DC Officially Teases a Huge Fall for the Titans

The Titans tried living up to the Justice League’s example, but the harrowing events of “Beast World” are set to erode trust in the team forever.


  • The Titans’ reputation is taking a major hit as the world turns against them, with angry protesters and defaced posters branding them as traitors.
  • After the events of Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Titans became the leading superhero team, taking on global concerns. However, the upcoming Beast World crossover sees Beast Boy creating a crisis.
  • Amanda Waller may end up leaking details of Beast Boy’s involvement to undermine the Titans and advance her goal of eliminating superhumans.



The Titans’ efforts to replace the Justice League aren’t going as well as the team would have hoped. Nightwing and his allies have done everything they could to be the heroes the world needs. But upcoming events are set to turn the public against the DC Universe’s leading superhero team, possibly for good.

DC Comics’ latest batch of solicitations is giving fans a look at what they can expect in February of 2024. The events of the Titans-oriented crossover “Beast World” are over and the team has thankfully survived the experience. Unfortunately, their reputation is going to be taking a major hit. Covers for Titans #8 hint that the world is turning on the heroes. The main cover by Dan Mora sees the team being confronted by angry protesters in front of Titans Tower. Meanwhile, a variant by Taurin Clarke and Tirso Cons shows a Titans poster that has been heavily defaced with the team branded as ‘traitors’.

Titans 8 Cover DC

  • Titans #8
  • Release Date: February 20th, 2024
  • Writer: Tom Taylor
  • Artist: Stephen Segovia
  • Cover Artist: Dan Mora
  • Variant Cover Artists: Taurin Clark, Tirrso COns, Ricardo Lopez Ortiz, Dan Mora, Nikolas Draper-Ivy
  • The Titans are not the same heroes they were when Beast World began. Can this team hold the world together after everything they’ve been through? Can these friends unite against strengthening enemies hellbent on tearing them apart? Or will they crumble in the face of a new world order?

The World is Turning Against the Titans in New Covers

Titans 8 Variant Cover DC

After the events of Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Justice League decided to disband and make way for the next generation of heroes. The Titans became the leading superhero team in the DCU, and they didn’t take that lightly. They began taking on global concerns such as the illegal destruction of the Borneo rainforests or the newly revamped Brother Blood (now calling himself Brother Eternity). The Titans have done a lot in their short time and they’ve already drawn the attention of Amanda Waller, who isn’t exactly happy about young heroes taking on such an influential role in the world.

Though the Titans are doing a good job, things are seriously about to go off the rails in the upcoming “Beast World” crossover. To stop an invading alien, Beast Boy is going to become a Starro the Conqueror-like monster to save the Earth. Unfortunately, he’s also going to lose control and accidentally release spores that turn the DCU into a world of animal/human hybrids. While the world survives the experience, it seems like Beast Boy’s role in the event is going to become public knowledge. Instead of being seen as heroes, the Titans are about to be looked upon by the public as monsters.

The Titans’ New Mission is Set For Failure

Titans Beast World DC

It would certainly fit Amanda Waller’s MO to leak details of Beast Boy’s involvement in the upcoming “Beast World” events. Discovering that a hero created a crisis instead of resolving one would certainly be a blow to Garfield Logan, if not the entire team’s good standing. Undermining the team also suits Waller because it fits into her overall goal of trying to eliminate the Earth’s superhumans. It’s certainly going to be hard for the team to get the public back on their side after discovering what Gar’s done. Depending on how much damage “Beast Boy” does during “Beast World”, he could be responsible for damaging the Titans’ reputation for good.

Titans #8 will be available from DC Comics on February 20th, 2024.


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