Justice League Just Upgraded a Classic Hero to the Level of MonsterVerse’s Kaiju


  • Black Canary receives a new weapon that turns her into an official kaiju killer, helping the Justice League in their battle against the Titans.
  • Using a sonic amplifier, Black Canary unleashes her most powerful Canary Cry ever, bringing down the Titan Camazotz and securing the League’s first victory.
  • The Justice League realizes that they need more power to defeat the invading Titans, and Black Canary’s upgrade gives them a fighting chance in their mission.



Warning! Spoilers ahead for Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong #2!An unexpected member of the Justice League has just received a weapon that’s made her an official kaiju killer. The DC Universe has just been invaded by the Titans of the MonsterVerse and the heroes are scrambling to contain them. But Black Canary’s new tool is helping the Justice League turn the tide in their favor.

In Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong #2 by Brian Buccellato and Christian Duce, the Justice League is alerted to the presence of Titans all across the DC Universe and spread out to deal with them. In Gotham, the heroes deal with the terrifying Camazotz.

Camazotz DC

Cyborg deduces that sound is the Titan’s most likely weakness and modifies an engine thruster to build a sonic amplifier. Black Canary is escorted into the skies and using the amplifier, she screams her loudest Canary Cry ever. The sonic waves send Camazotz crashing down to Earth, the Justice League’s first victory against the invading kaiju.

Black Canary’s New Upgrade Helps Her Defeat a Titan

Black Canary Attacks Camazotz DC

The DC Universe’s recent troubles began when the Legion of Doom became desperate to defeat the Justice League. The team broke into the Fortress of Solitude, intent on stealing a couple of items to trap the League in the Phantom Zone. Unfortunately, they didn’t count on Toyman grabbing the Dreamstone and using it to accidentally transport the team into the MonsterVerse. After a run-in with Kong, the Legion discovered the world is full of giant monsters. With only Toyman noting their potential, he uses the Dreamstone again to wish the Titans into the DCU, where they quickly began wreaking havoc.

Black Canary’s metahuman ability helped give Dinah her reputation as a powerhouse within the Justice League. Sure, she’s a fantastic martial artist, but her Canary Cry is something that’s put her on a level far above other street-level heroes. But while Black Canary is a powerful hero, her sonic scream can only go so far, especially when fighting a leviathan as big as Camazotz. Thankfully, this Titan had a vulnerability geared towards Dinah’s power set. All she needed was a tool to give her Canary Cry an extra boost to bring the monster down. While the jury’s out on whether this upgrade will help defeat the other Titans, this victory is an important step in stopping the rampaging TItans.

Black Canary Gives the Justice League a Fighting Chance

Camazotz Defeated DC

The Justice League is discovering that these Titans are going to require a bit more power than the monsters they’re used to fighting. While Black Canary’s sonic amplifier was designed to attack Camazotz, there’s a good chance it could do some damage to other monsters as well. After all, Black Canary fights a lot of villains without sonic weaknesses, but she still manages to knock them on their butts with her Canary Cry. If the Justice League wants to stop the invading Titans, Black Canary’s new upgrade is a good first step.

Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong #2 is on sale now from DC Comics.


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