Chantel Everett Almost Didn’t Film The Family Chantel Season 5 For This Tragic Reason


  • Chantel almost didn’t film The Family Chantel season 5 because she was unsure about getting “vulnerable” on camera during her divorce with Pedro.
  • Pedro and Chantel had no communication while filming and were only able to talk in front of the cameras.
  • Pedro’s actions, including divorcing Chantel immediately after getting his green card, made fans question if he had been faking his emotions throughout their relationship.

Chantel Everett is revealing the heartbreaking reason why she almost didn’t film The Family Chantel season 5. Chantel is a 31-year-old from Atlanta who first starred in 90 Day Fiancé season 4 with Pedro Jimeno, 32. Chantel and Pedro were deeply in love with each other in 2016, but their relationship slowly began to crumble once they got their own spin-off. There were visible changes in Pedro’s personality. The official demise of Chantel and Pedro’s marriage happened seven years later in The Family Chantel season 4. As soon as Pedro settled in the United States, he grew distant from his wife until he eventually filed for divorce.

Chantel revealed a shocking behind-the-scenes secret about her relationship with Pedro during her interview with Dish Nation.

Chantel shared the video on Instagram where the interviewers asked her how she felt while filming the final season. “Did you have to be convinced to go through your divorce on television?” they asked Chantel. She replied, “It was a hard decision.Chantel admitted she didn’t know if she was ready to get “vulnerable like that,” on camera. Chantel asked if she could be “transparent” with her hosts and confessed that when they were filming, Pedro was still living with her, but they weren’t talking to each other in the house.

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Chantel & Pedro’s Family Chantel Relationship Explained

90 Day Fiancé Chantel & Pedro

Chantel confirmed there was no communication between her and Pedro while they filmed despite their living together in the same house. “It was the silent treatment,” she admitted. According to Chantel, the only time Pedro would talk to her was in front of the cameras. “Why you had that man living with you?” a fan asked Chantel in the comments. They told Chantel that she was a good person but should still have set boundaries by not allowing people to take advantage of her. “I seen last night’s epsiode. It hurt to see you so stressed and with anxiety,” wrote someone else.

Pedro seemed like he had only married Chantel for the Green Card when he divorced her immediately after qualifying for permanent residency in the U.S. Pedro hurting Chantel made fans wonder if he had been faking his emotions throughout the relationship. While Chantel supported Pedro’s ambitions, he was ungrateful and a total user. He couldn’t even tell Chantel the truth about why he’d suddenly fallen out of love with her. Pedro put himself first all the time. His one true love was the American Dream. Chantel’s family believed he’d scammed their daughter and was a sanky-panky.

Chantel also believed that Pedro was cheating on her. Pedro broke Chantel’s heart by deceiving her. It must have been painful for her to live under the same roof with the man she once loved and not be able to even talk to him and find a solution. It makes sense why The Family Chantel season 5 is the last season of the franchise spin-off. Chantel needs to be able to move on and get closure. Perhaps she could do so by taking some time off reality TV and heal from the pain Pedro gave her until she feels ready to be emotionally available.

The Family Chantel airs on TLC on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.

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