Furiosa’s Trailer Proves George Miller’s Mad Max Recast Decision Was 100% Correct


  • Furiosa’s trailer confirms that Anya Taylor-Joy is a great fit for the role, capturing Furiosa’s intensity and hunger for revenge.
  • The trailer reveals intriguing character beats and moments, hinting at the potential storyline of the prequel movie.
  • George Miller’s decision to recast Furiosa instead of using CGI was logical, considering his preference for practical effects and the potential impact on the film’s budget and quality.



Furiosa‘s trailer confirms that George Miller was right on the money with his recasting choices for the prequel movie. Serving as the fifth installment in the Mad Max movie franchise, Furiosa, as its title suggests, will focus on the backstory of Charlize Theron’s character from Mad Max: Fury Road. As its storyline reveals, it will walk through all the trials and tribulations the character will face after getting separated from the Green Place of Many Mothers and getting caught in a gruesome battle between two warlords.

Furiosa‘s trailer makes several revelations about the movie’s story. For instance, it confirms that even though Chris Hemsworth’s villain character looks like Immortan Joe, he is actually a warlord named Dementus. The trailer is packed with many other interesting details that hint at what audiences can expect from the prequel movie without giving away the entire plot. Owing to this, many elements surrounding the movie’s overarching narrative remain shrouded in mystery. However, one thing is evident from the trailer itself: George Miller’s recasting choice was 100% correct.


Furiosa’s CGI Backlash: Why It Looks Different To Fury Road & Is It Really A Problem?

Furiosa’s trailer has dropped, but instead of being hyped as a worthy prequel to Fury Road, it is receiving backlash for its CGI use – here’s why.

Why George Miller Recast Furiosa With Anya Taylor-Joy, Rather Than De-aging Charlize Theron

In an interview (via The New York Times), George Miller opened up about why he decided to recast Anya Taylor-Joy as Furiosa instead of using CGI to de-age Charlize Theron. He revealed that the thought of de-aging was in the back of his head “for the longest time.” However, the de-aging in The Irishman convinced him that there was still “an uncanny valley” effect to it that made it seem unusual. He also cited the example of Japanese video gamers who have been trying to solve the de-aging problem, but despite all the efforts, it is still not even close to being as convincing as it should be.

George Miller is known for incorporating minimal CGI in his movies. As he once revealed, 90% of Mad Max: Fury Road‘s action was an outcome of practical effects. Considering how Miller relies on practical effects to make his films look as realistic and immersive as possible, it would not have stylistically made sense for him to portray a de-aged version of Charlize Theron. De-aging Charlize Theron would also have bloated the film’s budget and post-production time, which ultimately could have impacted its overall quality. While these factors highlight how recasting Furiosa was a logical decision, Anya Taylor-Joy’s portrayal of the character in the trailer further cements it.

Furiosa is scheduled to release on 24 May 2024 in theaters.

Furiosa’s Trailer Confirms Anya Taylor-Joy Will Be Great As Furiosa

Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth as Furiosa and Dementus in the Furiosa Mad Max prequel

As the movie’s trailer reveals, Anya Taylor-Joy perfectly captures Furiosa’s intensity and her hunger to seek revenge after she gets separated from her home. The trailer has many intriguing moments that walk through all the potential character beats the prequel movie will present. Chris Hemsworth, too, briefly takes the limelight with his offbeat accent and unrecognizable demeanor as Dementus. However, the most memorable scenes in Furiosa‘s trailer are the ones where Anya Taylor-Joy takes center stage and impressively immerses herself in the titular role, confirming that she was the perfect casting choice for Young Furiosa.

Sources: The New York Times

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