The Belcher Kids 15 Best Halloween Costumes


  • The Belcher kids from Bob’s Burgers are known for their innovative and quirky Halloween costumes, which adds to the enjoyment of the Halloween episodes.
  • Tina, Gene, and Louise always find something fun and unexpected to wear on their trick-or-treating adventures, showcasing their creativity.
  • The costumes range from clever plays on words to mashups of different characters, demonstrating the Belcher kids’ dedication to unique and memorable Halloween ensembles.

The Bob’s Burgers Halloween costumes are one of the aspects that have made the show a favorite for the Halloween season. The animated comedy series has grown in popularity with a larger fanbase gradually discovering and falling in love with its quirky humor. Over most seasons of Bob’s Burgers, there have been episodes themed around holidays. However, the celebration the Belcher family seems to enjoy the most is Halloween.

Besides the great storyline, the Belcher kids are quite innovative and think out of the box when it comes to their Halloween costumes. This has resulted in some memorable costumes that serve as a quirky play on words, elaborate team costumes, or something truly unexpected. Tina, Gene, and Louise always find something fun to wear on their trick-or-treating adventures, making the Bob’s Burgers Halloween episodes all the more enjoyable.

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15 Mombie

Tina, Season 8, Episode 3 – “The Wolf of Wharf Street”

Tina as a mombie in Bobs Burgers

In Bob’s Burgers season eight, the Belcher kids are ready to head out on their annual trick-or-treating excursion with some very different costume choices. While Gene is dressed up as a stem full of grapes, Tina gets creative with her simple yet fun costume. She presented herself as a “mombie.” Instead of being a mix between a mummy and a zombie, Tina decided to honor her own mother, Linda. She borrowed her iconic red shirt and blue jeans while wearing green face paint. Linda even made the joke that Tina looks hip and young instead of a mom. Tina backfired saying that in those jeans, she “totally looks like a mom“.

Despite the little dig at her mom’s fashion choices, the costume is a nice homage to Linda. It also works well with Tina’s personality, which often seems wise beyond her years, even when she is indulging in other children’s activities like trick-or-treating.

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14 Fiona Applesauce

Gene, Season 10, Episode 4 – “Pig Trouble in Little Tina”

Gene in season 10 of Bobs Burgers

Much like how the show turns its episode titles into puns, Gene has a similar idea. One of his best Halloween costumes came in season 10 when he dressed up as a fun play on words that put a spin on the name of Grammy-winning artist Fiona Apple combined with a pot of sauce. At first, Linda has no idea who he is dressed as, so Gene explains that he’s Fiona Applesauce.

Gene wears a brown wig while wearing cardboard cut out of a jar of applesauce. Even if the costume is a little hard to figure out at first glance, the pun is funny enough to make it work when Gene explains it. Though there are better examples of such clever mashup costumes, the originality of this one is notable.

13 No Country For Old Men

Louise, Season 8, Episode 3 – “The Wolf of Wharf Street”

Louise is still very much into the idea of candy and trick-or-treating, but she also likes to embrace more serious characters for her costumes. In this case, takes inspiration from Javier Bardem’s character of Anton Chigurh in the Oscar-winning No Country For Old Men. She wore the bobbed wig and brown jacket and even created a makeshift take on Chigurgh’s terrifying oxygen tank weapon. Chrigurh is one of the most terrifying movie villains of all time and seeing Louise gleefully taking on the incredibly violent persona is a funny image.

12 Ryan Gosling From The Trailer For Drive

Louise, Season 5, Episode 2 – “Tina And The Real Ghost”

Louise dressed as Ryan Gosling from Drive in Bob's Burgers

One of the recurring jokes in the Bob’s Burgers Halloween episodes is that Louise is not scared easily. This helps explain her affinity for dressing up as characters from R-rated and violent movies. Seeing her choose to go out trick-or-treating as Ryan Gosling’s character from the neo-noir movie Drive is another great example.

It is another movie-accurate recreation of the look with the leather driving gloves, white jacket, and even the toothpick. The Halloween costume might have been less memorable, however, were it not for Louise’s description of it as coming from “the trailer for the movie Drive” suggesting she isn’t actually allowed to watch the movie due to her age.

11 Mommy Mummy

Tina, Season 3, Episode 2 – “Full Bars”

Tina as a Mommy Mummy in season 3 of Bobs Burgers

Tina continues to see her Halloween costumes as an opportunity to honor mothers. This one combined the struggle of a single mom and a classic mummy character. She calls herself a “Mommy Mummy” and covers herself entirely in toilet paper. To add the parent effect, she also wraps a baby doll in toilet paper. It’s her monologue that shows how much thought and backstory she puts into these characters and also speaks about being a strong woman. She says she’s a single mom working two jobs just trying to get back out there. Bob is more concerned that Tina doesn’t waste toilet paper and asks her to return it when she’s done.

10 Sher-Loch Ness Monster

Tina, Season 12, Episode 3 – “The Pumpkinening”

Tina in Bob's Burgers

The creativity and dedication the Belcher kids have to their Halloween costumes is one of the reasons they’ve become something of a running gag throughout Bob’s Burgers. Instead of choosing one idea that would be suitable for most people, they feel the need to combine it into two ideas to ensure it is as original as possible. Such is the case with Tina’s Sher-Lock Ness Monster choice, which sees her combining the famous detective Sherlock Holmes with the legendary Scottish creature, the Loch Ness Monster. The papier-mache monster head does most of the work for this costume, but the deer-skin cap on top really sells the ensemble.

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9 Twister

Group Costume, Season 13, Episode 6 – “Apple Gore-Chard (But Not Gory)”

Gene and Tina in their Twister Halloween costume in Bob's Burgers

The Belcher children are very close siblings, especially on Halloween as they love to go on their trick-or-treating adventures together. They are even willing to team up for a group costume idea. While season 4 had them planning a Chinese dragon costume, it never panned out. However, the season 13 Bob’s Burgers Halloween episode saw them make another attempt with an elaborate homage to the movie Twister. With Tina donning hoola hoops as the twister and Gene as Bill Paxton, they hilariously keep insisting the whole thing will only work once Louise returns from her field trip in her Helen Hunt costume.

8 The Bjorn Identity

Louise, Season 10, Episode 4 – Pig Trouble in Little Tina

Louise as Bjorn Identity season 10

In the same season 10 episode where Gene dresses up as Fiona Applesauce, Louise surpasses him with an even better costume that serves as a brilliant play on words. Instead of simply dressing up as Matt Damon’s character of Jason Bourne from The Bourne Identity, she went as “The Bjorn Identity”, which is simply Jason Bourne wearing a BabyBjörn. It is not only another one of the fun mashup costumes that the show does so well, but also another more mature movie character idea for Louise.

7 Sand-Witch

Tina, Season 7, Episode 3 – “Teen-a-Witch”

Tina in season 7 of Bobs Burgers

The Bob’s Burgers Halloween episode in season 7 sees Tina taking drastic measures to win the school costume contest, including attempting to make a curse. However, her clever costume choice should have been enough to make her the winner as she goes as a “Sand-Witch”, which is a witch in between two pieces of bread. While the Belcher’s costumes can sometimes be too convoluted for their own good, Tina manages to keep it relatively simple while still embracing her unique style.

6 Turner And Hooch

Gene, Season 5, Episode 2 – “Tina And The Real Ghost”

Gene dressed as Turner and Hooch in Bob's Burgers

While the Belcher kids have attempted some inventive group Halloween costumes in the past, Gene proved that he was able to dress as multiple characters all by himself. He chose to pay homage to the classic buddy cop comedy Turner and Hooch, which starred Tom Hanks and a dog as partners. In order to pull this off, Gene simply dresses half his body like Tom Hanks and half his body like a dog. It’s yet another moment that shows Gene’s endearing creativity and lack of need to bend to expectations.

5 Queen Latifah

Gene, Season 3, Episode 2 – “Full Bars”

Gene loves dressing up as famous and inspirational people on Halloween. It was no surprise that for one Halloween he dressed up as rapper/actress Queen Latifah during her U.N.I.T.Y. phase, at the beginning of her musical career. Specifically, he took inspiration from her outfit at the 2010 BET Awards. It is a hilariously spot-on recreation of the memorable look. He even copied the necklace shaped like Africa. The only discrepancy was the color of the jacket, which was black in real life. Even with that slight oversight, the idea that he would even have the reference for this look makes it a funny choice.

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4 Andre 3000 The Giant

Gene, Season 9, Episode 4 – “Nightmare on Ocean Avenue Street”

Gene as Andre 3000 the giant in Bobs Burgers

Gene really took the cake when he presented himself as “Andre 3000 the Giant.” It’s a mash-up of the famous professional wrestling icon and actor Andre the Giant and Andre 3000. Andre 3000 was known for being part of the rap duo, Outkast. Gene combined the typical wrestling attire of Andre the Giant with the goatee and signature hat of Andre 3000.

Once again, the memorable mashup costume also serves as a glimpse at Gene’s own preferences for Halloween costumes which seem to focus on icons from far before his time. The costume also gets an added bonus for Tina’s remark, ‘So Fresh, So Gene,” in reference to the Outkast lyrics, “So Fresh, So Clean.”

3 Nun Of Your Business

Tina, Season 9, Episode 4 – “Nightmare on Ocean Avenue Street”

Tina as a Nun in Bobs Burgers

The season 9 Bob’s Burgers Halloween episode found the Belcher kids really outdoing themselves in terms of their costumes. Along with Gene’s “Andre the Giant 3000,” Tina is dressed as a nun holding a briefcase. She tells Linda that she’s dressed as, “Nun of Your Business.” The fact that Linda doesn’t get the joke and thinks she’s just being a cranky nun who has a lot of work to do adds to the humor. However, it is also Tina’s dry delivery that makes it even funnier.

2 Dragon With The Girl Tattoo

Louise, Season 9, Episode 4 – “Nightmare on Ocean Avenue Street”

Louise and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in Bobs Burgers

To finish off the Belcher costumes in the ninth season episode, Louise pulls off one of her best Halloween costumes that puts a twist on a film. Once again, Louise is inspired by a movie she is far too young to see but flips the title in a simple yet hilarious way. Instead of recreating Lisabeth Salander’s iconic look from A Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Louise went dressed as a dragon with a tattoo of a girl. It is such a simple yet brilliant idea that shows the absurdity of young Louise’s mind that she would come up with such a concept for a costume.

1 Peter Pan’s Labyrinth

Louise, Season 12, Episode 3 – “The Pumpkinening”

Season 12 earns Louise the best Bob’s Burgers Halloween costume to date, as it perfectly captures the fun the show has with these outfits as well as Louise’s personal take on them. What initially seems like a simple and charming Peter Pan costume is revealed to be another wonderful mashup that also incorporates her love of R-rated movies. Her “Peter Pan’s Labyrinth” look includes eyeballs on her hands like the creepy Pale Man character from Guillermo del Toro’s dark fantasy movie Pan’s Labyrinth.

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