Ahsoka Showrunner Explains How Sabine’s Jedi Plot Blows The Force Wide Open


  • Filoni explores how Sabine Wren’s Jedi origins found in Ahsoka season 1 could expand the Force to more Star Wars characters.
  • Filoni believes anyone can become a Jedi with enough training, regardless of bloodline or innate strength.
  • Filoni’s comments suggest that Rey’s Jedi Order could include individuals from all walks of life, changing the traditional concept of Force users.

Dave Filoni, the showrunner of Ahsoka, has explored Sabine Wren’s Jedi origins in a way that potentially opens the Force up to more Star Wars characters than first thought. By the time of Ahsoka season 1’s ending, undoubtedly the biggest surprise of the entire show was the new Jedi character introduced. Despite Star Wars Rebels hinting that the Mandalorian character of the show does not have an affinity for the Force, Ahsoka officially made Sabine Wren a Jedi.

In light of this interesting turn of events, Filoni has addressed the plot point with the filmmaker’s appearance on the Dagobah Dispatch podcast. When asked about Sabine’s story in Ahsoka, undoubtedly set to continue in Ahsoka season 2’s story, Filoni replied:

“The idea that she’s not incredibly adept at wielding the Force, I think, is a strong thing… the Force emanates from everyone and everything, all living things… So she’s not absent from the Force. She is part of the Force… Part of the problem is, it’s like anything in life that you wanna do, you have to train hard to acquire the skills. It’s not that… Everyone can become a Jedi, and everyone cannot become a Jedi… So I wanted to tell this story, though, she’s a very talented warrior – she’s a very talented person, but this is not something that’s easy for her.”

The Force may now be changed forever in Star Wars. As evident from Filoni’s comments, this concept changes what is known of the Force throughout Star Wars history. In the past, characters like Rey, Luke, and Anakin Skywalker have spawned from very powerful bloodlines, or even the Force itself. However, Filoni’s belief is that anyone can become a Jedi regardless of bloodline, birthright, or innate strength. As seen with Sabine’s Ahsoka story, Filoni still respects that Midi-chlorians means those with natural skill will find it easier, though Lucas’ apprentice also believes that, with enough difficult training, anyone can tap into the Force as the Force taps into everyone.

Ahsoka Shows How Rey Can Rebuild Her Jedi Order

Sabine Wren Rey Jedi Order

Interestingly, these comments from Filoni can change how the Force is presented in upcoming Star Wars movies, namely through Rey’s Jedi Order movie. Given that Filoni is now the Chief Creative Officer of Lucasfilm, he will have an input on the story of Rey Skywalker’s next adventure. In light of Filoni’s comments about Sabine, it could be the case that Rey’s Jedi Order is rebuilt with students from all different walks of life.

Rather than consisting of those with high Midi-chlorian counts or those tied to special bloodlines, Rey’s Jedi Order could include more people like Sabine. Rey could be dedicated to helping all children access the Force, showing the long years of training it takes to tap into the energy field as was the case with Sabine. This would mean that, through Ahsoka‘s Mandalorian fan-favorite becoming a Jedi, the Force is blown wide open to those characters who maybe would not have been part of the Order prior to Filoni’s story.

Source: Dagobah Dispatch


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