Green Lantern’s New Red Lantern Is the Most Powerful in Franchise History


  • The newest Red Lantern recruit in Green Lantern #6 is the most powerful in franchise history, posing a challenge even to Atrocitus.
  • The surprising choice of Sinestro joining the Red Lanterns raises questions about why he would give up leadership positions in other Corps.
  • If Sinestro has indeed joined the Red Lanterns, he has the potential to become their most powerful member and a threat to Green Lanterns everywhere.



Warning: contains potential spoilers for Green Lantern #6!

The newest Red Lantern in the Green Lantern mythos is the most powerful in franchise history. The rage-fueled Red Lanterns have been largely absent from the pages of Green Lantern in recent years, but in issue six they make a grand return with a brand-new recruit. This surprising new recruit, familiar to long time Green Lantern fans, will give even Atrocitus a run for his money.

League of Comic Geeks provided a first look at Green Lantern #6, which will be written by Jeremy Adams and drawn by Xermanico, who also provides the cover. The solicitation reads as follows:

HAL JORDAN VS. SINESTRO—NOW MORE DANGEROUS THAN EVER! It’s come down to this! Hal Jordan, Earth’s Green Lantern, finally faces off against his former mentor, Sinestro, whose power to instill fear has been replaced with an elemental rage that could level the planet he once swore to protect.

The book’s primary cover, shared below, shows Sinestro wielding a Red Lantern ring, along with many other Lanterns from across the Emotional Spectrum. The cover also shows Carol Ferris, the former leader of the Star Sapphires as well.

The Red Lanterns Were a Fearsome Threat

Green Lantern 6 Preview Cover 1

Introduced during the buildup to 2009’s The Blackest Night, the Red Lanterns represented anger and rage and were led by the fearsome Atrocitus. The first being to harness the power of the red light, Atrocitus created the Red Lantern Corps. To wear a Red Lantern ring was to shed your humanity and surrender completely to rage. Removing the ring did no good either, as doing so would kill the wearer and only the light of a Blue Lantern could stop it. The Red Lanterns were also notable for the red, acidic bile they spit on their victims—as well as having an Earth cat for a member.

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Why Has Sinestro Joined the Red Lanterns?

Green Lantern 6 Preview Cover 2

Green Lantern 6 Preview Cover 3

Sinestro is a surprising choice to join the Red Lanterns. As DC laid the foundation for The Blackest Night, Sinestro formed his own Corps, named after himself and possessing the yellow light of fear. The original Red Lanterns, despite their nature, had a deep hatred for Sinestro. Many of the original Red Lanterns were victims of the Sinestro Corps. The solicitation did not state why Sinestro was suddenly joining the Red Lanterns, but the reason cannot be good. Sinestro was once a leader, both in the Green Lantern Corps and his own, leading fans to wonder why he would trade that in for submission to Atrocitus.

Will Sinestro Be The New Leader of the Red Lanterns?

Green Lantern 6 Preview Cover 4

Green Lantern 6 Preview Cover 5

However, if Sinestro has indeed joined the Red Lanterns, then perhaps something has happened to Atrocitus. Whatever the reason for joining, Sinestro will be their most powerful member. Having already wielded two colors on the Emotional Spectrum, there is no reason to doubt Sinestro will also master the light of rage as well. The solicitation revealed that Sinestro’s rage is so great it could destroy planets, demonstrating an awareness of power that not even Atrocitus had. Sinestro has the potential to be the most powerful Red Lantern of all, capable of defeating even Green Lantern.

Source: League of Comic Geeks

Green Lantern #6 is on sale December 12 from DC Comics!


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