As Instagram tests multiple audience lists for Stories, here’re some other highly requested features

Instagram Stories has received a significant update with the introduction of multiple audience lists. This feature will enable users to create custom lists for different groups of people, such as family, friends, coworkers, or any other category they want. Users can now share their stories with multiple lists simultaneously. It provides users with greater control and privacy over their content’s visibility. For example, a user can share a story with their family and their close friends, but not with their public followers.

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The social media giant is currently testing the feature with limited users. Up until this point, users could only share their stories with their Close Friends or all of their followers. Close Friends is a feature that Instagram introduced in 2018, that enables users to add certain friends to a list and share stories with just that group of individuals. Users with public profiles can benefit from the feature’s added privacy.

And now with the introduction of the new feature, you can create multiple audience lists and share stories with more than one list on Instagram. Adam Mosseri polled users on his broadcast channel about their interest in using the functionality. At the time of writing, 13.1k users voted ‘Yes’. Whereas 5.3k users voted ‘No, Close Friends is enough’. This suggests that users may prefer features not currently offered by Instagram or features that were once available but later removed.

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This idea encouraged me to explore features that users would like to see on this social media platform. So, let’s dive into it for information.

Some highly requested features on Instagram

So, what are some of the features that are widely requested by Instagram users? Of course, not all users agree on which features are the best or the worst for the app. Some users may like some features that others hate, and vice versa. Ultimately, Instagram has to balance the preferences of its diverse and massive user base, while also maintaining its vision and identity as a platform. So, here is a list of some of them:

1. Edit message option

Platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram give users the ability to edit their messages after sending. However, it always surprised me that Instagram could never introduce this basic functionality even after 13 years of its inception. Like me, a number of users want to be able to edit their messages on Instagram after they send them. Currently, the only option is to unsend a message, deleting it from both sides of the conversation. So, we would really like to have the option to correct typos or mistakes without having to delete the whole message.

2. Hide post feature

According to me, this feature would be a game changer. Imagine having judgmental relatives and you don’t want them to see some of your posts. With the help of this functionality, you’d easily be able to hide those posts. Currently, Instagram only lets you exclude certain people from viewing your Stories. And I really hope that we get to see this feature for the Posts soon.

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Surprisingly, it was alleged last month that Instagram now allows users to make posts for close friends only. However, the company never made any official statement regarding the same. Currently, the only option is to archive a post, removing it from your feed for everyone.

3. ‘Remove me’ feature from someone’s Close Friends list

Ever come across an acquittance and woke up one day to discover that you were on their list of ‘Close Friends’? Well, I’ve been in that awkward situation. And trust me there’s nothing you can do to opt yourself out of that list. It was only after spending a considerable amount on research, I found out that there are many other like me. Multiple users want an option that would allow them to opt out of seeing stories that are meant for a specific group of people, without having to block or unfollow the account.


4. Archive highlights feature

There are many users who want to be able to archive their highlights, which are collections of stories that appear on their profile. Currently, the only option is to delete a highlight, which removes it permanently. Users would like to have the option to save their highlights for later use or reference, without cluttering their profile.

5. Search feature for Instagram Stories view

Yes, I’m guilty. I often post stories with the hope of certain people viewing it. If there had been a search bar, Instagram could have easily allowed me to see them in my Stories views list, which would have been so much simpler. Like me, several people also want to be able to search for specific accounts while seeing their Stories views. Currently, the only way to do that is to scroll through the list, which can be time-consuming and tedious. Therefore, people would undoubtedly like to have the option to type in a name to see if that specific individual has seen their story.


6. Pin Highlights

Instagram users have the option to pin specific posts, which allows those posts to appear at the top of their profile. This feature is frequently used by users to share their most popular content or describe the essence of their profile. Some users also want to be able to pin a highlight on their profile, which would allow that particular highlight appear in the beginning of that section. This would allow them to showcase their most important or favorite highlight.

7. Ability to delete selected image from a carousel

Some users want to be able to delete one or selected image from a carousel post (a post that contains multiple images or videos that can be swiped through). Currently, the only option is to delete the whole post, which removes all the images or videos. So, it would be incredibly convenient for users to delete only one image or video from a carousel post, without affecting the rest of the post.


8. Pause reels or videos button

I find it really annoying that Instagram doesn’t let you pause a reel or a video. Currently, when I tap on a reel, it just mutes instead of pausing. I believe I’m not alone, as I’ve encountered many users requesting a feature to pause reels or videos on Instagram.

9. Hide comment section during Instagram Live

Some users want to be able to hide the comment section while watching an Instagram Live. The comment section allows viewers to interact with the broadcaster and other viewers in real time. However, some users find the comment section distracting, or annoying. Sometimes, it also covers a portion of the video streaming and makes it difficult to view it entirely. So, users would like to have the option to hide it while watching an Instagram Live video.

Features that users want Instagram to reintroduce

There are also some features that Instagram had in the past but removed for various reasons. Some users still miss these features and want them back. Here are some of them:

1. Following tab

This was a feature that allowed users to see the activity of the accounts they followed, such as what posts they liked, commented on, or followed. This feature was removed in 2019, as Instagram said it was not widely used and it wanted to simplify the app. However, some users found this feature useful or entertaining, as it allowed them to discover new content or see what their friends or celebrities were interested in.


2. Map feature

This feature allowed users to see a map of where they had posted photos or videos. This feature was removed in 2016. However, some users liked this feature, as it allowed them to see their travel history. The feature also gave users a sense of nostalgia every time they looked at the map to see the places they had been to.

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3. Ability to send comments via DMs

There was once a time when Instagram users could send comments from posts to other users via direct messages. However, this feature was removed in 2020. By looking at various reports, several users enjoyed this feature, as it allowed them to share their opinions or jokes with their friends privately.


As Instagram tests and introduces new features, it remains committed to meeting the diverse needs of its users. The exploration of multiple audience lists for Stories on Instagram is just one example of the company’s dedication to innovation. But by considering and implementing the highly requested features mentioned above, Instagram has the potential to further solidify its status as a user-centric social media platform.

In the meantime, users can enjoy the existing features on the app, including the new Instagram multiple audience lists for stories, while hoping for the platform to consider their feedback and requests.

Please leave your suggestions in the comments below if there are any other features you would like Instagram to add to the platform.

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