Frasier Reboot’s Kevin Costner Joke Creates A Weird Kelsey Grammer Paradox

Warning! Spoilers ahead for the Frasier reboot episode 6.​​​​​​




  • Frasier’s love life takes center stage in the reboot as he navigates dating after his breakup with Charlotte.
  • The Frasier reboot reveals a mysterious gap in Frasier’s Chicago years and his breakup with Charlotte.
  • The mention of Kevin Costner in the episode creates a paradox in the Frasier universe, hinting at deeper meaning and similarities between Costner and Kelsey Grammer.

The Frasier reboot episode 6 creates a weird Kelsey Grammer paradox because of a Kevin Costner joke. Everyone’s favorite snobby psychiatrist has returned to Boston as a Harvard educator. As he embarks on this third and final act, Frasier’s love life is also going to be a focal point in the new series, especially on the heels of his break-up with Charlotte. With his new job and dynamic with Freddy effectively established, the Frasier reboot begins to delve deeper into the specifics of its titular character’s narrative as he gets himself back out there in the hopes of finding his life partner.

Not much has been revealed about the life that the lovable elitist lived in Chicago. That includes why Charlotte left Frasier after being together for years. For what it’s worth, he appears as if he has finally moved on from the breakup, as evidenced by his eagerness to get back to the dating scene once Eve offers to set him up with a friend. The whole episode titled “Blind Date” is reminiscent of classic Frasier as Freddy and his father pine for the same woman. Unsurprisingly, no one wants to back down, kickstarting a hilarious competition between the pair.

Frasier Reboot’s Kevin Costner Joke Breaks Frasier’s Universe (Because Of Swing Vote)

Bud and Boone aboard Air Force One in Swing Vote

Freddy and Frasier secretly one-up each other in front of the common object of their desire, June, in the Frasier reboot episode 6. That includes slyly asking her about celebrity crushes, leading to Frasier being compared to Kevin Costner. This effectively confirms that the Dance with Wolves actor exists in the Cheers/Frasier universe. This effectively creates a Grammer paradox, considering that the actor once co-starred with Costner before in the 2008 comedy-drama, Swing Vote. The Joshua Michael Stern-directed movie saw Costner’s Bud having to decide the presidential elections between Republican candidate, Grammer’s Boone and his Democratic rival, Greenleaf, played by Dennis Hopper.

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The Deeper Meaning Of Frasier’s Kevin Costner Reference

Frasier smirking in the Frasier reboot episode 6

The Frasier reboot could have used any other older actor to compare Grammer’s character to in “Blind Date”, so choosing Costner seems intentional. In any case, there are clearly similarities between Grammer and Costner. For starters, both were big stars in the ’90s who found massive career resurgence in the last few years. Costner, in particular, has successfully entered the TV realm with Taylor Sheridan and John Linson’s Yellowstone — a neo-Western drama that sees the actor as John Dutton III.

Meanwhile, after years of trying to get Frasier Crane back to the small screen, Grammer has finally stepped back into the shoes of arguably his most famous role via the Frasier reboot. Depending on the success of the first season, the actor may be looking at more seasons of the revival at Paramount+. His return to the Marvel universe as Beast is another exciting development that has the potential to develop into a bigger role moving forward.

The Frasier reboot airs new episodes every Thursday on Paramount+.


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