right fits or not.

Sonia Granados And Nick Pendergrast- Not Together

Nick Pendergrast Sonia Granados MAFS

Sonia and Nick seemed like a bit of a mismatch initially, as they had a slew of issues and incompatibilities. Some of the biggest ones were their problems getting intimate, or the fact that Nick was a dog owner and loved his pet, while Sonia preferred living without one. Feeling the pressure of being on TV, the two worked through their problems with the help of relationship counselors, and ultimately both agreed to stay together once decision day rolled around.

Unfortunately, they broke up after filming ended for the season. Sonia announced in March 2017 that they would be going their separate ways, but was positive about the situation. Additionally, there were rumors Nick was unfaithful, as he was expecting twins with a different woman shortly after Sonia and Nick announced their separation. Today, Sonia is busy with philanthropic work, and Nick is raising his twins. Nick suffered an accident in 2019 in which he was paralyzed from the waist down, but he has since regained mobility.

Heather Seidel And Derek Schwartz- Not Together

Heather Seidel and Derek Schwartz sit side by side on Married at First Sight

Heather and Derek were a turbulent pair on MAFS, so it was no surprise when they divorced. The two were originally excited to get to know each other and seemed attracted to one another, but their feelings quickly changed. Heather confronted Derek about his smoking habit on their honeymoon, and he was not happy about it. The two exchanged harsh words, and their love was quickly over. They left the show and broke up in less than two weeks.

Unsurprisingly, Heather and Derek have remained divorced. Couples have rekindled their feelings for each other in the past after breaking up, but no such occurrence happened between these two. Instead of leaving the show with a new life partner and lover, Heather and Derek left the show having one of the shortest marriages in Married At First Sight history, lasting just ten days.

Lillian Vilchez And Tom Wilson- Not Together


As the third and final couple on the season, Lillian and Tom were the last chance for MAFS season 4’s success. It appeared like they would be successful in doing so, as they got off to an incredible start. Their chemistry was strong, and they seemed to have a real connection. As the season progressed, a few differences and incompatibilities arose, but they decided to continue to work through them on decision day, ultimately both agreeing that they wanted to stay married.

Unfortunately, the two were unable to make their relationship last long-term. Their marriage lasted another fourteen months after filming, but did end up coming to an end. In a now-deleted Instagram post referenced on E Online, Tom made the somber announcement on his social media platforms, adding that, ““Yes our marriage has ended. But a beautiful friendship has started.” Their lifestyle differences that began to crop up towards the end of their season proved to be too much in the real world without cameras rolling.

Tom has since remarried and works on yachts and interior design. Lillian has been traveling and hanging with friends. Despite their marriage not working out, these Married At First Sight alums seem to be making the best of a failed union. Hopefully, upcoming seasons will be more successful, but the series doesn’t have the best track record. Luckily, getting married at first sight makes for excellent television.

Source: E Online


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