10 Ways Ahsoka Relaunched Star Wars For The Future


  • Ahsoka introduced a new galaxy, allowing for new characters, locations, and wars in future Star Wars stories.
  • The show hinted at the ancient history of the Star Wars galaxy, opening the door to explore the origins of the Jedi Order.
  • Sabine’s story showcased that anyone can learn to wield the Force, potentially leading to a new generation of Force wielders in the galaxy.



Ahsoka season 1 brought back familiar characters and storylines, but it also relaunched the Star Wars franchise ahead of new releases. Ahsoka Tano had become one of the most beloved Star Wars characters, so fans were thrilled to see her return for a spinoff series, especially one that would build off the animated TV shows. Despite the familiar elements, Ahsoka featured several original ideas that could be expanded in the upcoming Star Wars movies or Ahsoka season 2.

Season 1 introduced new locations that are the perfect setting for new Star Wars adventures, offering writers and directors more creative freedom. Ahsoka also brought closure to elements of the animated TV shows, allowing Star Wars to move on into the unfamiliar. 10 aspects of Ahsoka paved the way for the next chapter of Star Wars while giving the saga a promising future.

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10 Ahsoka Introduced A New Galaxy To Star Wars

An entirely new setting for future Star Wars stories

Ahsoka Tano with the new Star Wars galaxy

Star Wars has always been set “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away,” which can now apply to more than one galaxy thanks to Ahsoka. No matter how vast the Star Wars galaxy is, it has an established history and a large percentage of territory claimed by governments and individuals. However, nothing is known about this new galaxy besides Peridea and the Nightsisters. Star Wars can create a new timeline for this galaxy, introducing new characters, locations, and wars.

9 Ahsoka Hinted At The Star Wars Galaxy’s Ancient History

From the first intergalactic travelers to ancient Force wielders

Morgan Elsbeth and Baylan Skoll looking at the map to Thrawn in Ahsoka.

However, Ahsoka also allows the franchise to continue exploring the history of the Star Wars galaxy. If the Nightsisters came from another galaxy, perhaps other species did the same or left the Star Wars galaxy for another. This would be a fantastic way to tie into James Mangold’s “Dawn of the Jedi” movie, which will focus on the origins of the ancient Jedi Order.

8 Sabine Proves Anyone Can Wield The Force

Anyone can learn to tap into the Force with time and training

Sabine’s lack of natural talent means she would never have qualified as a Jedi candidate, but her story in Ahsoka demonstrates how anyone can learn to wield the Force. This is a drastic change from how the Force is generally portrayed in the Star Wars movies and TV shows, but it signifies changes for the Jedi and the entire galaxy. Rey could train non-traditional candidates for her New Jedi Order and help usher in a new generation of Force wielders across the galaxy.

7 Grand Admiral Thrawn’s Return Sets Up The Mandalorian Movie

The heroes of the Mandoverse will band together to stop Thrawn’s invasion

Dave Filoni’s The Mandalorian Star Wars movie will serve as the grand finale to the Mandoverse TV shows, and Ahsoka set up Grand Admiral Thrawn as the main antagonist. Thrawn’s return will bring the heroes of the live-action Star Wars shows together to stop the Imperial Remnant, a thrilling adventure and proper transition between the Empire and the First Order. The Mandalorian movie is also set to serve as a canon adaptation of Timothy Zahn’s Star Wars: Heir to the Empire, honoring the novel that launched the modern Star Wars Expanded Universe.

6 Ahsoka Returned To George Lucas’ Vision

Dave Filoni shows tremendous respect for Lucas’ style and views on the Star Wars universe

Dave Filoni, Ahsoka Tano, and George Lucas

Ahsoka paved the way for a new Star Wars era but also returned to George Lucas’ vision. Dave Filoni’s writing and directing style often mirrors Lucas’, while the plot brings back characters from the prequels and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Even so, Ahsoka introduced new ideas and went in unexpected directions, something Lucas would have approved of.

5 Ahsoka Merged The Animated And Live-Action Star Wars TV Shows

The show builds off The Mandalorian while adapting characters from Rebels and The Clone Wars

Ariana Greenblatt as Padawan Ahsoka Tano alongside animated Padawan Ahsoka Tano.

The previous live-action Star Wars TV shows brought back characters from the animated series, but Ahsoka was often a direct adaptation of Star Wars Rebels and The Clone Wars. The series picked up where Rebels left off, recreating the epilogue on Lothol, while the World Between Worlds segment adapted scenes from The Clone Wars. This helps the live-action and animated projects feel like one big TV universe, blending the best parts of both mediums to create something new.

Ahsoka also featured New Republic Senator Hamato Xiono, who first appeared in the animated series Star Wars Resistance.

4 The World Between Worlds Created Limitless Story Potential

Characters can travel to any point in time or explore alternate outcomes

Ahsoka and the World Between Worlds

Ahsoka learned that accessing the World Between Worlds was still possible, so future Star Wars stories could utilize its limitless potential. Rebels season 4 showed that characters could travel to different points in time, while Anakin used it to recreate the past and explore alternate possibilities. The World Between Worlds may have more uses than anyone knows, something that other Force users can continue to study.

3 Baylan Skoll Set A New Standard For Star Wars Villains

Ray Stevenson’s brilliant performance and the top-notch writing of Baylan’s character raise the bar

Baylan Skoll is a perfect Star Wars villain, thanks to superb character writing elevated by the late Ray Stevenson’s outstanding performance. By breaking from the typical Sith/Imperial mold, Baylan became a complex and nuanced villain who viewed himself as the hero, challenging each character in different ways. Star Wars may be known for its iconic villains, but Baylan raised the bar for writers creating new and highly memorable antagonists.

2 Peridea Raised The Stakes For The Star Wars Universe

Baylan was called by a dark power that even Thrawn and the Nightsisters feared

Baylan Skoll with statues of the Father and Son on Peridea in Ahsoka Episode 8.

With a mysterious, dark power calling Baylan to Peridea, Star Wars has never had stakes this high. Baylan discovered statues of the Force Gods of Mortis, implying that he did indeed find a “power beyond your wildest dreams.” This power is so great that even Thrawn and the Great Mothers fled from it, so there’s no telling what Baylan could use it for. He had already expressed his desire to end the galaxy’s cycle of war and willingness to “destroy in order to create,” meaning Baylan believes that his actions will change the Star Wars universe.

1 Ahsoka Brought Greater Closure To Anakin’s Story

The end of one story and the beginning of another

Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker in Ahsoka

Return of the Jedi concluded Anakin’s character arc, but Ahsoka offered his story a greater sense of closure. Anakin never had the chance to make things right with many of the people he hurt in life, but he made amends with Ahsoka in death, a fitting conclusion to their role as master and apprentice. With Anakin’s story finished, Star Wars can move into the future, building off everything set up in Ahsoka.

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