The Fallout Show Will Include The Games’ Best Character, But That’s Also Really Worrying


  • The Fallout series will feature a character similar to Dogmeat, a popular companion from the original video games, which is exciting news for fans.
  • The dog companion in the Fallout show is named CX404, not Dogmeat, but still serves the same role and has fans wondering why the name was changed.
  • Fans are worried about the fate of CX404, as Dogmeat has a history of frequent deaths in the games, but there is hope that the show may follow Fallout 4’s unkillable trend and keep the dog alive.



Amazon’s Fallout series has already promised the return of the best character from the video games, but it’s also pretty worrying news. Fallout is a franchise populated by fan-favorite members of the supporting cast, with all kinds of wacky individuals making up the world of Fallout‘s post-apocalyptic wasteland. However, one character stands out among the rest as the most beloved from the original games, and the Fallout show has confirmed that they will be making the leap to televisions.

Amazon Prime Video’s Fallout show is on the way, with the constant barrage of good news regarding the series easing the worries of many cautiously optimistic fans. Based on the video game series of the same name, Fallout explores the world of a future United States after a massive nuclear war, with the landscape becoming a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The Fallout series is shaping up to be a hit, with one bit of news making the series even more exciting.

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The Fallout Show Has Confirmed A Character Like Dogmeat

Dogmeat carrying a severed human hand in the Fallout TV show

To the surprise of many fans, the Fallout show has already confirmed that a character like Dogmeat will appear in the series. Dogmeat is the canine companion of the main character that first appeared in the original Fallout, with him reappearing in various forms in each of its sequels. Dogmeat is one of the most iconic elements of the Fallout games, so it’s great to see that another dog companion will be appearing.

While Dogmeat is the most iconic dog in Fallout, Dogmeat isn’t actually the name of the dog that will be appearing in the Fallout series. Instead, the Fallout show’s dog companion is a canine named CX404 (via Nerdist). CX404 seems to serve the same companion role as Dogmeat, so nobody is certain why the dog’s name was changed. However, it is nice to know that at least some kind of dog companion will appear in the series.

Why Dogmeat’s Death History Is Bad News For The TV Show’s Pet Companion

Having a dog companion is fun, but the death history of Dogmeat is bad news for the Fallout TV show’s pet companion. Dogmeat has a notoriously frequent amount of deaths throughout the Fallout games, with players experiencing the tragic loss of thier dogs over and over again. Due to Dogmeat being known more for death than almost anything else, fans are worried that CX404 might meet the same fate.

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While CX404’s death seems likely, there may be a way out. Fallout 4 made a big change to Dogmeat by making him unkillable, hinting that the series may continue this trend of keeping the dog around. On top of that, changing Dogmeat’s name may mean that his fate will be changed as well, with him hopefully lasting through the events of the Fallout series.

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