Kody Brown Claims “It’s Not Safe” To Be In Love With This Sister Wives Star


  • Kody Brown claims he still loves Meri but can’t be in love with her due to safety concerns.
  • Their relationship changed after they opted for polygamy and added three more wives.
  • Kody admits he no longer feels married to Meri and regrets some decisions that led him to lose his wives.



Kody Brown from Sister Wives claims he loves Meri Brown but won’t “be in love” with her because it isn’t safe. The 54-year-old patriarch was happily married to Meri in the 90s. However, their relationship changed after they opted for polygamy and added three more wives into the mix. During Sister Wives season 18, Kody and Meri reached the verge of breaking up and stopped caring for each other. They discussed parting ways and even debated dividing their Coyote Pass land. The hopeful Meri finally gave up on reconciling with her husband.

Recently, Kody opened up about his feelings for Meri in the Sister Wives Tell All preview reported by ET. The father of eighteen admitted that he had told Robyn that he no longer feels “married to Meri.” He claimed he would “always love” Meri but can’t “be in love with her.” According to the Brown family patriarch, loving his first wife is too risky and “not safe” for him. Kody also shared he wouldn’t “sit here and drive the bus” over Meri. He added, “this is sad, it’s heartbreaking. It just didn’t work.”

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Kody & Meri Brown’s Sister Wives Relationship Explained

Sister Wives' Meri Brown looking sad, with Robyn Brown and Kody Brown

Kody seemed to be in a tough situation throughout the video. He looked sadder than usual and conveyed how his breakup with Meri impacted Robyn and himself. Kody’s unhappiness is understandable, considering he had spent over thirty years with Meri. While he didn’t feel married to her in the last decade, he still loved her and wouldn’t want to hurt her unnecessarily. Meri crossed the line in the mid-2010s when she fell for a catfish. Had she been more faithful, Kody may have reconciled with her eventually.

Unlike on the show, Kody seemed much more down-to-earth and real during his Tell All interview. He may have begun regretting some of the decisions he made over the years that led him to lose his three wives. Kody wasn’t respectful to Janelle Brown during the COVID-19 pandemic. He tried to force his rules on her, which led her to fall out of love. Similarly, he never gave Christine Brown the love she deserved, which pushed her to seek happiness in another man. Kody was never a good husband to Meri, which is why she fell for a catfish.

Kody may think falling in love with Meri again is risky, but he’s likely just trying to make himself look like a victim. If he had been a decent partner to Meri, she would still be eager to be beside him. Meri was very hopeful about building a future with Kody. However, Kody picked Robyn above everyone else, which pushed Meri and other Sister Wives to become more self-centered. Now, Kody claims he wouldn’t drive a bus over Meri. However, the Sister Wives star doesn’t realize he has been running over his wives over the past ten years.

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EDT on TLC.

Source: ET

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