All Canon Star Wars Books In Chronological Order

Here’s your official guide to the Star Wars books in chronological order. When George Lucas launched Star Wars, part of his genius lay in the decision to embrace transmedia. The first official tie-in novel, Alan Dean Foster’s Splinter of the Mind’s Eye, was actually published before the release of The Empire Strikes Back. Still, it wasn’t until 1991 that Lucasfilm really began to exploit the potential of novels, with Timothy Zahn relaunching the Star Wars Expanded Universe with the launch of his New York Times-bestselling Thrawn trilogy. All that was erased from canon, officially branded “Legends,” shortly after Disney acquired Lucasfilm in 2012.



Since then, Disney has evolved Star Wars into a trailblazing transmedia franchise. Lucasfilm Publishing has launched several successful initiatives to tie in with movies and TV shows, while the Star Wars: The High Republic transmedia initiative has opened up a whole new part of the Star Wars timeline. That makes it incredibly difficult to keep up – but here’s your guide to the Star Wars books in chronological order. Note that this doesn’t include choose-your-own-adventure stories or tie-ins that simply adapt a story from one medium to another, without adding new lore. It also doesn’t include novelizations of the original trilogy or prequels, where canonicity is debatable.

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Books In Star Wars: The High Republic Phase II

Star Wars: The High Republic technically takes a tip from George Lucas himself, with the overarching story told out of chronological order. That means phase II technically comes first, some 350 years before Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. It’s worth noting these stories often overlap significantly, with events occurring concurrently – particularly toward the end. Path of Vengeance technically begins before Cataclysm, but ends as something of a coda to the era, so logically comes last in this list.

  • Path of Deceit
    by Tessa Gratton and Justina Ireland

  • Convergence
    by Zoraida Córdova

  • Quest for the Hidden City
    by George Mann

  • The Battle of Jedha
    by George Mann

  • Cataclysm
    by Lydia Kang

  • Quest for Planet X
    by Tessa Gratton

  • Path of Vengeance
    by Cavan Scott

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Books In Star Wars: The High Republic Phase I

High Republic Light Of The Jedi

Set 200 years before the prequel trilogy, Star Wars: The High Republic Phase I is the story of the Jedi Order at its height. The High Republic Era is a time when the light of the Jedi shone brighter than ever before, as the Republic expanded across the Star Wars galaxy map toward the Outer Rim. But the brighter the light, the darker the shadows it casts, as the Jedi learned to their cost.

  • Light of the Jedi
    by Charles Soule

  • Into the Dark
    by Claudia Gray

  • A Test of Courage
    by Justina Ireland

  • The Rising Storm
    by Cavan Scott

  • Race to Crashpoint Tower
    by Daniel José Older

  • Out of the Shadows
    by Justina Ireland

  • Tempest Runner
    by Cavan Scott

  • Mission to Disaster
    by Justina Ireland

  • The Fallen Star
    by Claudia Gray

  • Midnight Horizon
    by Daniel José Older

Books In Star Wars: The High Republic Phase III

Star Wars Eye Of Darkness Cover

Star Wars: The High Republic Phase III is set a year after the events of Phase I. The space pirates known as the Nihil appear to have triumphed, but the Jedi are organizing against them. Phase III launched in November 2023, which means only one book has been released to date.

  • The Eye of Darkness
    by George Mann

Star Wars Books Set Before The Prequel Era

Count Dooku with a blue lightsaber on Jedi Lost Star Wars novel

Several stories are set between the High Republic Era and the prequel trilogy. The Vow of the Silver Dawn is included in this list, but unfortunately, it has yet to be translated into English; its timeline placement has recently moved as a result of the reference book Star Wars: Timelines. Claudia Gray’s Master & Apprentice is a particularly important book during this period, finally revealing details about the Chosen One prophecy.

  • The Vow of Silver Dawn
    by His Majesty the King

  • Dooku: Jedi Lost
    by Cavan Scott

  • Padawan
    by Kiersten White

  • Master & Apprentice
    by Claudia Gray

  • Darth Maul & the Rathtars
    by Steven Behling

Prequel Era Star Wars Books

Lucasfilm Publishing’s Star Wars canon books have done a good job of adding depth to the prequel trilogy. This period includes a tremendous range of novels by E.K. Johnston focused on Padmé Amidala, and a trilogy by Timothy Zahn that ends shortly after the rise of the Empire. Christie Golden’s Dark Disciple is an unusual book, the only one still officially considered canon even though it was technically produced after Disney’s reset; it’s an important story from Star Wars: The Clone Wars that was never made because of the show’s cancelation.

  • Queen’s Peril
    by E.K. Johnston

  • Queen’s Shadow
    by E.K. Johnston

  • Queen’s Hope
    by E.K. Johnston

  • Brotherhood
    by Mike Chen

  • Dark Disciple
    by Christie Golden

  • Thrawn Ascendancy: Chaos Rising
    by Timothy Zahn

  • Thrawn Ascendancy: Greater Good
    by Timothy Zahn

  • Thrawn Ascendancy: Lesser Evil
    by Timothy Zahn

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Books Set During The Reign Of The Empire

Lucasfilm Publishing initially focused on novels set during the Dark Times of the Empire’s reign, with a number of books by James Luceno fleshing things out. A major transmedia initiative accompanied the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, meaning several books are set around that; this seems to have blazed the trail for later approaches. Catalyst, by James Luceno, is included in this section even though it technically begins during the Clone Wars;

  • Inquisitor: Rise of the Red Blade
    by Delilah S. Dawson

  • Catalyst
    by James Luceno

  • Adventures in Wild Space
    by Cavan Scott and Tom Huddleston, a series of children’s novels

  • Ahsoka
    by E.K. Johnston

  • Lords of the Sith
    by Paul S. Kemp

  • Tarkin
    by James Luceno

  • Crimson Climb
    by E.K. Johnston

  • Most Wanted
    by Rae Carson

  • Lando’s Luck
    by Justina Ireland

  • Solo: A Star Wars Story
    by Mur Lafferty

  • Rebel Rising
    by Beth Revis

  • Thrawn
    by Timothy Zahn

  • A New Dawn
    by John Jackson Miller

  • Jedi: Battle Scars
    by Sam Maggs

  • Servants of the Empire
    by Jason Fry, a series of children’s novels

  • Leia: Princess of Alderaan
    by Claudia Gray

  • Thrawn: Alliances
    by Timothy Zahn

  • Thrawn: Treason
    by Timothy Zahn

  • The Mighty Chewbacca in the Forest of Fearl
    by Tom Angleberger

  • Guardians of the Whills
    by Greg Rucka

  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
    by Alexander Freed

  • Bounty Hunt
    by Katrina Pallant

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Star Wars Books Set During The Original Trilogy Era

Luke Skywalker poses for the Heir To The Jedi cover

Surprisingly few Star Wars canon books have been set during the original trilogy era, which has instead mostly been explored by Marvel Comics. Claudia Gray’s Lost Stars technically begins during the Dark Times, spanning the entire Galactic Civil War before finishing a year after Return of the Jedi, but it’s included here because so much is set during the original trilogy. Sarah Kuhn’s Doctor Aphra is an audiobook adaptation of a comic book story, with significant additional material.

  • Lost Stars
    by Claudia Gray

  • Battlefront II: Inferno Squad
    by Christie Golden

  • Smuggler’s Run: A Han Solo & Chewbacca Adventure
    by Greg Rucka

  • Heir to the Jedi
    by Kevin Hearne

  • Doctor Aphra
    by Sarah Kuhn

  • The Weapon of a Jedi: A Luke Skywalker Adventure
    by Jason Fry

  • Battlefront: Twilight Company
    by Alexander Freed

  • Moving Target: A Princess Leia Adventure
    by Cecil Castellucci and Jason Fry

Star Wars Books Set Before The Sequel Trilogy

The Cover of Aftermath: Empire's end featuring a crashing Star Destroyer

The period between Return of the Jedi and the Star Wars sequel trilogy is relatively unexplored. This is partly because Lucasfilm had no concrete plans for the rise of the First Order, so didn’t want to detail anything until the sequels had been completed. Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath trilogy and Alexander Freed’s Alphabet Squadron trilogy overlap significantly.

  • The Princess & the Scoundrel
    by Beth Revis

  • Alphabet Squadron
    by Alexander Freed

  • Aftermath
    by Chuck Wendig

  • Shadow Fall
    by Alexander Freed

  • Aftermath: Life Debt
    by Chuck Wendig

  • Victory’s Price
    by Alexander Freed

  • Aftermath: Empire’s End
    by Chuck Wendig

  • Hunters: Battle for the Arena
    by Mark Oshiro

  • Last Shot
    by Daniel José Older

  • Poe Dameron: Free Fall
    by Alex Segura

  • Shadow of the Sith
    by Adam Christopher

  • Bloodline
    by Claudia Gray

  • The Legends of Luke Skywalker
    by Ken Liu

  • Before the Awakening
    by Greg Rucka

  • Phasma
    by Delilah S. Dawson

  • Force Collector
    by Kevin Shinick

  • Join the Resistance
    by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker

Books Set During The Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

Continuing through the chronology, there are several Star Wars books set during the sequel trilogy. Again, though, these are minimal in number, reflecting the various course corrections taken by Lucasfilm. The most notable is Rebecca Roanhorse’s Resistance Reborn, which resolves many of the unanswered questions from Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens
    by Alan Dean Foster

  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi
    by Jason Fry

  • Galaxy’s Edge: Black Spire
    by Delilah S. Dawson

  • Resistance Reborn
    by Rebecca Roanhorse

  • Spark of the Resistance
    by Justina Ireland

  • Pirate’s Price
    by Lou Anders

  • A Crash of Fate
    by Zoraida Córdova

  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
    by Rae Carson

Star Wars Anthologies

C-3PO and R2D2 stand beneath the moon

Finally, there are a number of Star Wars anthologies considered canon. Several of these are tales of myths and legends told across the galaxy, and so cannot be precisely placed. The From A Certain Point Of View series explore the different original trilogy movies, but it is difficult to say whether they are canon; they are omitted from the recent Star Wars: Timelines reference book, suggesting these aren’t official Star Wars canon.

  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Tales Of Light & Dark

  • From A Certain Point Of View

  • From A Certain Point Of View: The Empire Strikes Back

  • From A Certain Point Of View: Return of the Jedi

  • Myths & Fables
    by George Mann

  • Dark Legends
    by George Mann

  • Life Day Treasury
    by George Mann and Cavan Scott

  • Star Wars: Tales of Light & Life


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