Divorced Chantel’s Moving In With Her Parents To Forget Pedro (This Could Lead To Disaster)


  • Chantel Everett has moved back in with her parents after selling her joint home with Pedro Jimeno on The Family Chantel season 5.
  • Chantel is accepting that she is on a different path in life and is navigating new circumstances as a divorced woman.
  • Karen blames Pedro for Chantel’s current situation and believes he used her, but Chantel stands by her choice to follow her heart.



Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno are selling their house in The Family Chantel season 5, and now Chantel has ended up back home with her parents. Though Chantel was living independently for nine months following her bombshell divorce in season 4, Chantel has now accepted that she needs to let go of their joint home. This led Chantel to move back in with her parents, Karen and Thomas Everett, during the dramatic new season of The Family Chantel season 5.

Chantel made it clear from the start of the season that she isn’t in the best place. The Atlanta nurse desperately desired children during her marriage to Pedro and didn’t hide how much she wanted them. Now, at 32 years old, Chantel has accepted she’s nine months divorced and on a different path in life. Though she still appears determined to have children in the future, Chantel is navigating difficult circumstances in The Family Chantel season 5.

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Why Did Chantel Everett Move On The Family Chantel?

Chantel and Pedro revealed at the start of The Family Chantel season 5 that they are selling their joint home. Chantel then announced in the second episode that she was moving in with her parents as a result. “The divorce is bad enough, but moving back in is the icing on the cake,” Chantel said as she admitted she loves her parents, but they talk nonstop. On the other hand, Pedro got his own apartment when he surprised Chantel by moving out during season 4.

Where Is Winter Everett Living On The Family Chantel?

The Family Chantel's Winter Everett

Chantel was living with her younger sister, Winter Everett, during The Family Chantel season 4, as Winter moved in when Pedro moved out, so Chantel would not be alone in the house. However, Winter moved back in with their parents as well. Karen said it’s a pleasure to have the girls at home again. Meanwhile, the youngest Everett sibling, Riverknight Everett, is living on his own, as is the eldest Everett sibling, Royal Wylie. Lastly, Karen and Chantel sold Pedro’s stuff at a yard sale, as Chantel owned everything in the home.

The Everett Family Blames Pedro Jimeno

Montage of The Family Chantel's Chantel & Pedro

Although Karen is happy to have her daughters living at home, she openly blames Pedro for Chantel being in this circumstance. Karen, Thomas, and the Everett family maintain that Pedro used Chantel and left her in a terrible situation. “Chantel should have listened to my warnings way back then,” Karen said about her not wanting Chantel to marry Pedro, who Karen said is a user. However, Chantel admitted to The Family Chantel season 5 viewers that she wanted to trust in Pedro and didn’t regret her choice to follow her heart.

The Family Chantel airs Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on TLC.

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