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Power Rangers Updates An Iconic 1990s Weapon Every Mighty Morphin Fan Loved


  • Power Rangers Cosmic Fury updates a nostalgic gadget from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and addresses an old complaint from fans.
  • The Cosmic Blaster in Cosmic Fury is a homage to the classic Power Rangers series and combines multiple weapons into one, similar to Mighty Morphin’s Power Weapons.
  • Cosmic Fury fixes the trend of recent Power Rangers seasons not giving each Ranger a signature weapon, bringing back individual Ranger weapons and unique fighting styles.



Power Rangers Cosmic Fury’s final weapon updated a nostalgic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers gadget and fixed an old Power Rangers complaint. While every Power Rangers season since Zordon’s death works as a standalone adventure, Cosmic Fury includes many connections to the franchise’s wider lore. While some of those connections were more direct, such as the returns of Blue Ranger Billy Cranston and Lord Zedd, others were more subtle.

With 30 years of Power Rangers in chronological order and almost 50 years of Super Sentai series, it is almost impossible for a new Power Rangers series not to repeat or reference something that has been done before. Fortunately, Cosmic Fury perfectly combined nostalgia with fresh ideas. This includes the Cosmic Fury team’s new weapons.

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury’s Cosmic Blaster Is A Mighty Morphin Callback

Power Rangers Cosmic Fury's Cosmic Blaster

While combining multiple weapons into one is not exclusive to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, it is difficult not to associate this Super Sentai trope with the original Power Rangers TV show. Mighty Morphin’s Power Weapons are some of the most recognizable elements of the classic Power Rangers series, and seeing them combine into a special blaster to defeat the monster of the week was always fun. After several seasons in which the Power Rangers did not have any kind of special weapon that combined their gadgets, Power Rangers Cosmic Fury brought this concept back with the Cosmic Blaster.

Whereas all Dino Fury Rangers had the same weapon – the Chromafury Saber – each Cosmic Fury Ranger was given a unique piece of equipment. For example, Cosmic Fury Red Ranger Amelia got to use a hammer, whereas Cosmic Fury Green Ranger Izzy used a pair of daggers. When combined, the Cosmic Fury weapons formed the Cosmic Blaster, which was created for the show and does not have a Super Sentai counterpart. From the design to the name, Cosmic Fury’s Cosmic Blaster was a clear Mighty Morphin callback. It was used against Lord Zedd’s final form during Power Rangers Cosmic Fury’s ending episodes.

Cosmic Fury’s Weapons Fix An Annoying Power Rangers Trend

The Power Rangers Dino Fury characters and their sabers

Power Rangers Dino Fury, as well as other recent Power Rangers seasons, did not give each Power Ranger a signature weapon. While seeing all Rangers wielding the same sword can be cool sometimes – such as with Power Rangers Lost Galaxy’s Quasar Sabers – it is usually much cooler when each Ranger has their own fighting style and accessories. Of course, it all depends on what Super Sentai show each Power Rangers series is adapting. For example, considering that part of Ryusoulger’s visual identity was the sabers, there wasn’t much room for individual Ranger weapons. That said, Cosmic Fury’s weapons and costumes were original and not Sentai adaptations.

Cosmic Fury Power Ranger

Main Weapon

Red Ranger Amelia

Ankylo Hammer

Green Ranger Izzy

Tiger Claw Daggers

Gold Ranger Aiyon

Mosa Razor Blaste

Black Ranger Javi

Stego Spike Axe

Orange Ranger Fern

Solono Claw

Blue Ranger Ollie

Tricera Blaster

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were not the only team of Rangers to have individual gadgets for each of its members. For example, Power Rangers in Space had a similar “power blaster” sequence during which Red Ranger Andros and his team combined their weapons to form the Quadro Blaster. The same had happened in Zeo and Turbo as well as in post-Zordon seasons like Lightspeed Rescue and Time Force. Power Rangers Cosmic Fury was full of Easter eggs and callbacks to previous Power Rangers seasons, and the return of individual Ranger weapons combined into a new blaster was a welcome one.


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