Cow Identity Prediction & Clues


  • Cow, one of the mystery celebrity singers on The Masked Singer season 10, is a man despite his womanly appearance.
  • Cow delivers powerful performances, showcasing a wide vocal range and engaging stage presence.
  • The clues suggest that Cow is a successful musician and performer, someone with Grammy awards and a significant career in the industry.



The Masked Singer season 10 features 16 mystery celebrity singers, and Cow is one of them, with many clues to the bovine singer’s identity. The reality competition series welcomes back host Nick Cannon, along with panelists Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Scherzinger. In one of the biggest unmaskings in the show’s history, Demi Lovato was revealed to be Anonymouse during The Masked Singer season 10 premiere.

During The Masked Singer season 10 Group A finals on Disco Night, Cow competed against Gazelle and S’More. He easily won his spot in the season finale, while Gazelle was saved by the Ding Dong Keep It On Bell. S’More was eliminated and revealed to be Ashley Parker Angel. He joined his fellow unmasked Group A finalists, Anthony Anderson (Rubber Ducky), Tom Sandoval (Diver), and Michael Rapaport (Pickle). Here are the clues and identity guesses for Cow.

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Cow’s First Performance & Clues

Although Cow looks like a woman, dressed like a 1950s diner waitress, complete with an apron and red glasses, his voice indicates that he’s most likely actually a man. Cow sang a powerful version of “Bones” by Imagine Dragons, and commanded the stage through his entire performance. His voice has incredible range, as it soared on the high notes. Cow danced during his performance, getting the crowd going.

Cow’s clue package began in black and white in a kitchen. He said, “Cows like me don’t often make it out of their pen. When I was younger, I felt destined to stay home and live out a simple life in black and white.” The camera then zoomed in on a package that read, “All New! Two-Step Coffee. Step 1: Add coffee. Step 2: Add sugar.” Cow continued, “But I always knew I wanted to stand out. I had big dreams of being a big star, but I used to have a little trouble handling my emotions, until I discovered I could write, and leave whatever I was feeling on the page.”

The camera then panned across a shelf that had some books, and a calendar turned to July 4. Cow pulled out a book with the title, “Classic Culinary Cuisine for Cows,” and turned to a page with a recipe for “Classic Cow Cake.” The ingredients were “flour, sugar, milk, eggs, butter, vanilla, baking powder, and heavy cream.” The scene then turned to color as The Masked Singer season 10 contestant announced, “After that, everything changed. The gift eventually led me to number one.”

Cow began to dance around the kitchen gathering ingredients for a cake. The retro pink refrigerator had a magnet that said, “Welcome to fantastic Las Vegas.” Cow continued, “I won Grammys, traveled the world. I made hit after hit after hit. I guess you could say, I was kinda my own cash cow. Anyway, I was always meant to live my life in color, and I’m bringing that same energy to the stage because you’re about to see there’s no one like me.” Cow then pulled a strawberry cake out of the oven, with a pilot’s wings as a decoration on the top.

After Cow’s performance, another clue was revealed about him. The clue was a container of popcorn with a movie ticket that read, “Blockbuster Movie.” Cow explained, “One of the better things known about me all started with a moooo-vie.”

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Cow’s NFL Night Performance & Clues

For NFL Night, Cow sang a rousing rendition of Bruno Mars’ “Treasure,” singing and dancing. Cow’s clue package began with him saying, “Last week was utterly fantastic, and I’m excited to make it this far with the cream of the crop.” Cow revealed some information about his family, saying, “Tonight I’m honored to be part of NFL Night, even though I don’t have many memories of watching the big game with my dad. He wasn’t really around, and I didn’t have a lot of positive male role models growing up.” The camera then panned to a pair of red boxing gloves with a gold down arrow on one of them.

Cow continued, “I was raised in a house of all women, who made me the sensitive Cow that I am.” Cow then looked at a picture of himself as a child, posing with a grown-up Cow wearing a hat that resembles Mickey Mouse’s Sorcerer’s Apprentice hat. Cow also revealed that he’s a father. He said, “Now, as a parent, I know the value of being present for my children. I’ve always achieved a lot of success in my life, but my greatest accomplishment has always been my kids.”

Cow was shown with three young cows. There was a piece of paper with a red heart drawn in crayon, along with crayons scattered on the paper. He shared, “It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by the smoke and mirrors of fame, but I told myself early on that I am a family cow first. So when I get on that stage, I’ll be thinking of them and treasuring every single moment.”

After Cow’s performance, The Masked Singer season 8 contestant Le’Veon Bell (Milkshake), brought out another clue. It was a pair of black tap shoes, carried out in a giant purple bowl with a gold star on it. Cow explained, “Much like a Super Bowl Half Time show, I am known for my killer moooo-ves.” He then showed off some of his dance moves.


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Cow’s 2000s Night Performance & Clues

On The Masked Singer season 10 2000s Night, Cow sang a very impressive version of Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River.” He began his clue package by saying, “I am so over-the-moon after last week’s performance, and I feel absolutely psyched to be here for the 2000s Night because that’s the decade it all started for me.” Cow explained, “My friends and I decided to pack up a van and head to the Capitol Records building in Hollywood, determined to get a record deal.” A newspaper titled, “Daily Moos,” with the headlines “Dairy Today” and “International Ewes” was then shown.

As Cow looked back at photographs in an album of himself and an olive green and cream van, he continued, “We pulled into the parking lot and started performing on top of the van, convinced we’d get signed. Instead, security kicked us off the property.” A judge’s gavel was then shown. Cow went on to say, “But we kept coming back, every single day. While we didn’t make it then, today my picture hangs in the Capitol Records hall, and the bigwigs see me all the time.” Cow then looked at a photo of the Capitol Records building.

Cow concluded his clue package by saying, “Now with the group finals in sight, I am bringing that same determination because one thing’s for sure: this Cow isn’t coming home any time soon. Moo!” During this statement, a cake that said, “Happy Birthday,” with one lit candle was shown. Cow then blew out the candle.

After Cow’s performance, The Office star Kate Flannery brought out one last clue. It was a banner with a cow-print background with the word, “Moooosical,” printed in light blue letters. Cow explained, “Well, the 2000s were really, really good to me, so much in fact that I got to star in a moooo-sical.” Cow then jokingly added, “‘Cause I’m a Cow. Moo? Moo-sical?”


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Cow’s Disco Night (Group A Finals) Performances & Clues

The Masked Singer Season 10's Cow singing

During The Masked Singer Group A finals, which were on Disco Night, Cow performed “Ring My Bell” by Anita Ward. He began his clue package by saying, “Getting everyone up and moving on 2000s Night was such a blast. I’m so thrilled to be in the Group A finals.” The setting for the clue package was an ice cream parlor. Cow was sitting at table with two ice cream sundaes and toppings, with a sign that read, “Cow Ice Cream,” above it. Another table with many other ice cream cones and toppings was also in the scene.

There was also a photograph of Cow and his mom. Cow was asked, “Who has been your biggest supporter on this journey?” He replied, “My mom is the strongest person I’ve, like, ever met. She’s been my foundation forever, and she still is. Growing up, I recall my mom having, like, seven jobs at one time. Like literally coming home from one long enough to eat a sandwich, and then on to the next one.” At that point, the camera panned to a traffic light with the red light lit up.

Cow continued, “Watching her struggle was hard, so it was always my dream to find a way to take care of her in the way she took care of me. And the day I was able to support her with my music was the day I felt like I really made it.” As Cow said this, he caught a silver and black football, which was tossed to him. He continued, “If I learned nothing from her, it’s that you can fall a million times, but if you get up a million and one, you’re still in the race. That advice has been the secret to my success, and I’m channeling it tonight to make it into the finale.”

After Cow’s performance, another clue was revealed, which was the Masked Singer panelist that Cow was connected with. The clue was a sign that said, “Husband.” Cow spoke to Jenny and said, “Not my husband. Your husband, Jenny. Listen, this Cow is absolutely a lady. However, I have spent some time with your hubby.” Jenny’s husband is New Kids on the Block singer and actor Donnie Wahlberg.

After S’More was unmasked and revealed to be actor and singer Ashley Parker Angel, Cow went head-to-head with Gazelle in the Battle Royale. They both sang “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor. Although they were both very impressive, Cow won the Battle Royale and moved directly into the season finale. However, Ken rang the Ding Dong Keep It On Bell at the last minute before Gazelle’s unmasking and saved her from elimination. Therefore, they both moved on to the season finale.

Cow’s Identity Prediction

After Cow’s first performance, Jenny guessed Shawn Stockman from Boyz II Men because he has a biopic coming out, and the group has had a Las Vegas residency and won a lot of Grammys. However, Nicole didn’t agree. Jenny was also thinking of Usher. Nicole put the clues together to guess Leslie Odom Jr. because of the July 4 clue that might be a Hamilton reference. Robin said that whoever Cow was, they were definitely a pro, and had been on stage their whole life.

On NFL Night, the panelists guessed many different R&B singers for Cow’s identity. Nicole mentioned Usher, while Robin guessed Trey Songz, and Ne-Yo. Jenny wondered if Cow could be Mario, but he doesn’t have kids. She then guessed Nelly, but Nicole didn’t know if Nelly could sing like that. She then said Cow could be Jason Derulo, who can sing, dance, and has a child. Nick mentioned that clearly Cow knows him because he kept picking on him.

On 2000s Night, Nicole declared that Cow was “somebody big.” Robin guessed that Cow might be Mario, Ne-Yo, and Jason Derulo, all of whom appeared in musicals. Mario was in Rent: Live, Ne-Yo was in The Wiz Live!, and Jason starred in the Cats feature film. Robin thought that Cow’s vocals sounded like Ne-Yo to him. Nicole said that she was thinking the same thing, but when she thought of musicals, she thought of Taye Diggs, who was not only in musicals, but starred in the early 2000s show Kevin Hill, about a lawyer, which would explain the judge’s gavel.

On Disco Night, the Masked Singer panelists had even more guesses for Cow. Jenny noted that Donnie toured with Nelly, but asked Robin for help. Robin guessed Ne-Yo because New Kids on the Block had a song called “Single” with Ne-Yo. Nicole agreed that Ne-Yo has a beautiful tone that was similar to Cow’s. Nick didn’t think that Cow was giving him Ne-Yo vibes, and said that he wasn’t him. Ken then stood up and said that he knew exactly who Cow was – Usher. Nicole didn’t think it was a bad guess.

Cow is a seasoned performer, who will have some more clues revealed about him because he made it through to The Masked Singer season 10 finale. He’s sure to deliver his best performance yet during that episode as he competes for The Golden Mask versus Gazelle and the finalists from Groups B and C. As a Masked Singer preview stated, Cow is “legen-dairy.”

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EDT on FOX.


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