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Frasier Creates A Lilith Plot Hole Ahead Of His Ex-Wife’s Return In The Reboot Show

Warning! Spoilers ahead for the Frasier reboot episode 4.




  • Lilith’s appearance in the Frasier reboot raises questions about the continuity of her character’s development and her relationship with Frasier, given their relatively civil dynamic in the original show.
  • Frasier’s joke about Lilith’s demeanor in the reboot episode doesn’t align with their previous on-screen relationship, where she had mellowed down towards him.
  • It remains to be seen how Freddy, their shared son, will react to Frasier’s mockery of his mom, but if their co-parenting relationship has remained civil, Lilith’s return may not be as chaotic as anticipated.

The Frasier reboot episode 4 has a hilarious joke about Lilith, which creates a plot hole ahead of Bebe Neuwirth’s upcoming arrival. None of the original characters are returning for the Paramount+ revival as regulars, however, Kelsey Grammer was able to broker some cameos, including from his on-screen ex-wife. Lilith’s appearance in the Frasier reboot only makes sense, considering that the show heavily features the son she shares with Frasier, Freddy. There have already been a couple of references to the character, but the latest one sticks out for good reason.

Like Grammer, Neuwirth started her journey as Lilith in Cheers. She and Frasier made a great romantic pair, essentially replacing Sam and Diane as the show’s love line after Shelley Long left the series after season 5. Technically, Lilith wasn’t an official cast member of the old Frasier, although she appeared in about every season. She was its most prominent recurring character. Even without that, however, Lilith’s importance to Frasier’s arc earns her a spot in the revival.

Frasier’s Lilith Joke Doesn’t Fit With Where They Left Things In The Original Show

Frasier's Lilith talking on the phone with a shocking reaction

Lillith and Frasier’s relationship has been mostly contentious after their ugly split in Cheers. It was their divorce that drove Frasier back to Seattle in an effort to start anew. Despite that, in the 11 years of the old show, their relationship developed to become more civil. In fact, during Lilith’s final appearance in season 11, “Guns N’ Neuroses,” they were almost friendly with each other, having been able to help a young couple reconcile. Given this, Frasier’s jab about his wife in Frasier episode 4, “Trivial Pursuits” doesn’t really make sense.

The episode starts with Frasier and his Harvard colleagues participating in an intense trivia contest at Mahoney’s. Surprisingly, their most intense rival is Freddy and his fellow firefighters. One of the stand-out moments during Mahoney’s trivia contest is a question that has “arctic circle” as its answer. Frasier knows it but opts to mock his wife by insinuating that Lilith has a frosty demeanor. Although she can indeed be intimidating, Frasier’s joke doesn’t fit with the kind of relationship he had with Lilith the last time they were on-screen. She had significantly mellowed down, especially towards him.

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What Will Happen When Lilith Returns In Frasier’s Reboot?

Freddy and Frasier in the reboot

Because Freddy grew up in Boston, Lilith primarily raised him. Given this, it’s curious how he actually reacts to Frasier’s mockery of his mom. Granted that it’s likely that he knew of their old contentious relationship, Frasier and Lilith did a great job co-parenting. Assuming that the former couple, however, was able to maintain being civil, just like the last time they were on-screen together in the original Frasier, then it’s possible that Lilith’s arrival in the Frasier reboot won’t be as chaotic and tense. Unfortunately, based on Frasier’s joke about his ex-wife in the Frasier reboot episode 4, that may likely not be the case.

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