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Gen V welcomes six The Boys characters to the cast – but Homelander isn’t one


Gen V reunites audiences with a selection of The Boys characters while bringing audiences some exciting new faces to familiarize themselves with. HITC offers a list of the characters you can expect to recognize from their time on the original superhero series that soared onto screens in 2019.

Developed by Craig Rosenberg, Evan Goldberg, and Eric Kripke, the American superhero series Gen V is similarly based on The Boys comics and serves as a spin-off from the Amazon Prime Video series. Episodes begin premiering on Prime on Friday, September 29th 2023, and with them, you can anticipate the return of some fan favorites and beyond. Who are The Boys characters in Gen V?

Jaz Sinclair as Marie Moreau and Lizze Broadway as Emma Meyer look at a laptop in their dorm room in Gen V
The Boys: Gen V/Brooke Palmer/Amazon Studios Press

The Boys characters in Gen V

Six characters from The Boys are confirmed for Gen V cameos, with the latest spin-off taking place at the same time as The Boys season 4:

Adam Bourke (played by P.J. Byrne): The director of Dawn Of The Seven is back to make an appearance in Gen V, and we can likely expect more subversion and satire on the state of the MCU to arrive along with him.

Soldier Boy / Ben (played by Jensen Ackles): Next up, former leader of the Vought-sponsored super-team Payback, Soldier Boy, will reprise his The Boys role in some capacity, so be sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for his return.

A-Train / Reggie (played by Jessie T. Usher): Continuing the trend of recognizable supes entering the fold, the high-speed fan-favorite—a tricky term in the context of The Boys—is back with Jessie returning in the A-Train part.

Ashley Barrett (played by Colby Minifie): The Senior Vice President of Hero Management for Vought International is also making a return to screens in this new series, her inclusion likely to facilitate the arrival of new characters associated with Vought International.

The Deep / Kevin Moskowitz (played by Chace Crawford): You want more familiar supes?
You’ve got them with The Deep, arguably one of the wildest characters in the show. It remains to be seen if he shares the screen with any octopus, but the previous season of The Boys certainly acted as ample warning nevertheless.

Victoria Neuman (played by Claudia Doumit): Last but not least we also have Victoria back, an antagonist from The Boys who has also been coined The Head Popper. The congresswoman and anti-supe activist will cameo, and you can expect to see her and all of the above before the season concludes.

‘Gen V has some really crazy s**t in it’

Executive producer Seth Rogen recently discussed during an interview with Empire just how far Gen V goes with its content

“Gen V has some really crazy s**t in it. The fact that they’re in college, they’re a little younger, makes it more shocking maybe,” he explained.

“In general, if you’re making an R-rated thing, they let you do whatever the f**k you want, unless there’s some real legal thing that they think you might be bumping against. With The Boys, maybe it requires one extra five-minutes phone call, where they’re like, ‘Really?’, and you’re like, ‘Really.’”

He added: “There are other things you’re on hours of phone calls about that are so much less interesting than that.”

Gen V begins streaming on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, September 29th 2023.

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