Daredevil’s Super-Senses Just Got Their Darkest Upgrade of All Time


Warning: Spoilers for Daredevil #1!Marvel’s last Daredevil run, helmed by Chip Zdarsky, ended with the title character waltzing into Hell as the Hand of God, in order to save his friends. He succeeded, but was presumed dead when he didn’t return with them. As his new series reveals, Matt Murdock has somehow resurfaced among the living, appearing on Earth as a priest, with his memories as Daredevil completely wiped from his mind.



Daredevil #1 – by Saladin Ahmed, Aaron Kuder, Jesus Aburtov, and VC’s Clayton Cowles – finds the memories starting to return, along with a horrifying upgrade to the hero’s powers, which will radically alter him as a character moving forward.

Daredevil Religious

Having returned from Hell itself, the new Daredevil run reveals the character’s newest ability: the ability to see demons who are posesssing human beings.

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Daredevil Can See Demons Through Their Hosts

Father Matthew Murdock sees Daredevil Elektra possessed by a demon

In Daredevil #1, readers discover that Matt Murdoch’s partner and love, Elektra, has been watching Matt from afar. However, on the night the issue depicts, Elektra finds herself possessed by a demon. The demon enters Matt’s room that night, and somehow, Father Murdoch immediately recognizes it through Elektra’s vessel. Upon first glance, Matthew can tell that he’s staring at a demon. Even when he doesn’t completely remember Elektra herself, he can see that something is off about this person standing in front of him. Thanks to his enhanced senses, Matt can see the demon for who they are behind the vessel.

Daredevil’s New Upgrade Will Come in Handy Soon Enough

Daredevil Elektra is possessed by a demon

“I sense Satan’s presence,” Matt’s interior monologue explains to readers in Daredevil #1. “With the strange senses God has given me, I ‘see’ this devil’s horns and claws. I can hear death in its heartbeat.” It is immediately clear that this ability is more than simply a part of his memory recalling Elektra and recognizing something’s off. When the issue’s art portrays Matt’s perspective, the demon’s true form is silhouetted behind Elektra. Upon losing his sight as a child, Matt’s senses were heightened, allowing him to “see” differently than others. Daredevil #1 establishes that his enhanced sight allows him to see far more than what has been previously showcased in Daredevil lore.

His new ability to actually see demons inhabiting their human hosts serves as the natural evolution of his super-sight, following his trip through Hell. In any case, the new upgrade could not have arrived with better timing for Matt Murdock. After Matt is able to exorcise the demon from Elektra, the demon makes it clear he won’t be the only supernatural antagonist gunning for Daredevil, taunting that, “the others are gonna be a hell of a lot harder.” While fighting demons is a new challenge that Daredevil will need to adjust to, this new upgrade at least allows him to see them coming before they strike.

Daredevil #1 is available now from Marvel Comics.


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