Handmade Iron Man Cosplay Recreates Tony Stark’s Armor Using Only Aluminum


  • Iron Man’s “suitcase” armor, made entirely out of aluminum, is brought to life in impressive cosplay images by u/Ironcostumes.
  • u/Ironcostumes is known for their professional metalwork skills and creating homemade Iron Man costumes that are exceptionally comic and film-accurate.
  • The all-aluminum design of u/Ironcostumes’ Iron Man cosplay raises the bar for homemade suits and carves out a unique place in the cosplay community.



Marvel’s iconic Avenger, Iron Man, has built himself more sets of armor over the decades than what’s probably necessary, with each new iteration bringing unique and powerful upgrades to Tony Stark’s always-evolving repertoire of offensive and defensive capabilities. And now, in a series of creative cosplay images, Iron Man’s “suitcase” armor is brought to life with a twist that would make Shellhead proud: it’s made entirely out of aluminum!

A cosplay recreation shared on social media via Reddit and posted to a few different channels by username u/Ironcostumes, this account is all about giving fans impressive Iron Man-centric outfits that nail the character’s look and feel while putting their professional metalwork skills to the test by creating homemade designs second to none.

Having developed various versions of Iron Man’s armor like his multiple MCU suits, a unique character mash-up in an Iron Man x Doctor Strange cosplay, and more, u/Ironcostumes’ signature all-aluminum costumes always come across as exceptionally comic and film-accurate, with this latest design being no exception.

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Iron Man’s Suitcase Armor Gets A New Aluminum Cosplay Design

Most memorably worn by Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark in 2010’s Iron Man 2, this “suitcase” armor, or the Mark V armor, came about when Tony needed to go full-on superhero mode during a Formula 1 race gone wrong. Quite literally an armor disguised as a suitcase, this portable suit was understandably far less powerful than its predecessors, as Tony purposely sacrificed firepower for the ability to become Iron Man at a moment’s notice. With a less bulky and slim design but a look that’s still as eye-catching as ever, this armor was an inspired choice for u/Ironcostumes to tackle, especially when making it solely out of aluminum.

A cosplay outfit seen across three different posts, each containing multiple photos to swipe through, u/Ironcostumes’ first images show off profile views of this Iron Man 2 armor both with Iron Man’s faceplate up and then down, with the next few giving fans a helmet-less look where u/Ironcostumes does their best Tony Stark impression. Sharing even more pictures that show a wider view of the red and silver suit as well as throwing in a couple of differently angled shots for good measure, it’s abundantly clear how much detail went into creating this costume, with the dozens of rivet bolts, plated and overlapped aluminum pieces, glowing chest and hand repulsors, light-up eyes, and signature Iron Man poses crafting a design that needs to be seen to be believed.

Marvel Cosplay Brings Tony Stark’s Suitcase Armor To Life

This custom-made “Aluminum Man” not only manages to successfully capture the spirit and live-action look of the Iron Man character, but it also carves out a unique place in the cosplay community thanks to its all-aluminum design, allowing u/Ironcostumes to cut, combine, and adjust their movie-accurate armor in ways that raise the bar for their homemade suits moving forward. Luckily for fans, u/Ironcostumes has even more great Iron Man designs on their various social media pages for their followers to enjoy, so here’s hoping it won’t be long before another version of Tony Stark’s armor gets the aluminum treatment!

Source: u/Ironcostumes


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