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Loki season 2 may feel very different as new directors steer the ‘storytelling reins’

The Loki season 2 directors are not unfamiliar names to film fans, but why exactly have they jumped aboard to take over from Kate Herron? HITC explains the transition from capable hands into others.

Marvel fans are thrilled to finally welcome back Loki to Disney+, this time with some exciting new faces and talent. Season 2 began premiering on Thursday, October 5th 2023 and reunited Tom Hiddleston‘s mischievous MCU favorite with Owen Wilson’s Mobius. Behind the scenes, however, there has been a change at the helm.

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Loki passes ‘storytelling reins’ to season 2 directors

All episodes of Loki season 1 were directed by Kate Herron and she also served as executive producer on the show.

However, four of the six season 2 episodes are instead helmed by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, and the other two are directed by Dan DeLeeuw and Kasra Farahani.

Executive producer on Loki, Kevin Wright, recently opened up on Kate’s exit and her reasons for doing so during an interview with Deadline. “Throughout season 1, I was constantly teasing her with, ‘Hey, when we come back for season two,’” he recalled, “and she said she made it very clear through shooting, she’s like, ‘This one’s it’ and I think it was purely from the…She really put everything into it.”

He also noted that “COVID was right in the middle of shooting. So, it was an even longer commitment than she had initially even signed up for, and while that was happening and while we were shut down, she was editing, and we were working together through that.”

Although she “put her heart and soul into it… she wanted to be able to hand the storytelling reins over to other filmmakers….”

Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead join Loki

Justin and Aaron are a filmmaking duo who have previously helmed the sci-fi and horror movies Resolution, Spring, The Endless, Synchronic, and Something In The Dirt.

However, they’re perhaps most notable for their work on the Marvel mini-series Moon Knight, as they directed two episodes.

During the aforementioned interview, Kevin explained that he “liked them for Loki” but Kate was already attached. They then tackled Moon Knight and Kevin Feige was asked to go and visit them to ask if they wanted to “take the reins of Loki”, to which they accepted. “It had felt like they were eventually going to come on and work on [Loki],” he added.

Is Loki renewed for season 3?

As of yet, Loki has not been renewed for season 3 on Disney+.

It’s likely that the series’ future will be announced once the Loki season 2 finale has premiered on Thursday, November 9th 2023.

Loki is streaming exclusively on Disney+.

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