Disney Lorcana: Into The Inklands

The third card set for Disney Lorcana has been revealed. Titled Into The Inklands, the upcoming expansion for the TCG will be releasing early next year. New cards, special sets, and accessories have also been officially revealed, and for the first time ever, Location cards will be coming to Lorcana, allowing players’ glimmers to visit popular locales from Disney’s properties.



Disney Lorcana: Into The Inklands is packed full of ’90s nostalgia – new cards include those from TaleSpin and DuckTales. New cards will also include those from Treasure Planet and 101 Dalmatians. While new mats feature Disney Lorcana regulars Moana and Stitch, a portion of this third set of cards will have a focus on dogs – from Mickey’s pal Pluto to Dalmatian matriarch Perdita. As usual, this latest expansion can be used to update current decks or as a jumping-off point for newcomers. To help new players, two new Starter Decks will also be arriving for Into The Inklands.

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Disney Lorcana: Into The Inklands Release Date Info

Disney Lorcana: Into the Inklands Logo showing the title of the new expansion in yellow with a tan background.

Disney Lorcana: Into The Inklands will release on March 8, 2024. However, as per usual, the set will be released early in hobby stores and local game shops. The early access period for Into the Inklands is February 23, 2024. This follows the typical schedule of early access starting about two weeks prior to an official and wider launch. The new set will be released with accessories like new playmats, deck boxes, card sleeves, and more. There will also be two Starter Decks, a new Illumineer’s Trove, and a special Gift Set – along with the usual booster packs that include 12 random cards.

Into The Inklands Prices: New Items, Decks, & Accessories

Disney Lorcana: Into The Inklands Stitch Playmat and Deck Boxes showing off Scrooge McDuck and Robin Hood.

The full pricing for the new items and sets from Into The Inklands can be found below:

Disney Lorcana Item


Starter Decks

$16.99 each

Illumineer’s Trove


Booster Pack

$5.99 each

Gift Set


Card Sleeves

$9.99 each

Deck Boxes

$5.99 each

Card Portfolios

$19.99 each


$19.99 each

The two new Starer Decks will be focused on combos of Amber/Emerald and Sapphire/Ruby. Peter Pan and Pongo with puppies are featured on the Amber/Emerald box, while Moana and Scrooge McDuck are found on the Sapphire/Ruby box. The booster packs feature artwork of Jafar, Piglet, and Mickey Mouse and the deck boxes show off Robin Hood and Scrooge McDuck. The two playmats revealed have artwork of Moana and Stitch.

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New Cards In Disney Lorcana: Into The Inklands

Disney Lorcana: Into The Inklands Forbidden Mountain card: A purple card showing off Maleficen'ts Castle.

There are over 200 new cards in Disney Lorcana: Into the Inklands. These cards will include new artwork for recurring characters like Mickey Mouse, Moana, Stitch, and Pongo. However, they’ll also include new cards for characters like Scrooge McDuck from DuckTales and Kit from TaleSpin. Jim Hawkins and the RLS Legacy crew from Treasure Planet have also been confirmed. Of course, Into The Inklands will also feature Location cards for the first time. This will allow glimmers to visit iconic locales like Maleficent’s Castle (pictured above), Motonui from Moana, and the Jolly Roger from Peter Pan.

The third set of Disney Lorcana looks promising already, and the addition of Location cards sounds great. The new set will be released on March 8, 2024, with early access in hobby stores beginning on February 23. As a reminder, cards from the first two sets – The First Chapter and Rise of the Floodborn – are not required to start playing the TCG, as Disney Lorcana: Into The Inklands also works as a starting point for newcomers.

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