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Sex Education season 4 explores surprise Aimee and Isaac romance


Sex Education season 4 has finally arrived, bringing with it a surprise romance as Aimee and Isaac form an unlikely bond.

*WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Sex Education season 4* — After last appearing on our screens in 2021, Sex Education is finally back on Netflix for its fourth and final season, bringing with it some surprising twists and turns as Aimee and Isaac start to form an unexpected bond after they cross paths when taking an art class together at Cavendish College.

Do Aimee and Isaac end up together in Sex Education season 4?

Yes, Aimee and Isaac do end up together by the end of Sex Education season 4.

The unlikely romance is kicked into gear in the opening episode when Aimee and Isaac get stuck in an elevator together and have a rather clumsy conversation with each other.

Despite getting off on the wrong foot after Aimee made an insensitive comment about Isaac’s disability, the pair start to spend an increasing amount of time together as Isaac helps Aimee to find her artistic side.

The time they spend together over the course of season 4 eventually leads to romantic feelings developing and by the finale, Aimee and Isaac get together, although she still asks to take things slowly while still processing the trauma of her sexual assault.

Aimee Lou Wood as Aimee Gibbs holding a pair of jeans in Sex Education season 4
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A bump in the road

Given that Maeve and Isaac were briefly an item in season 3, Aimee has some reservations about her feelings for Isaac as she feels guilty about a potential romance with Maeve’s ex.

Maeve returns from America mid-way through season 4 after her mother passes away and while she’s at home, Aimee asks her what she would think if she and Isaac got together.

However, Aimee asks at a bad time as Maeve, who is trying to process an awful lot, says that she would prefer it if Aimee and Isaac remained friends, leading to a rocky period in their burgeoning romance.

But after coming to terms with her mother’s death and deciding to head back to America to finish her course, Maeve realizes that she was being selfish and didn’t want to lose two of the people closest to her before giving Aimee and Isaac her blessing to begin a romantic relationship.

George Robinson as Isaac attending Cavendish College in Sex Education season 4
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Sex Education fans react to Aimee and Isaac

While season 4 of Sex Education may focus on how Otis and Maeve’s relationship unfolds, the fledging romance between Aimee and Isaac is quickly becoming a talking point among fans on social media.

One surprised fan on X (formerly Twitter), said: “Wait Isaac x Aimee is not in my bingo card this season.”

While this fan is not keen on them getting together: “If Aimee and Isaac kiss, I’m turning this show off permanently, I’m not even joking.”

“I’m watching Sex Ed right now and Aimee and Isaac are actually cute, like I see it,” commented this supportive viewer.

This trepidatious fan said: “I hope Aimee and Isaac don’t become a thing.”

“I love Isaac and Aimee though,” said another excited viewer.

Season 4 of Sex Education is available to stream now on Netflix after releasing on Thursday, September 21, 2023.

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