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When Does Upload Take Place? – Prime Video’s Dystopian Future Explained


  • Upload takes place in 2033, showcasing a future where technology has advanced significantly.
  • The show’s predictions of future technology, like self-driving cars and printed food, add humor to the storyline.
  • While some predictions may seem ridiculous, there are also plausible advancements that could become a reality in the near future.



Upload presents an interesting but not-so-distant future with some fun predictions of how the world will change. In 2020, Greg Daniels brought Upload, a sci-fi comedy-drama TV series streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Upload explores a near future where technology has advanced so much that people can now choose to “upload” after death. This means that their consciousness, memories, and more are uploaded into a virtual afterlife of their choosing (as many brands have come up with their own) and they get to live a new life in an avatar that looks just like they did when they were alive.

Upload follows Nathan Brown (Robbie Amell), a recently deceased computer engineer who falls in love with his “angel”, Nora Antony (Andy Allo), and together, they find out that Nathan was actually murdered. Nathan and Nora’s story has allowed the audience to see how much the world has changed and how far technology has gone in the future presented in Upload, and while some elements are quite ridiculous (but funny), many others could actually end up happening, and this interesting future is not too far now.

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Upload Takes Place In 2033

Upload season 1 Nora laughing wearing VR glasses

Given all the technological advances seen in Upload, it seems like it’s set in a very distant future, but it’s actually not that far. Upload season 1 takes place in 2033, a time when technology has come quite far and made life easier in some aspects but weird in others. Not only can people be uploaded and have a second life, but cars drive themselves, food can be printed, and cellphones have become discreet bracelets that open the screen on your hand. Although the events of season 2 picked up immediately after season 1’s ending and season 3 starts just a couple of days after season 2’s cliffhanger ending, at least a year has passed since Nathan and Nora met in Lakeview.

In Upload season 3, Nora mentions having “served” Nathan as his angel for a year, so the events of this season take place in 2034. Technology has advanced quite a bit since season 1 as well, as the process of downloading has improved, allowing Nathan to return from the dead without his head exploding (though he still has to be careful). Aside from technological advancements, the characters have also changed a lot in a year, with Nathan and Nora’s relationship getting stronger, Luke dealing with his personal struggles, and Aleesha facing new challenges at Horizen.

Upload’s Future Predictions Make The Show Even Funnier

Upload season 3 Nora and Nathan calling Lakeview Nathan

A big part of Upload’s comedy comes from the future predictions it has made. As mentioned above, Horizen isn’t the only company that offers the “upload” service and a digital afterlife, as brands like Disney and Target also have theirs. Upload has also brought together brands and companies that don’t have much in common, such as Panera Facebook (which also has its own digital afterlife) and Nokia Taco Bell. One of the most surprising and funniest brands involved in uploading and more is Oscar Mayer, the leading company in the research and process of downloading. All these predictions are made for laughs, but there are some that actually seem pretty plausible.

The above-mentioned cellphones seem likely to happen in the not-so-distant future, and there are already cars that can drive themselves, though they don’t offer the same options and safety as the ones seen in Upload. Printing food also doesn’t seem too impossible, but the characters have shown that printed food isn’t exactly the tastiest. Upload’s 2033-2034 future is fascinating and funny, and it’s to be seen if some of its predictions will come true.


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